Carlsbad Votes for Electronic Cigarette Ban in Public Reviews

The Carlsbad City Council bans electronic cigarette in all public areas where smoking has already been banned.

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- The City Council of Carlsbad unanimously votes to put a ban on electronic cigarette in all public zones where traditional tobacco cigarette smoking is already prohibited. As per reports, Carlsbad has become the second local city to pass these laws against electronic cigarettes. Carlsbad City Council reviews e cigarettes to contain carcinogens, including nitrosamines and toxic chemicals such as di-ethylene glycol. This is as per a recent federal analysis that found so while proponents opposed and said that electronic cigarettes are cleaner and healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

Advocates in addition also touted the best electronic cigarette to be an effective tool for smokers. Electronic cigarette reviews provided by users lay claim that users are highly satisfied with the unending benefits associated with it. But on the other hand, Carlsbad city officials said that electronic cigarettes can prove to be a pathway for young children, kids as they come in a variety of colors and flavors such as cotton candy and root beer. City Councilman Mark Packard says “It’s a gateway device and they’re clearly marketed to youth and children.”

Carlsbad officials said another reason for the ban is that smokeless cigarettes have been complicating enforcement of the city’s ban against smoking. Recently, Vista passed a similar e cigarette ban and San Diego County’s ban is in the works. It is expected that federal and state regulations would implement soon. Carlsbad’s ban covers all zones where smoking is banned by city, state or federal law which includes all parks, beaches and restaurants with outdoor dining. Ben Farrell, co-owner of a reputed vapor cigarette store agrees with the decision of limiting the places but disagrees to the statement of targeting youth.

In this context experts at just hopes for the best and says “It is up to the County Council to take the decision for the benefits of the individuals of the society using e cig”.

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