Celebrate World Heart Day with Electronic Cigarette States states that according to a recent survey electronic cigarettes are not at all a threat for smoker’s heart.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2012 -- reveals that a recent study by Greek researchers has revealed that electronic cigarettes are not a threat to the heart, as many people believe. The e cigarettes, which are e liquid filled metal tubes and run on batteries, do not have any adverse affects on the cardiac functioning of a person. Dr. Farsalinos, a surgeon at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre, Athens, stated that e cigarettes are not only healthier but also safer than the regular nicotine cigarettes. Protecting the heart from the harmful chemicals of a tobacco cigarette is now possible with the help of best alternative e cigs.

According to electronic cigarette reviews, electric cigarettes are been widely used by smokers worldwide and carry a host of benefits when compared to real regular cigarettes. Electric cigarettes have become an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Experts say that smokeless cigarettes are said to be the future of smoking without compromising the health as electronic cigarettes are gradually transforming the way smokers can enjoy the nicotine fix all over the globe. Electronic cigarette really improves the way of life as one is safe from lung cancer, emphysema and the people around who are the victims of second hand smoking. E cigarettes are free from tar found in tobacco products and free from any harmful chemical that the tobacco has. The cigarettes actually have one ingredient which is pre liquid nicotine.

Experts say that another point is that an e cigarette helps in saving money on dry cleaning as regular cigarette smell does not sticks on the clothes and mats. Also no tobacco yellow stained fingers and teeth are reported. The best electronic cigarette keeps one from being pestered by the relatives and friends about the smoking habit. With the help of e cigarette, there is definitely no smoke as it is pure vapor. Smoker does not exhale smoke either, instead exhales pure vapor, so that one can enjoy the taste of the e cig anywhere. The most common and top rated e cigarette brands are Green Smoke, V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke and many more.

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