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Certified DreamBuilder Coach, Steve Klein, Joins Nathan R Mitchell on the Clutch Consulting Radio Network

On Sunday, June 22nd, Certified DreamBuilder Coach, Steve Klein of Tulsa OK, discussed the importance of living life full spectrum with business and leadership development coach, Nathan R Mitchell, on “Growing Businesses & Empowering People Radio.”


Tulsa, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2014 -- On Sunday, June 22nd, Nathan R Mitchell interviewed Certified DreamBuilder Coach, Steve Klein, on the importance of living life full spectrum. Nathan and Steve also discussed the process Steve uses to help his clients focus on their unique purpose in life, and ultimately fulfill their dreams.

“I had recently been reading an email I received from the Napoleon Hill Foundation,” says Mitchell. “It was talking about how opportunity has a strange way of seeking people out who are at that point in their life where they are finally ready to embrace and receive it. It made me think of my good friend, Steve Klein. I knew I had to get him on the Growing Businesses & Empowering People radio show, because he has a great coaching process that helps people realize their full potential.”

Klein is a Certified DreamBuilder Coach and business partner of Mary Morrissey with the Life Mastery Institute. He personally coaches his clients through The DreamBuilder program, which is designed to help people step out of the fears, experience more gratitude, and ultimately achieve success in their life.

“It was an honor being on the show,” states Klein. “It was a great opportunity to get my core message out. At the end of the day, I want to help people, especially the opportunity seekers – the 3-percenters who are ready to embrace their full potential as individuals. That’s ultimately what The DreamBuilder program is all about.”

In addition to Steve’s private coaching sessions, which were discussed on the show, he also offers full-day workshops, “lunch and learn” trainings, and keynote presentations that can be customized to meet the specific needs of a particular group, organization, or company.

“It’s reassuring,” says Mitchell. “We live in a world with so much negativity, yet so much potential at the same time. It’s comforting knowing there are still people out there like Steve who care – people that want to serve, help, and impact other people in a positive way. That’s the main reason I invited him to be a guest on the show.”

To learn more about the coaching, speaking, and training services he offers through his coaching company, IMAGINAIRES Incorporated, visit for more information.

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About Steve Klein
Steve is a certified DreamBuilder Coach as well as a highly successful serial entrepreneur. He has a consulting business in engineering and technical marketing, as well as an international marketing firm in the health and wellness industry.

Steve is an author, patent holder, team builder, and a Vision Award recipient.