Cheap Cigarettes on the Defensive as Regulation Looms According to Latest E Cigarette Reviews

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- The Increasing Popularity of Cheap Cigarette has resulted in the makers of the latest smoking sensation grouping together according to the latest e cigarette reviews. This has resulted in the rise of self-regulation in the absence of federal regulation and this has done wonders for the demand of cheap cigarettes. Unlike the usual mind-set that cheap products are of poor quality, reports from the best e cigarette reviews show that the level of quality has been exceptionally high. This has resulted in the search parameters for those that are looking for electric cigarettes to now also specify the need for cheap cigarettes. The results for the self-regulation efforts by the leading electronic cigarette manufactures speak for themselves.

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In the 10 years that the cheap cigarettes have been on the market there have been no deaths or injuries that have been directly caused by vaping. In fact one of the Best E Cigarette Reviews site DigitalSmoke.Org has revealed that this safety record is globally in scope. And all this success of the vapor cigarette has been done without federal government regulation, but rather by groups like TVECA. TVECA or the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association is an industry based self-regulatory body that has been responsible manufacturing practices of the vaping community. As a result they are now one of the exclusive consultants to the FDA who are now drafting the looming smokeless cigarette regulations.

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This show of confidence by the federal government has meant that that smokers and non-smokers are seeing this as a positive sign on the vaping of cheap cigarettes.

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