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Cheap Washer and Dryer Sets to Avoid Going to the Laundry Service

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Birkirkara, Malta -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- Going to the laundry service every week or so can be an inconvenience as well as an expense. Apart from being costly, many washers and dryers can be large and noisy. Having said this, there are a few models that are portable and relatively inexpensive. While generally speaking these cheap washer and dryer sets are not as efficient as the larger and more expensive models, these machines are more than suitable for the daily day to day laundry needs.

Two such machines worth considering are the following:

Panda XPB36 Small Compact Portable Washing Machine (6-7lbs Capacity) with Spin Dryer

The Panda XPB36 is a small twin tub washing machine with spin dryer. Having dimensions of 22.8 x 14.2 x 25.6 inches (57.8 x 36.1 x 65 cm) and weighing only 28 pounds (12.7 kg), this machine is suitable for homes and apartments as well as for caravans, campsites and even for picnics or other social events. One side of the Panda is used for washing while the other side is used for spinning. Thus this is not a completely automatic washing machine.

It is worth noting that the washing tub can hold up to 6 or 7 pounds (2.7 or 3.2 kg) while the spinning tub holds a maximum of 3 to 3.5 pounds (1.4 to 1.6 kg). Thus the process of drying out the clothes can take a bit long as one has to manually move half of the clothes from the washer to the dryer and then repeat the process with the remaining half.

One should also point out the fact that the even though the spin dryer on the XP386 is capable of 1300 revolutions per minute, it does not completely dry up the clothes. The truth is that the spinning process leaves the clothes a bit damp and one still needs to hang up the clothes to dry up completely. Having said this it will take much less time to dry up the clothes this way then if no spin dryer was used at all.

The Panda XPB386 has a respectable average user rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars in Amazon.com. Many reviewers agreed that the panda is very suitable for anyone living in a small apartment. Others pointed out that the XPB386 requires very little amount of detergent. One particular reviewer stated that they used to wash clothes by hand before they bought this machine, however now that they have a Panda, they are using less water with the machine then when they used to do when hand washing.

Having said this, some reviewers stated that given the small size of the washing machine, three to four loads may be required to wash all the laundry. Some reviewers pointed out the fact that since every load requires two spin dries, it is not the most suitable machine for anyone who has little time to do the laundry at home. Costing less than $200 at the time of writing, the Panda XPB36 is great value for money and all in all, it is difficult to find a better washer and dryer at this price.

Please click here to go to the official Panda XPB36 page on Amazon.com

Anyone who has a slightly bigger budget and sufficient space should consider getting separate washing and drying machines. One of the main advantages of having separate units is having the possibility of washing larger loads and drying larger loads. In this case, one should seriously consider the Midea 1.6 CF Portable Washing Machine Washer and Nina Soft Spin Dryer.

Midea 1.6 CF Portable Washing Machine Washer

The dimensions of the Midea 1.6 CF are 23 x 39 x 24 inches (58.4 x 99.1 x 60.1 cm). It is not exactly portable at 160 pounds (72.6 kg), however it has rollers which makes it easy to move from one room to another. The Midea is a top loading washing machine and as its name suggests, it is capable of holding 1.6 cubic feet of water. The machine is mostly made from stainless steel and it has 6 selection programs and 3 water selection temperatures.

The average customer rating on Amazon.com is an impressive 4.9 points out of 5. Basically reviewers agree that this product works very well and is a great product for the price. One reviewer even commented that clothes washed in the Midea actually look cleaner than clothes coming straight from a laundry service. The only negative comment at the time of writing is that the documentation that comes with the Midea is not very good.

Please click here to check out the Midea 1.6 CF Portable Washing Machine Washer at Amazon.com

Nina Soft Spin Dryer

The Nina Soft Spin Dryer is much smaller and lighter having dimensions of 14 x 14 x 24 inches (35.6 x 35.6 x 60.9 cm) and weighing just 15 pounds (6.8 kg). The Nina can dry 12 pounds (5.4 kg) of laundry at a time, which is almost 4 times the capability of the Panda XPB386. This dryer can spin at 1800 RPM, which also makes it more effective than the dryer on the Panda. According to the specifications issued by the manufacturer, the Nina works in only 2 to 3 minutes, apart from being over 200 times more efficient as a conventional dryer. Obviously such claims should probably be taken with a pinch of salt.

User comments on Amazon.com are generally very positive and as a matter of fact the Nina Soft Spin Dryer has an average user rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Some reviewers think that this is an awesome and efficient machine that works really well and squeezes out almost all the water. One particular reviewer said that it is actually much cheaper to buy a dryer like this that having to take clothes to a laundry service for drying them up. Another reviewer stated that this is the best little dryer ever. Many reviewers were also impressed with how quiet the machine is when spinning.

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