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Chic Resumes by Grammar Chic, Inc. Revamping Your Job Search in 2014

Amanda E. Clark of Grammar Chic, Inc. shares tips for job seekers who are interested in better focusing their job search in the coming year.

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Largo, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- One of the most common New Year resolutions (from a professional standpoint) is finding a new job. Professionals often wait until after the holidays to either kick off or refocus their job search. With 2014 quickly approaching, Amanda E. Clark, president and editor-in-chief of Grammar Chic, Inc., explains how professional resume writers and other resources can assist candidates in creating a more effective job search strategy.

First and foremost, Clark encourages job seekers to have their resumes written professionally. "Writing an effective resume entails more than simply listing your work experience in chronological order," Clark explains. "There are certain keywords that need to be used, certain formats and styles that should be avoided, and certain ways to present yourself on paper that better reflect why you are a great candidate for a certain job. Resume writing takes time to master, and the expectations change rapidly. It's best to let professional resume writers handle this part of your job search—particularly as you go into 2014."

One of the errors that many job seekers make, as reported by Parade, is to use too many buzzwords in their resume. While these words may be trendy within an industry, it is easy for inexperienced job hunters to use buzzwords that are not applicable to their specific field, making it easy to see that they are not comfortable with describing the work that they have completed. This is a major red flag for many hiring managers and recruiters, and it is one that can be avoided with a professional's guidance.

Another tip that Clark offers job seekers is to update their LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn has become the go-to resource for both employers and employees, as it provides tools for hiring managers who are looking for great candidates to fill key roles and job seekers who are looking for opportunities to further their careers.

"The great thing about LinkedIn is that it is a huge network of professionals, all at different levels of their career," Clark comments. "Many professionals who are searching for jobs have found great opportunities through LinkedIn's job listings. Additionally, others have been recruited because they have polished profiles that clearly convey what they bring to the table. Chic Resumes by Grammar Chic, Inc., for this reason, provides a resume uploading service to candidates to ensure that their LinkedIn profiles are aligned with their professionally-written resumes."

The final piece of advice that Clark offers is for job seekers to increase their honesty—with themselves. "All too often people are looking for any job that will pay the bills, and this, in most instances, does not lead to happy, successful employment," Clark asserts. "People who are not currently employed do have a sense of urgency, and it is always an option to take on a role that will be a stepping stone to a better opportunity. On the other hand, though, candidates who have a job have the luxury of taking their time, and it is important that they do a bit of soul searching to determine where they want their career to go and what their next step should be." 

Clark encourages anyone who is interested in learning more about how to improve their job search in 2014 to contact the Chic Resumes team. The comprehensive catalogue of services the company offers can prove highly beneficial to today's job seekers.

Individuals who are interested in learning more about the services provided by Chic Resumes by Grammar Chic, Inc. are invited to call (803) 831-7444 or email resumewriting@grammarchic.net for more information. 

About Chic Resumes
Chic Resumes is a division of Grammar Chic, Inc., a full-service literary consultancy that provides writing and editing services to a diverse clientele. Led by President and Editor-In-Chief Amanda E. Clark, Grammar Chic's team offers its expertise to job seekers looking for positions in virtually any industry and at every level. Through continual research and the ability to identify key industry expectations, the Chic Resumes team is able to craft documents that effectively communicate the experiences, skills, and accomplishments of diverse clients. Interested individuals are invited to follow Chic Resumes on Facebook and on Twitter (@ChicResumes). Additionally, they can visit http://www.professionalresumewriters.net.

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