Chicago Suspends E Cigarette Regulations Reviews

Chicago has for now suspended the regulations on e cigarette as councilman feel the need of taking a review on electronic cigarettes.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- Despite the support from members of the council, the proposed regulations to police e cigarette like tobacco products went nowhere as Chicago city council deferred the e cigarette measure. The measure to regulate e cigarette ran into city council opposition but nothing came out of it. However, the plan put forward by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to ban the sale of flavored cigarettes including menthol within 500 feet of schools, got an opening support from a powerful alderman.

Currently flavored tobacco products cannot be sold within 100 feet of any Chicago school. It has been reported that alderman at a joint meeting of the finance and health committee voiced concern about firm regulations for menthols after which the proposal was sent to the city council. Several people however have spoken against the plan to treat e cigarette as tobacco product, as the former emits vapor which has not yet been proved to cause any trouble while the later emits harmful second hand smoke, a point echoed by e cigarette reviews.

Aldermen Edward Burke, 14th, Finance Committee chairman who supports the plan says a rework and review is required on the e cigarette plan as he adds,” Are we banning a device or are we banning an unhealthy product?”Many aldermen asserted that the electric cigarettes loaded with liquid nicotine taste like fruit flavors as many e cigarette brands offer a full range of exotic flavors and it is only going to be tough for the public smoking rules to be enforced.

Experts from a leading e cigarette reviews website, say that the state has the highest taxes on conventional cigarette in the nation which might make it even more difficult for smokers to buy cigarettes. But putting e cigarette in the same category might drift people who claim to have switched to electric cigarette to go back to the conventional way of smoking. E cigarette reviews lay claim to the fact that theoretically e cigarette are indeed better than tobacco and real time users have more than often lend support to these smokeless cigarettes.

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