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Chicken Coop Plans: How to Building a Chicken Coop

Backyard Chicken Coop: How Do You Build a Chicken Coop

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2012 -- Chicken Coop Plans are a hot topic right now with the economy in its current condition. The chicken industry is becoming very popular because raising chickens can be fun and beneficial too. With the combination of the economy being in a constant state of flux and the current push to go organic for health benefits, many people are looking for ways to cut expenses and eat healthier. Surprisingly, there is an easy way to do this and that is by building a chicken coop. While it may sound odd at first, let’s take a brief look at the benefits of chicken coop building.

Benefits of Building A Chicken Coop

- Provides family with daily fresh organic eggs
- Recycles family’s food scraps
- Produces high quality fertilizer for garden that ensures top quality, organic plants and vegetables

Bill Keene - author of “Building a Chicken Coop” is a former poultry farmer who wrote this ebook in order to share his knowledge about keeping chickens in a healthy and safe environment.

The How to Building a Chicken Coop Plans Program Official Site

An ebook is a perfect vehicle for this type of information which allows for the plans to be printed off as many times as desired. This can be very useful in the event that spills or tears occur during the building process. The plans are drawn with cross-sectional diagrams that are really easy to follow. They include exact dimensions and all required materials, which will save time when it comes to starting the project.

Having been a poultry farmer himself, Keene knows all the aspects that building a proper chicken coop entail. He has incorporated these into his chicken coop building plans; materials, insulation, ventilation, lighting, positioning, nesting, perches, litter collection and protection from the elements and other animals.

The plans are clear and concise. Even if people don’t have a lot of experience in woodworking they can complete their chicken coop project. Equipment needed are just the basics like a handsaw, hammer, and drill.

Building a Chicken Coop is an ebook containing three different size coop plans, and full build instructions. The included plans should be enough for most situations, and cover anything from a single chicken to a whole clutch of hens.

The plans themselves are clear and detailed, and easy to build. Any one of them costs considerably less to build than purchasing a commercial coop.

In addition to the plans, there are some good general hints and tips on chicken care. The author also provides a number of bonus reports which cover topics such as choice of materials, positioning coop, and so on. Really these are topics that could just as easily be covered inside the main book, but by providing them as bonuses makes the overall package look bigger and better value for money!

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The How to Building a Chicken Coop Plans Program Official Site

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