ChinaBuye Announces China Android Tablets for Consumers to Buy Online

Even though, the introduction of tablets into the market has been met with both acceptance and controversy, ChinaBuye, a leading China store, announces its new offers of China Android tablets with proofs that these new generation devices are indispensable.

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shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2013 -- At such a time like this wherein various mobile gadgets like laptops, netbooks and smartphones have become popular on the market, many people still wonder why tablets should be developed. As ChinaBuye announces its sale of high-quality China Android tablets, the company is making a great effort to clarify the value and importance of tablets in today's world since most people don't know the reason why they may have to replace other mobile devices they already have with a new tablet.

According to the CEO of this Chinese store, tablets serve as a bridge between mobile gadgets and laptops because it helps to provide the full functionality of a laptop at a level that is much more efficient than other devices. "When it comes to speed, tablets take the lead. Speed is an important factor in a world where everybody is on the move, and they may want to check certain updates in a moment without waiting on ends for the device to boot or open, or run, an application. Cloud computing that requires high speed for data transfer is easily achievable with the device as compared with other gadgets," the CEO affirms.

The CEO further states that "those who play games or watch videos would appreciate the use of such a device like AINO NOVOL 7 Venus and HKC Q79. Even, with a dual camera, capturing special events becomes easy. Another feature is the HDMI that are not available on laptops/netbooks." Today, the company has top 10 android tablet PCs from the Chinese market, and they are available at wholesale prices,customers can buy online.

In an effort to satisfy its customers, including new ones, ChinaBuye offers discounts on all purchases, free shipping is included. Through the use of search engines, coupons can as well be found at various e-commerce sites of affiliates.

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