Christmas in Canada Is Kobo vs Kindle Again

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Montreal, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- For the fourth Christmas in a row, Kindle and Kobo will battle for the choice of Canadians looking for an e-reader to put under the tree.

After the tsunami of Christmas 2011, e-reader sales as a category have dropped off as low-priced, multi-use tablets came on stream. A recent IDC survey indicated 31% of Canadian consumers planning to buy a tablet figured it would also replace their ereader.

But the inclusion of that many multi-taskers has not dampened the fight for sales. Each of the two leading companies has strong entries in the tablet-as-reader segment as well as having the industry’s top-ranked, dedicated e-readers.

Although there are other strong e-reader brands on the market, the Canada ereaders – the ones you can buy or get delivered in Canada –boil down to Kobo or Kindle. The Barnes & Noble Nook, a highly regarded e-reader in the U.S., is not a factor on the Canadian market due to limited distribution.

The shortage of major players does not appear to restrict market options for Canadians. The most popular as well as the most technologically advanced devices on the market are produced by one or other of the “K-Companies”.

Fall introductions by both have given Canadians a whole new range of e-readers to choose from. Amazon’s latest is the new Kindle Paperwhite, which came on the heels of a new Kobo lineup ranging from basic pocket e-reader to a full Android-based tablet with a range of entertainment features along with reading.

Prices have also gone down as technology input went up. Both Kindle and Kobo have entry level devices around $50 and you can also get the journeyman Kindles and Kobos around the magic $100 mark

This Christmas., it seems that Kobo has the better balanced pricing with its top model, the amazing Aura HD, still under $170 Canadian

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