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Chronic Traffic Facilitates Cannabis Industry Community Chat on Slack

Makes it easier for those in the industry to communicate and share information


Culloden, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2016 -- Chronic Traffic has offered a brilliant option for Cannabis Industry Community to chat on Slack, which is considered the next big marketing channel.

Chronic Traffic has launched its Cannabis Advertising platform that helps those in the industry reach out to enthusiasts. The industry community has an option to add their website, Facebook, Instagram and other social media pages to the platform and get the desired mileage. They can earn free traffic through the completely automated platform and get maximum benefits out of it.

The online advertising platform has taken things a step further for the industry community by offering them an opportunity to chat on Slack. It is now well known that some of the most successful marketing campaigns involve groups. They are a great way to find the right community, engage current audience and attract new users, build one's brand, offer more value to customers and keep up with the latest in the industry as well.

Slack has offered a viable and smart alternative to these groups. It is a real time messaging app that has benefits like no time limit and user cap. By being a part of Slack chat, those in the industry can get maximum attention and also ensure higher engagement. Chronic Traffic has thus ensured that Cannabis Industry Community can reach out to the interested audience through a new age platform and make sure that it makes its mark with the desired audience.

One of the main features of Slack however is the fact that it works as a private online community where only those who are interested in a specific topic can participate. That goes with the aim of Chronic Traffic to create a safe and secure platform for all users who are interested in marijuana. Now they can be a part of a safe group environment where they can exchange and share information that has several benefits for them.

Chronic Traffic has thus ensured that members, who are a part of the community, can not only talk about the topics that concern them but also offer latest updates to users. Hence they see the benefits of being a part of this chat option on several levels.

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It is a specially created advertising platform that offers an avenue for cannabis industry to reach out to those interested in marijuana.

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