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Citizenship Processing - Shortened Wait Times to 12 Months

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Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- A recent dour announcement by Canada’s Immigration Minister is that he seeks to reduce processing times for citizenship applications by 12 months. The abysmal state of private Canadian journalism is such that this recent announcement was parroted in almost verbatim fashion by all the private major news outlets in Canada. Also faithfully repeated was the announcement that the Immigration Minister is going to increase the fee for a citizenship application to more closely reflect the actual cost of processing, as well as the fact that the recent budget allocated $44 million towards the citizenship program. The narrative implied that there was a problem (i.e. slow citizenship processing times) and a minister with a plan of action – a feel-good story with a happy ending. However, no question was raised as to why the backlog in citizenship applications as increased (i.e. due to the requirement by the Citizenship department for an additional Residency Questionnaire) according to Canada’s public broadcaster.

The presumption in the above news reports is that the $44 million will be used to process citizenship applications faster. This is not borne out by recent history which has seen citizenship applications scrutinized more closely. The more likely outcome will be that the $44 million will be used to devote more resources to review the often redundant Residency Questionnaires (redundant for those applicants whose documentation clearly shows they were working in Canada and earning a reasonable salary while being physically present in Canada). The delay in processing shall continue for those applicants who fit a profile and may be reduced for some whose applications are clearly straightforward and fit a positive profile.

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