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Clicktyre.com Opens More Tyre Stores in NCR

Clicktyre.com consolidates its leadership position in online tyre retail by opening more stores.

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New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- Having successfully moved people to buying tyres online Clicktyre.com is now consolidating its leadership position in online tyre retail. As part of the consolidation Clicktyre.com is opening new stores at Indian Oil petrol pumps as part of their collaboration with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.. They launched two stores in NOIDA in December 2013. With the opening of each new store Clicktyre strengthens its ability to offer a highly convenient service to their customers.

Clicktyre.com has made it possible for people in India to confidently buy tyres online. Their customers have increased in numbers because they offer a very competitive tyre price in India.

Online retail in India has been growing in leaps and bounds. However only those businesses that have backed their online presence with sufficient off line strengths are doing well in the long term. They are able to offer a high quality buying and post purchase experience to their customers consistently. The tyre retail industry is a highly specialized one with the customer expecting the retailer to help them through the purchase process to make the right tyre choice and later to fit them on to their car in a proper modern way.

"The convenience of shopping for tyres online and the better prices on offer make for a compelling set of reasons for people to start buying their tyres on the net" says Saurov Choudhury, Director & Co-Founder of  House of Tyres, the company that owns Clicktyre.com. With online retail taking firm root in India the truth in that statement is there to see all around us and Clicktyre.com is making it true for the tyre industry as well.

About Clicktyre.com
Clicktyre.com offers a wide range of car tyres at very attractive tyre prices in India. Their aim is to make choosing and buying the best suited tyres a simple task that can be done online. The parent company House of Tyres is creating a nationwide presence of world class shopping & servicing experience solutions for Indian consumers in the fields of auto replacement products & value added services. These will be offered through a judicious mix of delivery mechanisms.

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