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Combat the Fat Scam Review - Does it Work?

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2012 -- Combat the Fat is a Fitness Program written by an ex-military man named Jeff Anderson and while in the military he's been training men to achieve their top form in a matter of weeks. He's been known as the Muscle Nerd ever since. Now, he works as a fitness instructor, nutrition guide and as an author to his new book which guarantees to shape body in 12 weeks.

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Combat the Fat comes in three parts: Fat Loss Tactics, the workout workbook, and the nutrition manual. For the first one, Jeff Anderson, Combat The Fat creator, discusses fat loss through exercise, and other factors that can speed up the weight loss process. For the second module, Jeff breaks down the workout program in a very easy to follow format in this section. The workouts can be done at home, so there is no need for an expensive gym membership. Then, there is the Diet & Nutrition guide that really teaches its users how to eat more to burn more fats. This component tells you the foods that you should eat as much of as possible at specific times of the day to achieve maximum fat loss results. This weight loss plan also helps its users to stay self-motivated for achieving their goals within the desired time period. It is based on 5 fat burning rules that have helped a great number of military personnel to achieve a highly active and well-toned body with appropriate weight.

There are no known cons of Combat The Fat because it's still an effective weight loss program that has produced desirable results for many of its users. The only disadvantage of this plan could be that it may not work for certain types of bodies. It's mainly because every individual is different and every individual has different demands. Basically, Combat The Fat users are taught how to “wage war” against all of the individual’s unhealthy body fats. In the end, Combat The Fat followers will win the war. Combat the Fat by Jeff Anderson qualifies for a good fitness program for those who want their body carved in weeks.

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