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Combat the Fat Reviews: Jeff Anderson Combat the Fat Program

Combat The Fat Customer Reviews: Does The Combat The Fat Workout System eBook Work Or Scam?

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- Combat The Fat is a weight loss program based on the body sculpting techniques of the modern military. It uses all of the best exercises and diet recommendations to help people create a healthy lifestyle that burns fat and builds muscle. Physical fitness is one of the keystones of a good military, and the secrets of military fitness are revealed through this comprehensive weight loss program.

The weight loss program designed by Jeff Anderson, a ten year veteran of the armed forces and a former US military master fitness trainer and weight control specialist. He has taken military fat burning strategies -strategies thoroughly researched by the US military and used;to keep soldiers combat ready - and turned them into a fat-burning program for everyday people that actually works. Anderson offers five fat burning strategies used by the US army: focus on muscle instead of fat loss, don't give up the foods you love, master your body weight to lose weight, never go on a diet, and failure is not an option.

The Combat The Fat Workouts Program Book Official Site

Anderson's information in Combat The Fat comes in three parts. The first part is the major manual that gives people all the basic information. The second part gives people a workout manual that gives them lots of information about workouts and gives them actual exercises that people can use right away. The last part of Combat The Fat gives people a nutrition guide that points out exactly why people need good nutrition.

Extras that people do not get from other materials like Combat The Fat include:

- A list of 8 metabolic factors that help people lose weight and how they work to combat the fat.
- He includes 87 pages of diagrams, photos and exact details of how to combat the fat complete with tracking sheets so people can keep track of own details.
- In the nutrition manual to combat the fat user are given lots of intense information about nutrition and gives them daily tips that they can use. There are also shopping lists that will help with buying the proper foods.

Anderson's Fat loss program does not make people count calories and he doesn't like carbs at all. He is more about how to control portions so that people have enough food on a daily basis but people don't overeat. He emphasizes less carbs and more protein and describes the difference between wet and dry carbs. This is a new concept that is important to know.

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The Combat The Fat Workouts Program Book Official Site

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