Common Mistakes Made by Applicants While Applying for Immigration in Canada

Applicants applying for immigration in Canada accidentally make many common mistakes that they must avoid in order to make the process smooth.

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Mohali, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2013 -- Every nation has its own immigration programs and it is a must that individuals applying for immigration must qualify the laws that are made by the immigration department of that nation. Canada too has many immigration programs, and each program has a set of rules and regulations. The department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada ensures that they make programs with requirement that are clear to individuals who want to apply for immigration in Canada.

While applying for any kind of immigration in Canada, whether it is for permanent residency, temporary stay, work permit Canada visa or for a tourist stay, an applicant must ensure that they do not end up making mistakes while applying for Canada immigration.

First of all, it is a must that that an applicant must furnish all the documents that is required at the time of filing an application for visa. The documents can be related to their personal information, educational background, travel history and more. Everything should be explained in detail so that the officials taking care of the procedure have no problem in locating things that they want. One must take care of this aspect very seriously.

Secondly, an applicant must ensure that he has maximum language test scores or else he can find himself in problem. Most of the Canadian permanent residency programs require proof of proficiency in either English or French. So, an applicant must ensure that they meet or exceed the minimum level in Language ability test.

Thirdly, an applicant must not list ineligible dependents while filing for immigration. For Canadian permanent residency, only spouses, children and common-law partners are regarded as dependents by the main applicant. So, one must ensure that they do not put the names of other family members such as parents or siblings in the list of dependents while applying for Canadian immigration. If done, it is for sure that the application would be rejected by the concerned department.

If an applicant takes care of all these common points while applying for immigration in Canada, he is not going to face obstacles in his path.

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