Consumers Award G8LED Indoor Grow Lights with High Praise

G8LED a leading distributor in LED grow lights has received high praise from one of their new customers.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2014 -- G8LED the popular distributor of LED grow lights that was featured in the September 2014 issue of High Time magazine for outstanding products and customer service, has received high praise from one of its new customers.

Normally when a customer buys a product it is very rare they take the time to contact the company and say how happy they are, it is even more unusual when they write to the company and shares their experience, but this is what one happy customer did.

A new customer who was always curious about indoor growing decided to buy a G8LED Grow Light product. The single 30-year-old woman explained how smoking in the evening after a workout at the gym was part of her daily routine. She also explained that now with her own G8LED Indoor Grow Lights, her evening smoke became more satisfying as she was growing her own medicine which saved her money.

With the help of G8LED Reviews of Indoor Grow Lights, she decided to use her small closet in her Washington apartment to grow her own medicine where she would not only save money, but would have the full knowledge of what she was smoking.

At first she was concerned about the legal issues of growing her own medical marijuana, but since the law has changed where it is now legal in the state of Washington, she decided growing her medical product would give her a sense of pride.

She sectioned off a space in her closet for two plants and read lots of information about using the G8LED Grow Lights and how indoor growing could be a success. When she gained the knowledge, she bought a G8-240 Full Spectrum LED grow light by G8LED, which is for vegetative growth and flowering cycles. She decided to buy this product after reading all of the great reviews and speaking to customer service at G8LED, who gave her all the advice she needed. She added on the G8-90RR LED All Red UFO grow light by G8LED to add a boost during flowering.

With the huge success of growing her medical plants, she is now also using her indoor grow lights to grow basil and sprouts, showing how versatile the G8LED Indoor Grow Lights are.

She wrote to G8LED and explained how grateful she was for all the great advice that she had received and how the indoor lights had saved her money and gave her pride. With her experience of G8LED, she said how she wished she started her indoor growing experience much earlier and how she has recommended G8LED to her friends.

It is not the first time that G8LED has received great testimonials. The high praise from the 30-year-old Washington woman shows why more and more people are now turning to G8LED and their products for successful indoor growing.

To learn more about G8LED and their products, please visit and see the products that are on offer and why the company has been recognized for their achievements.

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