Consumers Now Eligible for Up to $5,000 on Guaranteed Unsecured Personal Loans has confirmed $5,000 as the new maximum amount of cash that borrowers can obtain on guaranteed unsecured personal loans. The adjustment was termed necessary owing to the current tough times.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- is always keen on consumer satisfaction and this is why borrowers are regularly witnessing changes in the available programs as well as introduction of some new packages. The company has now made an announcement informing consumers of a new limit on amount that they can obtain on personal loans without collateral. This move was made to suit these challenging economic times.

The design of this package will be factoring in the needs of many consumers ensuring that the amounts on offer are available with ease. This is so because acquiring these guaranteed unsecured personal loans will not be requiring one to pledge collateral and there will be no cases of rejections due to poor credit standings. The lenders will also be willing to approve applications regardless of the financial hardship at hand.

The application process will be 100% online to ensure that the increased amounts are available to any person who can access the internet. This will be coming with a lot of convenience making it possible for one to handle the entire process from any place. One can also submit an application at any time of the day since the system will be available 24/7. All this will be playing an important part in reducing the waiting period. has looked into the issue of security in details according to this statement that was made by the financial adviser mentioning that, “We are not leaving anything to chance especially at this time when there are many issues being reported in relation to internet security. We have taken very strict measures to ensure that the safety of those applying for the guaranteed unsecured personal loans will not be compromised.”

He expounded on this by saying that, “The lenders whom the applicants will be working with on the package have already been screened and they will be advancing genuine offers. We are also used to updating the security features of our site and we are currently relying on very modern solutions. All consumers will be enjoying a confidential process and we are assuring them of their privacy all through.”

This is a company that serves consumers with all kinds of credit scores and this has been making it easy for those with low rankings to access credit financing with ease. It has partnered with dedicated lenders in doing all this and their high number is providing consumers with numerous programs to consider. To obtain further details or be considered for guaranteed unsecured personal loans, visit