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Consumers Reacting Differently over Different Topicals Seek Expert Advice for Their Arthritis Treatment


Ashburn, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2016 -- It has been claimed that one of the major reasons why people use topicals is to treat their arthritis. However, tests have shown that not every topical works for every individual suffering from arthritis. Additionally, individuals have been said to have reacted differently to every product made from cannabis.

An H&W article that was recently posted on the leading HelloMD web site revealed how it actually works. The article was posted by the founder of Sava, Andrea Brooks. As per the claims of the article, it is said that the application of a topical is none other than a transdermal method of ingesting the cannabis. The only difference is that it goes through the skin of the person, instead of through the mouth. The CB2 which are found throughout the human body are bound together by the network of these receptors. There are two possible ways in which they are activated.

One way can be through the cannabis compounds which are known as the phytocannabinoids while the other one is through the naturally occurring endocannabinoids. Individuals who have tried applying most topicals have revealed that the cannabinoids do not enter the bloodstream. This means that the individuals will not have a psychoactive reaction to the drug. However, the article has further revealed that there are two exceptions to it.

The first exception is that with the transdermal patches, it will deliver THC directly to the bloodstream, which in turn could possibly cause psychoactive effects. As for the cannabis infused soaks, it will allow the THC to be absorbed via the colon. When it comes to salves, lotions and the likes, individuals can use them to relieve the pain in the affected areas and then go about their daily routine. Some of the most popularly sold topicals in the market today are sweet relief and the spray.

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