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Consumers Turning More Cautious About THC Content in Typical Joints


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2016 -- It has been said that most of the individuals who smoke joints are concerned about the amount of THC content. Doctors have also confirmed to the fact that it is highly dangerous for any individual to consume anything without being aware of the THC content in terms of milligram in a typical joint.

As per the reports of the experts, for those of the individuals who roll their own, it becomes quite an easy task to calculate the amount of THC. It will be directly proportional to the amount of the cannabis they are putting into in every joint. For the average dispensary pre roll, it will most probably be around 750 mg to 1 g. This will be the average quantity per joint.

Today, it is commonly noted that the average THC concentration will be around 12 per cent. This percentage is about 3 to 4 times as strong as the strains that were a few decades ago. Experts have calculated that today's typical joint will contain approximately 100 mg of the THC content. There are certain exceptions where some of the strains will have a THC concentration of more than 25 percent. Individuals must practice precautionary measures by using a single joint over several days. Besides those of the patients who are recommended to use this on a limited level, the average individual is advised against using it because of many health hazards.

For example, it contains carbon monoxide, carcinogens, tar and other strong chemicals. These elements are highly toxic and causes a lot of damage to the body tissues. Recently, experts in the industry have come up with a safer alternative that uses CO2 extracted substances or vaporizing shredded flower. However, so far there has still not been any findings on the damaging substances in marijuana. There are many reliable sites that share the pros and cons about such usage.

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