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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- E cigarette introduced in the year 2004 to the Chinese market slowly spread its reach to other parts of the globe and made an entrance into the US market in the year 2008. In the beginning nobody thought that e cigarette will take the market by storm but it has certainly made an impact wherever it has been introduced till now. Experts say,” Electronic cigarette were not something that people knew about, they had to understand it before they could start using it but now that has changed, a lot many number of people are now aware of e cigarette which is why there are more people who buy electronic cigarette now.”

E cigarette reviews also reflect the growing popularity of e cigarette that is observed through the brisk increase in sale and use of electronic cigarette over the last couple of years. Amidst all this e cigs have still managed to maintain a certain position in the market courtesy health concern which has made people review the smoking habit and take steps to ensure that something better and comparatively less harmful i.e. E Cigarette is given precedence. What has really given birth to all the controversies regarding e cigarette is the lack of data available on it.

The lack of data can be accounted for all the uncertainties that are there regarding electronic cigarette in the mind of policy makers. Now all cities and states are coming up with self-governing policies regarding use of electric cigarette despite of the fact that federal laws are still to be framed as FDA is set to come out with e cigarette regulation in December. Meanwhile a distress over the proposed regulations is being observed through e cigarette reviews where users of the device are extremely vocal about the displeasure over some restrictions on flavored e cigarette, retail store, and online store.

Proponents of e cigarette have expressed through e cigarette reviews that the federal laws which are expected to be released soon may bring in a change and will stabilize things. Experts at say,” The controversies are there but one cannot ignore the popularity aspect, the user like this alternate, they consider it to be the best they have encountered so far. The regulations are yet to come and for the sake of awareness regarding the product, e cigarette brands owner are expecting reasonable regulations which won’t over power the reach of the product and limit the availability amongst adult.”

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