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Cosmetics Retail Market in Central Europe 2014 - 2019: Market Analysis and Development Forecasts, New Report Launched

Market Research Reports, Inc. has announced the addition of “Cosmetics retail market in Central Europe 2014 - Market analysis and development forecasts for 2014-2019” research report to their website


Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- This report provides valuable data and analysis of the overall Central European retail market for cosmetics, and for the markets in six countries: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. It offers insight-filled analysis of trends related to both retail product marketing and consumer purchasing and informative profiles of the leading retail companies concentrating on cosmetic sales.

The publication offers value estimates for the markets and key segments in each of the covered countries. It contains profiles of the typical cosmetics consumer and describes the reach and value of key distribution channels operating throughout the market. Forecasts for development to 2019 are also included.

This report explores a variety of important topics:
- Status and projections with regard to the macroeconomic and demographic situations in Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria
- The Central European market for cosmetics – value of key segments and predicted evolution through 2019
- Leading cosmetic retailers in each country – size and financial details
- Retail cosmetics trends – analysis of market influence and forecasts
- Cosmetic products – most important product groups in each of the countries
- Distribution in the CE cosmetics market – descriptions of the value and future prospects for the networks in each of the six CE countries
- Consumer profiles - product preferences, buying habits and favourite places to shop for cosmetics.

Benefit from the most unique and relevant content:
- Exclusive value data – for the overall cosmetics market in Central Europe, for markets in each of the six covered countries and for each distribution channel.
- Consumer studies – learn the latest on buyer preferences and habits with regard to the purchase of cosmetics in each of the six CE countries
- Corporate strategy – get an inside look at the operations and plans of the top cosmetic retailers in Central Europe
- Complete market analysis – along with the latest news on events in the cosmetic markets in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia
- Important demographic and macroeconomic information for each country, accompanied by in depth exploration of results in the marketplace
- Accurate, reliable and detailed market forecasts for the overall CE cosmetics market, the markets in each separate country, for each segment and distribution channel – all in a single, convenient publication.

Did you know:
- Cosmetics stores have the highest market share in the Czech Republic. This is also the most consolidated market: the top 3 players are responsible for an over 37% market share.
- At the other end of the scale is Bulgaria, with cosmetics stores generating 28% of the market and the top 3 chains accounting for a 19% market share. This illustrates the difference between the most and the least developed cosmetics markets in the region.
- Large international players, dm and Rossmann in particular, dominate all the markets. Only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, are there single domestic players among the top 3 rankings.
- Among the non-economic factors, sales of cosmetics should be driven by the expansion of cosmetics chains, the growing popularity of online sales, new product launches, an ageing society that requires more advanced products, and growing demand for natural cosmetics.
- In general, the most common private label products in the health and beauty category are cosmetic tissues, cotton pads, cotton sticks, toilet paper, soap, bath foams, bath sponges as well as baby care products, baby wipes, and nappies.

Extract from this report:
- Due to the deterioration of economic conditions, 2013 was a weaker year for cosmetics sales in Central Europe compared to 2012. According to our forecasts, the overall cosmetics market grew by 1.6% (in local currencies), while its value reached €8.8bn.
- In 2014 the growth rate should increase to 2.8%, while in the following years the market is predicted to develop at a pace of 4-5%.
- Consumers in CE became price-sensitive when choosing cosmetics. They look for discounts and promotions. At the same time, they require high product quality and additional services at stores. Brand loyalty in Slovakia and Bulgaria is at low levels.

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What will Central Europe’s retail market for cosmetics look like in 2019: Report provides exclusive analysis, forecasts for development during 2014-2019.

Professionals with a need for the newest and most comprehensive coverage of the retail market for cosmetic in Central Europe – specifically in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia – will appreciate the value and convenience offered by the latest edition of PMR’s trusted source for market news, analysis, and perhaps most importantly, carefully calculated forecasts for the direction of cosmetics retail development in these CE markets.

Cosmetics retail market in Central Europe 2014, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2014-2019 brings all of this valuable and unique market intelligence to their fingertips in one easily accessible document that serves as an essential update and research reference. This report defines the value, structure and growth potential of the overall CE market as well as for markets and segments in each of the six covered countries.

The report presents informative profiles of the leading retailers operating on cosmetics markets in each country. These profiles offer details on the financial status, expansion plans and strategies used by local and global companies, including chain stores, a vital distribution channel in many of the Central European markets discussed.

The document also examines the following key industry topics in detail: top selling face and body care cosmetics in each of the six countries, current value and predicted vitality of the Central European distribution network and its top channels, and the use of promotions and discounts by retailers in order to encourage cosmetics sales.

Macroeconomic background and demographic details on each of the six Central European countries are provided, along with analysis of recent changes in purchasing habits of consumers as a result of shifts in these important indicators. Data results from extensive consumer studies clarify this complex market as seen from the perspectives of current and future consumers in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

Cosmetics market in Central Europe 2014, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2014-2019 is essential to the successful operations of manufacturers and distributors of cosmetic products throughout the region and in each of the covered CE countries. The report contains data, analysis and market forecasts useful to companies engaged in providing products and services used in the retail industry and to professionals engaged in market analysis and business and financial consultancy with regard to the Central European retail cosmetics sector.

PMR clients use this report as they develop a strategy for success in this market, to take informed decisions when conducting routine operations and when they need to compare recent changes, current conditions and future prospects for the market in each country. They conduct competition research quickly and effectively – saving time and money and improving business processes linked to success in the industry.

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