Poort Technologies Inc.

Counter Computer Offers "Open Source" vs Restaurant Tablets

Poort's Counter Computer introduces a new computing form factor with compelling advantages over conventional menu-based tablets.

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North Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- It is rare for a cafe proprietor to consider a hardware upgrade that doesn’t involve tables and chairs, lighting or dinnerware. The business has remained the same for a thousand years – just good food and ambiance, with the best of service.

The Web is making a difference at upscale restaurants, with online booking services such as Open Table™ bolstering precious reservations and repeat business. Coffee shops, diners and small bars simply can’t afford that level of referral services, and might counter with little more than shared WiFi, wings and happy hours – until now.

Poort Technologies has introduced a new device – a “counter computer” – expressly for cafes, bistros, bars and small eateries looking to build their client pool with regulars and groups – using aggressive hardware turbocharging.

The difference is this is not a conventional restaurant tablet scheme. Poort really just provides the standard hardware (enclosure, speakers, tablet of your choice) and the rest is up to you – iPad or Android and which apps do you like?

Poorts are fixed tablet computers enclosed inside the modular Poort™ housing, along with a powerful speaker bar and a USB hub. Meant to be placed in booths, Poorts revive the excitement that began in the 50's around jukebox terminals, when young people gathered to feed in their dimes and quarters, to make a little noise on their own terms.

Utilizing the WiFi that most cafes already have, Poorts access the full power of the Web and all the music, film and intellectual resources we now take for granted – and it uses only 10 watts to do this. Anybody with an old 10" iPad or Android tablet and a Poort casing kit can set these up for about $200, including the strong speaker option.

Poorts are assembled and mounted using industrial mounting tape that eliminates the need for screws - enabling non-destructive mounting on most surfaces. Window mounting allows the Poort to have a second internal tablet that faces the street, so that passers-by can see the cafe’s logo, menu, daily specials or event news.

The little diner suddenly takes on some sizzle – music pours out of the place. What had been a family diner earlier - now at 9PM two or three songs or movies are going at the same time – Is this a cantina? A roadhouse? Who cares?

All this on 10 watts and under-used WiFi?

Suddenly that little cafe owner is in the driver’s seat – with a hopping, noisy little joint that would outrage a staid dinner party.

Or convert them.