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Daily News Entertainment Network Provides Amateur Journalists Contribution Opportunities

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- Daily News Entertainment Network is pleased to offer an opportunity for amateur and aspiring journalists to showcase their talents and contribute breaking news stories to the websites several categories. Daily News Entertainment Network representative John Karhaca explained the reasoning behind the websites decision to provide this opportunity by stating, “Journalism is an extremely competitive field and when an aspiring journalist completes his or her education they have a hard time finding good opportunities. Many companies will only hire individuals with experience, yet will not bring in fresh talent to give them that chance to get their feet wet. We decided to reach out to amateur journalists and let them know tat they now have a solid platform that they can use to gain real world experience from.”

Aside from all of the major national and worldwide categories, Daily News Entertainment Network also offers a section dedicated solely to news and events related to New York, which is Daily News Entertainment Network’s local area. This local section also features a New York classifieds section that is constantly updated and has been one of the websites most popular sections in terms of website visitor traffic numbers. “While our local New York sections are very popular, we are also able to reach a worldwide audience through our business, education, entertainment, health, style, politics, science, and technology sections. This is also a huge advantage for our amateur contributors, as it gives them a potential worldwide audience to showcase their talents in front of,” added Mr. Karhaca.

Aspiring journalists are encouraged to inquire about any section of the website that they are interested in contributing to. Sections such as business news receive a tremendous interest, but the demand for quality contributors grows along with the growth and popularity of the website. “The Daily News Entertainment Network website is expanding very quickly and we are seeing the website traffic increasing on a weekly basis, and at this growth rate we will have a high demand for top quality amateur journalists to use us as a steppingstone into the industry,” explained website representative Mr. Karhaca.

About Daily News Entertainment Network
Daily News Entertainment Network is a complete online news media outlet that contains the latest breaking worldwide news and events related to business, education, entertainment, health, style, politics, science, and technology. The site also features a dedicated section for all news related to New York. Complete information can be found on the online news website http://dailynewsen.com. Amateur journalists that would like to learn about how to become a contributor are encouraged to contact Daily News Entertainment Network through the online contact form.