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Damien Hirst Skull: Damien Hirst Artwork Is Said to Be the Best Art for Sale

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Punjab, Pakistan -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- The English artist Damien Hirst has done it once again. The masterful artist, entrepreneur and art collector has created what may be one of his finest works to date. The Damien Hirst Skull, is a rare collectible that any art collector who values a good piece would be lucky to own in his collection.

For an art collector this item may be well worth the price. For the exquisite price he will receive every bit of his money’s worth. The portrait of a skull is an etching worth $14,500. The work would fit perfectly on the wall of any collector. The death theme may seem somber, but in reality it can come across as a reminder of our mortality. This in turn can remind us to live life to its fullest.

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The simple, yet elegant, artistry shines through in the form of the skull centered on the artwork. A blackened background outlines the skull in the center quite extraordinarily. A sense of reality may pass through the viewer as they lay their eyes upon Hirst’s work. The skull is adorned with every possible detail of a human skull. From the vacant eyes to the pronounced jaw, everything has been captured in perfect detail for as much realism as possible in a painting. It shows through in the work.

The owner of this painting will be the envy of all those whose eyes pass over Hirst’s latest work. Hirst’s name alone will be significant improvement to any art collector’s collection. The much renowned artist has come far in his time and this work shows just how much he can do with the theme of his work, death.

Hirst created this brilliant piece as a reminder to the mortality of the human being, those who are viewing the collector’s piece. Hirst has dominated the art scene in Britain in the 1990s and with good reason. One look at the skull portrait in question and you can’t help but fall in love with its beauty. Hirst is well known for his art featured around death, it is his central theme in numerous pieces in the artist’s portfolio.

Hirst is a prominent member of the young British Artists who were present in the 1990s. The artist is renowned across the world. Collectors the world over hope to acquire a piece of his work for their collection. The opportunity has now presented itself for lucky few to get their hands on such work, all it takes is that final step and you could very well own your own Hirst painting right in your very own home.

The Damien Hirst skull will not disappoint nor will it prove to be too costly for those who truly wish to acquire the piece and hang it on their wall. Become the pure envy of your friends as you hang this on the wall, invite them over just so they can watch it go up for the first time in its new home. It will be all worth it.

About Damien Hirst
Damien Hirst is a prominent member of Y.B.A ( Young British Artists). Death is a central theme in Hirst's works. He became famous for a series of artworks in which dead animals (including a shark, a sheep and a cow) are preserved sometimes having been dissected in formaldehyde.

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