Press Releases From 05/24/2018 Until 06/23/2018

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Molecular Cytogenetics Market Will Register at a CAGR of 23.4% Through 2019

LogoMolecular cytogenetics refers to the study of chromosomal structures with use of molecular techniques. The technique provides a combination of both molecular and cytological approach to research and diagnosis. Molecular cytogenetics is being considered as an indispensable tool for the diagnosis and research of numerous chromosomal aberrations. The technique is preferred over traditional chromosomal banding technique as traditional techniques provide low resolution level and may escape detection of copy number variations.

Anesthesia and Respiratory Devices Market Estimated to Exhibit 9.80% CAGR Through 2019

LogoSophistication and persistent technological advances by respiratory and anesthesia device manufacturers have boosted the growth of this industry. The shift of patient preference from hospital care devices to home healthcare devices has accelerated the growth of this market and encouraged the provision of easy to use and portable devices that have paved a new way to revive this once mature market. According to the new estimates of World Health Organization, COPD is predicted to be become the third leading cause of death by 2030. Moreover, approximately 13.6 million adults were diagnosed with COPD in the U.S. alone in year 2012. Rise in geriatric population suffering from COPDs and Asthma are further expected to accelerate the growth of the respiratory devices market. In addition, the annual healthcare expenditures for asthma alone are estimated at $20.7 billion in the U.S. Thus, a rise in pulmonary diseases has helped in growth of this market.

Arthroscopy Devices Market Expected to Behold a CAGR of 6% Through 2013 - 2019

LogoRise in technological advances and growing importance of sports activities among the young as well as the older generation has fuelled the growth of the arthroscopy devices market. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the high school athletes alone accounts for 2 million injuries, 50,000 doctor visits and 30,000 hospitalizations each year in the U.S. alone. Compounding this effect, the elderly and obese populations have been observed to be highly prone to degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other trauma injuries. Knee and shoulder arthroscopies are the most common procedures performed across the world in this class of surgeries. Stringent regulatory procedures for the approval of devices along with unfavorable reimbursement policies in developed countries have negatively affected the growth in these regions. On the other hand, a rise in disposable incomes in developing countries has boosted the confidence of OEMs towards these regions.

Orthopedic Devices Market Estimated to Expand at a 4.9% CAGR Through 2019

LogoOrthopedic devices are used to restore skeletal structure and joint movements in various types of fractures, abnormal growth of bones, soft tissue damage, trauma or other deformities. These devices can be surgically implanted or externally attached through minimally invasive procedures and hence can be classified as joint implants, internal and external fixation devices. Demand for orthopedic procedures is expected to grow in the near future owing to the increase in geriatric population and obesity across the globe.

Enteral Feeding Devices Market to Grow at a CAGR of 6.2% Through 2019

LogoEnteral feeding devices, also called as artificial nutrition support system are used to deliver nutrition or medication to the patients. These devices are considered as the first choice of treatment option for patients suffering from functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID). Increasing need of reconstructive surgeries coupled with technological advancements in these devices are expected to widen the market for enteral feeding devices. In addition, rising incidences of chronic diseases such as cancer, neurological and gastrointestinal disorders and increasing healthcare awareness are driving the demand for enteral feeding devices market globally. The global enteral feeding devices market is estimated to be USD 2,033.1 million in 2012 and is expected to reach USD 3,102.0 million by 2019, growing at a CAGR of 6.2% from 2013 to 2019.

Adipic Acid Market Size - Industry Demand, Trends and Forecast to 2025

LogoAdipic Acid market top players including are INVISTA, Rhodia, Ascend, BASF, Radici, Asahi Kasei, DuPont, LANXESS, Haili, Huafon, Shenma Industrial, Hualu-Hengsheng, Zhejiang Shuyang, Kailuan Group, Liaoyang Sinopec, Hongye, Tianli, Yangmei Fengxi.

Assistive Technologies for Visually Impaired Market Size to Grow Exponentially During 2017 - 2025

LogoVision is one of the basic five senses in human body which enables us to receive the details, color, and contrast to differentiate objects. However, the capacity of the eye to see diminishes naturally with age. This can be corrected by glasses, medications, or surgery. Changes in vision due to poor health, injury, or eye disease can sometimes lead to partial or complete blindness. Partial vision loss is termed as vision impairment or low vision.

Molecular Point-of-Care Diagnostics Market Growth Set to Surge Significantly During 2025

LogoPoint-of-care diagnosis involves medical tests performed at or near a patient's location. These tests can be performed outside a clinical laboratory, and primarily include diagnosis done at physician's office, in an ambulance, or on-field diagnosis. Molecular diagnosis involves analysis of biological markers and has wide applications in disease monitoring and testing, risk analysis, cancer diagnosis, and others. These tests were designed as physicians needed quick analysis of samples to diagnose diseases and avoid complications. Traditional microbial testing methods were non-specific, lengthy, and time consuming procedures. Molecular diagnostics have armed doctors with highly specific, quick, and accurate diagnosis methods. Presently, point-of-care testing has become an integral part of the diagnostics market, and widely used in emergency rooms, community health centers, school health programs, and home testing.

Recombinant Thrombin Market Size to Witness Sustained Growth Throughout the Forecast Period 2017 - 2025

LogoHemostasis is the process where platelets, blood vessels, and coagulation factors act together to arrest bleeding. Hemostasis occurs by the coagulation process where blood is solidified from liquid to gel state through serial enzymatic steps. During the hemostasis process, thrombin plays the role of key enzyme. Thrombin is an enzyme which is synthesized from precursor glycoprotein called prothrombin. During the clotting process, proteolytic cleavage of prothrombin results in thrombin. Insoluble fibrin is produced from soluble fibrinogen through a series of reactions catalyzed by thrombin. The production of thrombin in the body is highly regulated since the overproduction of thrombin will result in blockage of normal blood flow, a state called thrombosis. Under such conditions, tissue will die due to unavailability of oxygen.

Neonatal Conjunctivitis Treatment Market Growth to Remain Stable During the Projection Period 2017 - 2025

LogoNeonatal conjunctivitis, also known as ophthalmia neonatorum, is one of the causes of severe neonatal morbidity as well as mortality in developing countries. Neonatal conjunctivitis is defined as conjunctivitis that occurs in newborns mostly during the first few days of life. Clinical signs of the disease include edema, erythema of the eyelids, and purulent discharge from the eyes. Agents of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis are some of the etiologic agents of neonatal conjunctivitis. Microorganisms that occur on the skin and in the gastrointestinal tract such as Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas sp. can also cause the disease. The cause of neonatal conjunctivitis is difficult to determine.

Computer Vision Market Size, Share, Trends, Opportunities & Forecast to 2025

LogoComputer Vision market top players including are Cognex, Basler, Omron, Keyence, National Instruments, Sony, Teledyne Technologies,Texas Instruments,Intel,Baumer Optronic,Jai A/S,Mvtec Software,Isra Vision,Sick,Mediatek,Cadence Design Systems,Ceva.

Concave Disc Blades Market 2018 Industry Growth, Share, Trends, Demand, Analysis and Forecast to 2025

LogoConcave Disc Blades market top players including are Niaux, Bellota Agrisolutions, John Deere, Osmundson Mfg., Campoagricola.

Concentrating Solar Power Market Size, Share - Industry Trend and Forecast by 2025

LogoConcentrating Solar Power market top players including are Abengoa Solar, Aalborg CSP, ACWA Power, Bright Source Energy, Esolar.

Concrete Admixtures Construction Chemicals Market Future Growth with Current Trends Analysis 2018-2025

LogoConcrete Admixtures Construction Chemicals market top players including are BASF, Arkema, Ashland, Fosroc International, Mapie, Pidilite Industries, RPM International, Sika, The Dow Chemical, W.R. Grace & Company.

Concrete Brick Market: Industry Size, Share, Growth, Forecasts 2018 - 2025

LogoConcrete Brick market top players including are Boral Limited, CRH plc, Acme Brick Company, Wienerberger AG, UltraTech Cement Ltd., Midwest Block and Brick, MaCon LLC, Xella Group, CEMEX S.A.B. de C.V. Lignacite Ltd., Oldcastle, Monaprecast Brickworks Limited, Midland Concrete Products Inc., Magicrete Building Solutions Pvt. Ltd., General Shale Inc.

Concrete Curing Agent Market Size, Share - Industry Trend and Forecast 2018 - 2025

LogoConcrete Curing Agent market top players including are Prosoco, Evonik, BASF, SealSource, AmeriPolish, LYTHIC, W. R. MEADOWS, Larsen, KreteTek Industries, Kimbol Sealer, Stone Technologies, LATICRETE International, Nutech Paint, NewLook, Euclid Chemical, Henry Company, Chem Tec, Mapei, Nanofront, Suzhou Jinrun, Guangzhou Ontop Building Material.

Aircraft Autopilot Systems Market Report 2018 – 2025: Rockwell, Honeywell, Genesys, Garmin, Avidyne, Micropilot

LogoThe top key players in this Global Aircraft Autopilot Systems market includes are: Rockwell, Honeywell, Genesys, Garmin, Avidyne, Micropilot, Dynon Avionics, Century Flight, Cloud Cap, TruTrak, Airware, UAS Europe, AVIC.

Concrete Mixers Equipment Market Size, Share and Key Country Analysis to 2025

LogoConcrete Mixers Equipment market top players including are SANY, Oshkosh Corporation, ZOOMLION, LiuGong, TORO, TEREX, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group, HITACHI, Liebherr, Sinotruk, Altrad, VOLVO, Multiquip.

Concrete Pavers Market Segmentation, Technology & Industry Analysis Research Report to 2025

LogoConcrete Pavers market top players including are Wirtgen Group, VOLVO, SANY, Belgard, ZOOMLION, SCMC, Atlas Copco, CAT, FAYAT, SUMITOMO, ST Engineering, HANTA, Interlock Paving Company.

3D Flat Panel TV Market Development Status and Outlook by Key Players Till 2025

Logo3D Flat Panel TV Market Research report gives a clear understanding of the current market situation which includes of antique and projected upcoming market size based on technological growth, value and volume, projecting cost-effective and leading fundamentals in the 3D Flat Panel TV market.

Ablation Catheters Devices Market 2018 Global Trend, Segmentation and Opportunities Forecast to 2025

LogoAblation Catheters Devices Market Research report gives a clear understanding of the current market situation which includes of antique and projected upcoming market size based on technological growth, value and volume, projecting cost-effective and leading fundamentals in the Ablation Catheters Devices market.

Acne Drugs Market Supply, Sales, Revenue and Forecast from 2018 to 2025

LogoAcne Drugs market top players including are Belli, Kate Somerville, Doudou Kang, Pikangwang, Cetaphil, Differin, Epiduo, ABSORICA, Eucerin, Kummel, BoardOfAcne, Tongrentang, CleaSkin, CBIC Clearasil.

Active Implantable Medical Devices Market Supply, Sales, Revenue and Forecast from 2018 to 2025

LogoActive Implantable Medical Devices market top players including are Medtronic, Abbott Laboratories, Boston Scientific Corporation, BIOTRONIK, LivaNova, Cochlear, MED-EL, Sonova Holding, William Demant Holding, Nurotron Biotechnology.

ADHD Drugs Market Size, Forecast 2018 – 2025: Eli Lilly, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Shire, Perdue Pharma

LogoThe top key players in this Global ADHD Drugs Market includes are Eli Lilly, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Shire, Perdue Pharma, Glaxosmith Kline, Novartis, Celltech Group, Johnson & Johnson.

Active Transdermal Drug Delivery Device Market Size, Share, Growth, Demand & Forecast to 2025

LogoActive Transdermal Drug Delivery Device market top players including are Novartis AG, Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Transdermal Corp., Johnson & Johnson (Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc.), Mylan N.V., 3M, Actavis, Inc., Bayer AG, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, Corium International, Inc., Echo Therapeutics, Inc., GlaxoSmithKline plc.