Press Releases From 06/15/2018 Until 07/15/2018

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Anti-Icing Coating Market Worth 1,268.1 Million USD by 2023

LogoThe market is driven by a wide range of end-use industries, namely, automotive & transportation, renewable energy, communication equipment, construction, and others. In addition, the increasing number of aircraft globally is also expected to drive the use of anti-icing coating in the automotive & transportation end-use industry.

Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers Saves Renovators' Budgets with Discount Designs

LogoHomeowners who are looking to save money while completing their summer renovations are encouraged to schedule an appointment to visit the showroom of Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers before blowing their budgets at a more expensive big box store. Offering everything from custom cabinetry to bathroom vanities in Bergen County at affordable and competitive pricing, Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers is a renovator's one-stop-shop for everything they need for their home improvement project.

First Collect International Offers Debt Collection in France and Spain

First Collect International is a well-known debt collection company that's helping individuals and businesses around the world as it relates to debt issues. The entity has been recovering debts both domestically and internationally for over two decades and has worked with clients from different backgrounds making them the most suitable company for one needs. So far, the company has managed to achieve tremendous growth in the industry allowing them to spread their wings to various regions around the world including Africa, Russia, South America, Spain, Africa, Germany, Italy, and Russia among others. They're always focused on providing results, and one can be sure that they're capable hands when they partner with the firm.

Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep & Masonry: Providing Chimney Repair for over 50 Years

LogoFor over 50 years, Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep & Masonry, a leading provider of masonry in Cape May County, has offered their professional chimney repair services to home and business owners all across South Jersey. From Longport and Margate to Wildwood and Cumberland, homeowners have turned to Davis Brothers Chimney Sweep & Masonry for all of their chimney repair, maintenance and pointing needs.

All the Above Tree Service Gives Tips on Keeping Trees Strong During Storms

This month, All The Above Tree Service's latest video gives viewers tips and advice on how to keep their trees safe from summer storms.

Choice MedWaste Offers Healthcare Workers Tips on Safe Sharps Handling

Healthcare professionals who are looking to learn more about how to stay safe around needles and other sharps are encouraged to check out this month's blog post from Choice MedWaste, one of Pennsylvania's top professional providers of biohazard waste disposal in Lancaster, PA. With a staff dedicated to the safe removal of medical waste, the team at Choice MedWaste is also committed to helping healthcare workers understand how to prevent sharps injuries and what to do if an accident occurs in their workplace.

Laboratory Information Systems Market: Global Snapshot by 2020

LogoLaboratory information system (LIS) is a comprehensive information system developed and configured to process, store and manage information pertaining to industrial and medical laboratories which include clinical and analytical laboratories. LIS plays an important role in streamlining the process and generating high-quality data to support effective clinical decisions. The LIS provides information that helps hospitals in diagnosis, prevention, management and treatment of diseases, and acts as an indicator for public health. The LIS has now emerged as a necessity for the laboratories of both small and large diagnostic and drug companies. Better management of data and incorporation of collaborative technological tools in their day-to-day operations, have become crucial for both clinical and analytical laboratories.

PA Auto Credit Offers Bad Credit Auto Loans to New Graduates

College graduates who are looking to celebrate with the purchase of a new car are encouraged to contact PA Auto Credit to learn how they can secure the funding that they need without waiting to improve a poor credit score. PA Auto Credit is proud to provide high school and college graduates with bad credit car loans in Philadelphia, PA, that can help get young men and women into the driver's seat.

Automotive Gesture Recognition System Market: Understanding the Key Product Segments and Their Future

LogoThis market is comprehensively described in the report by outlining numerous factors in-depth such as competitive landscapes, newest trends and future opportunities, and geographical dominance, among several other aspects. Expert analysts have compiled the report on this market using primary as well as secondary research data.

Automotive Antifreeze Market: Industry Analysis and Detailed Profiles of Top Industry Players

LogoAntifreeze agent, is an additive that is used in a vehicle to prevent damage to the engine, which is caused due to the freezing of the liquid coolant in the engine. Ability to prevent corrosion, excellent heat transfer, prevention of deposits on the engine, stability at high temperature, good compatibility with hard water, plastics and elastomers, low foaming tendency, and freeze protection are the characteristics desired of an antifreeze agent.

Sound Level Meters Market: Understanding the Key Product Segments and Their Future

LogoA sound level meters is a measuring instrument used to assess noise or sound levels by measuring sound pressure. It is commonly a hand-held instrument with a microphone. The sound level meters uses a directional microphone, which requires the instrument be pointed in the direction of the noise source unless ambient noise levels are being monitored. Sound level meters respond to fluctuations in air pressure caused by sound waves and are sometime referred to as Sound Pressure Level (SPL) meters. With a sound level meters, industrial hygiene and workplace safety professionals can measure sound levels in multiple locations to ensure environmental conditions fall within recommended exposure limits. Some sound level meters devices can be permanently installed for continuous monitoring of sound levels at a work or job site.

Executive Auto Salon Helps Collectors Restore Their Classic Cars This Summer

LogoClassic muscle cars are one of the most sought-after collectibles in any market. From Jay Leno to the average joe, there are plenty of people from all walks of life who are heavily invested in finding and restoring a throwback car from their childhood. Even with their sentimental and nostalgic value, a classic muscle car from the 70's and 80's is a rare sight nowadays. Makes It Easy to Buy Farm Tires Online, a leading supplier of lawn mower tires for sale online, has helped make finding and buying reliable specialty tires for their equipment. From ATV tires to tires for farming machinery, has an inventory that has helped outfit multiple different industries for years.

Global Team Collaboration Software Industry Applications, Key Developments and Forecast 2025

LogoThis report covers market characteristics, size and growth, segmentation, regional breakdowns, competitive landscape, market shares, trends and strategies

Take Advantage of the Emerald Ballroom at Catering by Mario's This Summer

LogoWith plenty of weddings taking place across the Greater Philadelphia area this summer, choosing the right catering company in Philly can make or break a wedding. One of the top caterers in Bucks County, Catering by Mario's, is proud to offer up their Emerald Ballroom to those tying the knot this summer. And although this summer is just getting started, it's also not too early to plan for next summer.

CafeCoin: A Revolutionary Blockchain Payments App Designed by Columbia University Scientists

One of the factors CafeCoin has identified as to why cryptocurrency is not as widely utilized as it should be is that transaction fees and times are oftentimes quite high. Most transactional services have raised their prices in recent times, and if you were to bid a lower figure regarding network fees, transaction time can take too long. For a long time, it has been something that has merely been accepted by everyone who trades cryptocurrency, and the majority's way of thinking is that it's just the way things work, and there's very little you can actually do about it.

DJCRE Simplifies the Search for a New Home

House hunters who are looking for their perfect property match in Philadelphia are encouraged to contact the team at DJCRE for assistance finding the home that's right for them. By avoiding high-pressure sales tactics and taking a more personal approach to home buying, DJCRE has helped countless men and women move into their perfect space in Philly, and they're not finished yet.

Geofencing to Add a New Dimension to Marketing Strategy of Any Business with Propellant Media

It is often difficult to find geofencing companies and geofence marketing, providers. Propellant Media claims to be a geofencing company that offers geofencing and programmatic display to medium and small-sized companies and emerging brands.

DJCRE Property Management Simplifies Processes for Landlords

With more and more residents choosing to rent instead of invest in a home, there's never been a better time for Americans to earn extra income by maintaining a rental property. Full-service property management companies like DJCRE Property Management are helping first-time landlords by making the rental process streamlined and simple.

Peruzzi Collision Center Provides Summer Collision Repair

Highway experts are warning Pennsylvania drivers to pay special attention when operating their vehicle in the heat of the summer season, as statistics say that summer is one of the most dangerous times of year when it comes to automobile accidents. Drivers who become the victim of an accident are encouraged to make the call to their local auto body repair shop in Levittown, PA, as soon as they are sure that the scene is safe.

Signature Medicine Offers Personalized Health Care for Every Life Stage

LogoAs part of their concierge medicine program, Signature Medicine offers lifetime care that is uniquely customized to each patient and their current stage of life.

All Eye Care Doctors Offers a Full Spectrum of Eye Care Services

Those in need of comprehensive eye care services can now seek the help of the professionals at All Eye Care Doctors. Their eye care facility provides exams and treatments to anyone in the Cambridge, MA area.

AWD Systems Market: Recent Industry Developments and Growth Strategies Adopted by Players

LogoIn an all-wheel drive (AWD) system, the engine power is distributed to all the four wheels simultaneously. In an AWD, all wheels transmit power and need to rotate at different speeds. Since all four wheels of the vehicle transmit power, the AWD vehicle is also known as a four-by-four vehicle. If the all-wheel drive system is to be used as a four wheel drive, the engine power gets transferred equally to all the four wheels. If required, an AWD system can also be utilized as a two-wheel drive by transferring the power of the engine to only two wheels of the vehicle, while the other two wheels of the vehicle are allowed to spin.

New Guidebook for Living with Purpose the Heart of the Shaman: Stories & Practices of the Luminous Warrior

The Heart of the Shaman: Stories & Practices of the Luminous Warrior, by best-selling author Alberto Villoldo, guides readers to find greater meaning, fulfillment, and purpose in life. Published by Hay House, the book is available in hardcover and eBook on July 31.

DNA Pro Cleaning and Restoration – The Best Friend for Cleaning and Restoration

DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration just got their 800th five-star review on Angie's List and therefore became the carpet cleaning company with the most positive reviews in the area.