Press Releases From 09/18/2018 Until 10/18/2018

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Straddle Carrier Market Sustains Competitiveness by Adoption of Technological Innovations

XploreMR delivers incisive insights into emerging regions in its latest report titled, “Straddle Carrier Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market insights 2018 to 2028”.

Fiberboard Market Is Likely to Register Double Digit CAGR During 2018 to 2028

XploreMR delivers incisive insights into emerging regions in its latest report titled, “Fiberboard Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking - Global Market insights 2018 to 2028”.

Ferrous Sulfate Market Witnessing Penetration of Heptahydrate Variants; Global Demand to Exceed 24 Million Tons by 2028

LogoFact.MR has published a recent report on the ferrous sulfate market for the forecast period of 2018 to 2028, which offers cumulative insights on the captivating trends influencing long-term aspects of the industry. As per the study, demand from the agricultural domain is foreseen to be one of the key influencing factors driving growth of ferrous sulfate market over the forecast timespan. Moreover, the report also reinforces on the fact that surging production of animal livestock will be a prominent influencer boosting the growth of Ferrous Sulfate Market.

Marketing Resource Management Market Growth Triggered by MRA and Creative Production Management Investments, Finds Fact.MR

LogoMarketing resource management market continues to remain largely concentrated among the emerging companies, while Tier 1 market players are focusing on global expansion through acquisition of their local competitors, according to a new Fact.MR study. Aprimo LLC's acquisition of ADAM Software to offer integrated marketing operation solutions, and Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc.'s acquisition of MackayWilliams for expanding its market intelligence business, are primary examples of such expansion strategies of leading players.

South Korea Medical Tourism Market Rising Trends, Scope and Growth Analysis 2018

LogoSouth Korea Medical Tourism Market is likely to reach nearly USD 2 Billion by the year end of 2022 growing at a CAGR of around 15% from 2017 to 2022.

Auction Factory Strives to Receive Best Return on Equipment

Centered in Cleveland, Ohio, Auction Factory is the prime destination for those who are in the process of closing their restaurant or other business operation. Auction Factory purchases all types of equipment from a wide range of commercial enterprises such as restaurants, pizzerias, colleges and universities, hospitality establishments, and more.

Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Energy Services Offers Industry-Leading Heating System Protection Plans

LogoIn the event of an unforeseen HVAC emergency, homeowners across the Greater Philadelphia area should have comfort in knowing there is an HVAC service company in South Jersey to provide reliable, priority service. At Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Energy Services, they are proud to offer industry-leading heating system protection plans. The Hutchinson Preferred Protection Plan is provided in various tiers, allowing homeowners to choose the plan which suits their preference.

Fruit Packaging Market: Emerging Economies Expected to Influence Growth Until 2028

Fruit Packaging Market: An Overview

Neodymium Market Expected to Deliver Dynamic Progression Until 2028

Neodymium Market: Introduction

Food Grade Sealant Market Insights, Trends & Future Development Status Recorded During 2018-2028

Market Introduction

Antimicrobial Protection Additives for Adhesives Market: Emerging Economies Expected to Influence Growth Until 2028


Soaring Demand Drives Sanded Grout Market Extensive Growth Opportunities to Be Witnessed by 2028

Market Introduction

Soaring Demand Drives Cummene Derivatives Market Growth During the Forecast Period, 2018 to 2028


PBO (Poly-P-Phenylene-2, 6-Benzobisoxazole) Market Insights, Trends & Future Development Status Recorded During 2018-2028

Market Introduction:

uPVC Market: Emerging Economies Expected to Influence Growth Until 2028

Market Introduction

Household Polishes Market to Reach a Valuation of US$ 230 Mn by 2022

Rising Uptake of Household Polishes for Cleaning and Protecting Surfaces in numerous Industries boosts Market

Breath Analyzer Market to Account for Approximately US$ 800 Mn by 2022

With emergence of effective breathalyzer technologies, production of breath analyzers is gaining momentum at an impressive pace. Apart from being a key tool for detection in law enforcement agencies, drug rehabilitation centers and general medical settings, breath analyzers are also expected to gain grounds in public & private consumer use. In the next five years, breath analyzers can converge from being medical devices to consumer products. Manufacturers of breath analyzers are exploring new technologies, without disregarding the effective adoption of staple breathalyzer technologies such as electrochemical fuel cell or infrared spectrophotometry. In the view of increasing drug abuse and growing alcoholism culture across the world, breath analyzers will continue to serve the crucial purpose of checking the intoxication levels of vehicle drives and consumers, in general.

Baby Swim Pants Diaper Market to Become Worth US$ 8.5 Bn by 2022

Key Findings

Corn Oil Market to Surpass US$ 3500 Mn by 2022

Cotton Seed Oil Market Is Anticipated to Be a Reach US$ 2,774.4 Mn by 2022

Cottonseed oil is extracted from the seeds various species of cotton. There are many inherent advantages of cottonseed oil that have made it popular all across the world. Some of the advantages of using cottonseed oil are that it has a high smoke point and therefore can be used for deep frying and cooking where high temperature is required. Cottonseed oil is neutral in taste and can acquire the taste of whatever ingredient it is added to. This makes using cottonseed oil beneficial as it does not mask the flavor of the ingredients in the food and thus the flavor of the food doesn't change. Due to the presence of high amounts of tocopherols in it, the shelf life of food containing cottonseed oil is quite long. One of the other distinct advantages of using cottonseed oil is that it is cheaper than other organic oils like canola oil or olive oil. Besides, cottonseed oil contains adequate amount of saturated fatty acids, making it a much more stable cooking oil. Cottonseed oil is also healthy for the heart as it contains many unsaturated fatty acids. Also, cottonseed oil is a much healthier option than other oils because it doesn't need to go through the process of hydrogenation, hence there is no cholesterol in it.

Automotive Exhaust Muffler Market to Be Worth US$ 10166.2Mn by 2022

Functionality of an automotive exhaust muffler is limited to reducing noise from the engine, however, in some cases, it can influence the vehicle's fuel efficiency. The component's limited scope of application has undermined the prospects of its global market. Also, sales of automotive exhaust mufflers is taking a hit due to rising cost of the component. The unavoidable backpressure remains one of the most severe drawbacks of exhaust mufflers and continues to be a major engineering challenge for manufacturers. While exhaust muffler sufficiently allow release of gases produced by a vehicle, it compromises on the engine's firing frequency. Factors as such are expected to deter the global demand for exhaust mufflers in the medium term. According to the latest report published by Fact.MR, the global automotive exhaust muffler is set to reflect a miniscule CAGR of 2.7% over the forecast period (2017-2022).

Car Air Filter Market Will Reach Nearly US$ 9916 Mn by 2022

A car air filter is used to remove particles like dust, bacteria and pollen from the intake air that goes into the internal combustion engine. If the air filter of an automobile is not clean, it may result in damage to the engine. A clean air filter is necessary for the smooth operation and optimal performance of an automobile. Besides cleaning the air which enters the engine while combustion is taking place, the air filter also removes debris from the air that may otherwise cause abrasion and damage the engine. Hence it is necessary to use a proper air filter in an automobile. If the air filter of any automobile is worn off or outdated, it may cause reduced fuel average, problems in the spark plug of the engine, reduced horsepower of the automobile and black sooty smoke or flames coming out from the exhaust pipe. Hence, it is necessary that the air filter of the automobile is kept in a prime condition in order to make the engine work optimally and reduce the emissions of the automobile. The increasing sales of automobiles, particularly cars, is the main driver for the growth of the car air filter market. Also, as the car air filter needs to be changed at regular intervals, there is a huge aftermarket demand for car air filters. However, since the future of the automobile is centered on the electric vehicles, in which there is no combustion of fuel, the market growth for car air filters is being affected negatively.

Car Fuel Filter Market Will Reach Nearly US$ 440 Mn by 2022

Booming economic growth in emerging markets has culminated in nations committing big bucks towards self-sufficiency in all aspects, particularly the automotive industry that is one of the clearest signs of a nation's economic development. As the desire of personal mobility increases, consumers may be concerned about the fuel quality that is used in their vehicles. In addition to this, increasing governmental regulations pertaining to stricter emission norms is predicted to benefit the car fuel filter market. The advantage for car fuel filter makers is that their product will be necessary irrespective of the fuel direction the market veers in – be it petrol or diesel – making the long-term prospects extremely bright in the car fuel filter market.

Automotive Chrome Accessories Market Will Reach Revenues Worth US$ 5Bn by 2022

Key Insights: Automotive Chrome Accessories Market

Automotive Engine Cover Market to Cross US$ 1250 Mn by 2022

Key Insights: Automotive Engine Cover Market