Press Releases From 09/22/2018 Until 10/22/2018

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Network Management System (NMS) Market Expected to Reach $10.20 Billion by 2023

LogoAccording to a new market research report "Network Management System (NMS) Market by Component (Solutions (Standalone and Bundled), and Services), Deployment Type (Cloud and On-premises), End-Users (Verticals and Service Providers), Organization Size, and Region - Global Forecast to 2023", The global NMS market size is expected to grow from USD 6.17 billion in 2018 to USD 10.20 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.6% during the forecast period.

Industrial Bulk Packaging Market - High Demand from End Use Industries to Be Beneficial for the Growth - TMR

LogoThe Mexico market for industrial bulk packaging has been expanding steadily for the last few years. The rise in industrialization and the increased shipment of goods in this country have driven a significant demand for industrial bulk packaging here. Boosted by this, this market was expected to reach US$232.0 mn by 2016.

Key Facts One Should Know About the Global Meat Snacks Market - TMR

LogoThe global meat snacks market is primarily driven by factors such as changing lifestyle, rise in working women population, and inclination toward convenience food. Additionally, popularity of convenience food and beverages are resulting in higher demand for meat snacks. Introduction of different product forms, such as handmade sausage crisps, is expected to have a positive impact on market demand.

Folding Cartons Market - Food and Beverages Industry Has Shown a Phenomenal Increase in Demand - TMR

LogoThe ASEAN folding cartons market has gained significant impetus from the robust growth of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and various other industries in ASEAN countries over the last couple of years. Since there is a free trade agreement between the ASEAN countries, most of the small and large scale industries need packaging materials in large volume, consequently boosting the demand for folding cartons.

Organic Wine Market Significant Facts of Business Stratergies, Proceeding Acquisitions & Mergers 2017-2025: TMR

LogoOrganic wine is a type of wine that is produced without the use of artificial chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. Organic grapes are cultivated in vineyards on the principles of organic farming. The aging process is employed to lend the wine, obtained from the grapes, a fine taste. It is the most preferred alcoholic beverage among the consumers. Organic wine can be used as a medicine due to presence of resveratrol that prevents aging and helps to fight with the diseases. Additionally, it helps for better metabolism, body warmth, and enhances better immunity.

Trends in the Lemonade Market – Latest Intelligence Report Offers Growth Prospects: TMR

LogoLemonade is considered to have several health benefits such as rich in Vitamin C. Demand for lemonade has increased considerably due to the rise in awareness regarding health and wellness among consumers. Natural lemonade can deliver nutritional benefits without compromising on taste. Government bodies around the world are also taking strong measures targeting the carbonated drinks segment. Inclination towards proper health and welfare are resulting to the rise in demand of the lemonade in recent years. More than 85% of high schools in the U.S. have vending machines supplying carbonated drinks to students leading to growing concern regarding the easy availability of these drinks in schools and colleges.

Pharmaceutical Bottles Market - Medical and Healthcare Industry Demands Growth - TMR

LogoThe market for pharmaceutical bottles in Spain is characterized by its access to multiple regions through its strategic location in the Iberian Peninsula. Thanks to the geographic proximity and long coastline of this country, stretching through the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, it has an easy access to emerging markets in the Middle East and Africa as well as the developed markets in Europe.

Industry Insights and Top Pangasius Market Drivers That Will Influence Global Demand: TMR

The aquaculture was in Vietnam to enhance the production of fishes to cope up with the global demand. The largest exporter of pangasius is Vietnam, exports more than 50% of its production. New market entrants Russia, Middle East and some Asian countries have demonstrated a growing demand for pangasius, imports from the Vietnam. Pangasius fish has low to medium fat content with high levels of protein. Pangasius is rich in omega-3 fatty acid which has many health benefits. Pangasius has wide range of application like in pharmaceutical industry, dietary supplements and other. According to the National Fisheries Institute, Pangasius is the 10th most popular fish consumed. Pangasius is primarily found in Vietnam, Cambodia and neighboring nation.

Blow Fill Seal Technology Market - Primarily Utilized in the Pharmaceutical Industry Demands Growth - TMR

LogoPolyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and several other materials, such as ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) are the key components required for the production of blow fill seal. With a share of 62.4%, the PE segment led this Latin American market in 2016 and is expected to continue to rise significantly over the next few years. Due to its low gas and water permeability, PE does not interfere with the drug. This factor is expected to fuel the growth of this segment in the years to come. Among all PE materials, LDPE is reporting a higher demand due to its excellent resistance to acid and bases and non reactivity at room temperature. HDPE is also projected to witness increased demand over the years to come, thanks to its high strength to density ratio, resulting in less spillage occurrences.

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Caps and Closures Market: Expanding Packaged Foods and Beverages Sector to Fuel Industry Demand: TMR

LogoAccording to the report, the global caps and closure market had a valuation of 1429 bn units in 2016 and is likely to rise to a revenue opportunity of 1702.17 bn units by 2021, exhibiting a 3.5% CAGR from 2015 to 2021. Based on product type, the market acquires a large share of its revenue from the sales of beverage caps and closures and the segment is likely to remain lucrative over the next few years as well. Based on geography, the market in Asia Pacific is likely to retain its leading position owing to the rising uptake of metal food cans, increased disposable incomes, and rising demand for packaged foods and beverages.

Building Analytics Market - Increase in Adoption of Smart Building Boosting Demands - TMR

LogoBuilding analytics is used for enhancing the building infrastructure in terms of energy, comfort, and overall development. Generally, building analytics is used for advanced life cycle managed services that deliver automated fault detection, diagnosis, and real-time performance monitoring for buildings. With rapid urbanization and industrialization, the need for constructing various structures is on the rise, consequently driving the global building analytics market. Companies are rapidly developing user friendly solutions, which is anticipated to drastically increase demand for building analytics solutions in the near future.

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Nuts and Seeds Market Examined in Upcoming Market Research with Revenue, Gross Margin, Market Share and Forecast Until 2021: TMR

LogoHealth Benefits of Nuts and Seeds to Drive Demand

Plastic Bags & Sacks Market - Retail & Consumer Segment Is Estimated to Account for the Largest Market Share

LogoPlastic bags & sacks are containers made of thin, flexible, plastic film. The plastic bags & sacks can be made up from biodegradable or non-biodegradable materials. The plastic bags & sacks are commonly used in the retail stores or supermarkets for packaging of products. The plastic bags & sacks find its application in retail & consumer, institutional services and other industrial applications. The plastic bags & sacks are also used as garbage bags or trash bags.

Sterilization Markers Market - Positive Outlook for Industry Opportunities & Trends

LogoThe sterilization markers market has been witnessing significant growth, owing to the increasing number of hospitals. This increase in the number of hospitals can be further attributed to the rise in diseases caused by pollution, bad weather conditions and increasing use of chemicals for packaging, which directly or indirectly affect human health. Marker pens can act as fomites for nosocomial infection. Hospital equipment such as marking pens, stethoscopes and otoscopes, have been acting as fomites and thus, a source of cross infection, acquired during healthcare delivery. Sterilization markers are permanent markers used for marking sterilization packages to identify tools while going through the sterilization process. These markers can be used on paper, cloth, wrapped sheets on tapes, etc. The use of sterilization markers is commonplace in surgical practices.

Product Arranging Machinery Market - in-Depth Industry Analysis Research Report Forecasts to 2026 by TMR

LogoTechnologies that would reduce human effort along with consequent errors are witnessing rapid demand from big industries and companies to meet the increasing demand for products and increase their productivity. Product arranging machines automatically stack goods and products in cases or desired pallets. A product arranging machine can be robotic or semi-automated. The food and beverage industry represents the largest end use of robotic carton loading machines as the industry is adopting new and automated packaging technologies. Construction and automotive industries also require product arranging machinery to arrange heavy doors, windows or heavy automotive parts, which can be time consuming and costly if done manually.

Metal Cages and Stillages Market Scope, Trends, Share, Research Insights by 2026

LogoThe metal cages and stillages are the ideal solutions for storing and transporting goods. The metal cages and stillages are available in a wide variety of sizes for small to heavy sized goods. The metal cages and stillages are designed with drop gate which enables easy loading and unloading and easy access to goods or products inside. The cages are stackable mostly two high when fully loaded and four high when cages are empty. The front and rear gates of the metal cages and stillages can easily be removed assisting in safe work practices.

Analysis and Assessment on Temperature Stable Polyester Films Market by TMR

LogoFlexible packaging has consolidated itself in the world of packaging and has been a key contributor to packaging's success due to overall cost saving, ease of handling and convenience feature. Temperature stable polyester films have applications in a wide range of industries, including the electrical and electronics, food & beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, and among others. Dimensional stability of temperature stable polyester films at a temperature above 150°C is one of the most important quality used in the various applications especially printed electronics.

Loose Fill Packing Chips Market - Granular View of the Market from Various End-Use Segments

LogoLoose fill packing chips are one of the several packaging solution for protective packaging. Loose fill packing chips are efficient and protective packaging solution to resist any kind of damage especially at the time of transportation. Rapid increase in transportation and shipping increases demand for protective packaging hence for loose fill packing chips. Loose fill packing chips are light in weight which easily mould around the product and provide superior product protection. Loose fill packing chips are preferred for long term storage. Globalization has transformed the way trade is done in today's landscape. China has emerged as one of the leading manufacturing hubs, globally. This has caused the Asia Pacific region to attain a crucial role in global trade. The same has generated more demand for loose fill packing chips, owing to rise in trade of products such as electronics, automotive parts, and crockery, among others.

Shiloh Vein & Aesthetics Institute Booking New Patients in Need of Embolization Procedures

One of the region's leading healthcare providers for patients with uterine fibroids and benign prostatic hyperplasia, Shiloh Vein and Aesthetics Institute, is now booking new patients in need of effective and minimally-invasive treatment options. Through two cutting-edge and non-surgical embolization procedures, the team at Shiloh Vein and Aesthetics Institute has helped numerous patients find relief. Now accepting new patients, Dr. Shiloh and his team of doctors are ready to help more men and women in the Philadelphia area treat their fibroid and prostate symptoms.

Medical Bed Market to Witness Huge Growth by 2024: Leading Key Players: Hill-Rom, Stryker, Invacare, Getinge and Paramount Bed

LogoThe Medical Bed Market size is set to exceed USD 4 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil Market: Rise in Demand in the Pharmaceutical Industry Due to Numerous Overall Health Benefits - TMR

LogoThe roman chamomile essential oil market is highly fragmented as of now and very few companies hold any major market share. Approximately 65% of the roman chamomile essential oil is produced and manufactured in developing nations as essential oil farming is labor intensive and the cost of labor is less in developing nations such as South Africa, India, and China. Therefore the market sees huge opportunities in the export of these oils to the developed nations in coming years. However, there are certain constraints to the essential oil market as the technology to extract and preserve oil needs to be upgraded and trade barriers need to be loosened.

Oil Free Air Compressor Market Future Trends and Growth Forecast 2024 by Top Manufacturers - Gardner Denver, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, GE Energy Connections, Hitachi.

LogoOil-free Air Compressor Market will surpass USD 14 billion by 2024.