Press Releases From 04/26/2012 Until 06/20/2018

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METTLER TOLEDO Thornton Introduces Total Organic Carbon Sensor With ISM

METTLER TOLEDO Process Analytics Division announces the introduction of its 5000TOCi sensor with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM). The new sensor is ideal for continuous, fast, and reliable monitoring of total organic carbon (TOC) levels in applications such as Water for Injection, reverse osmosis membranes, effectiveness of TOC destruct UV lamps, resin bed performance, organics shedding, and quality of final rinse water.

METTLER TOLEDO Launches a New Line of PC-Based Touchscreen Counter Scales

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce its newest line of PC-based touchscreen counter scales, the UC Evo Line. The UC Evo Line, an evolution of METTLER TOLEDO’s successful UC Line, will become the technology centerpiece of the fresh department, a portal for communications, a productivity workhorse, and a shopper marketing channel.

Automated Weighing from Just 1 gAccurate, Rugged and Easy to Clean

The METTLER TOLEDO’s WX weighing modules family is designed for high-precision automated as well as manual weighing in instruments, machines and isolators. The compact design means that installation is straightforward and space saving. The comprehensive overload protection and rugged plug-in connections are designed for use in analytical processes and production applications.

METTLER TOLEDO Thornton Introduces Sodium Analyzer for Power Generation and Pure Water Treatment Applications

In the power plant, long-term and efficient generation depends on minimizing corrosion and deposition within the steam/water cycle. As a leader in meeting stringent deionized water quality requirements with other measurements, METTLER TOLEDO Thornton has expanded its portfolio to include sodium measurement, the key parameter for initiating regeneration of cation exchange resin and for assuring water purity.

METTLER TOLEDO Launches the SmartCal Reference Substance

METTLER TOLEDO, a leading global supplier of precision instruments and services,has launchedthe innovative SmartCalreference substance,designed to verify and document moisture analyzer performance with a simple 10-minute test.

X-ray Inspection Enforces Brand Values According to a New White Paper from Mettler-toledo

A new white paper from METTLER TOLEDO – X-ray More Than Just Contamination Detection – tackles tricky issues of quality control in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. It shows how x-ray inspection can detect numerous quality shortfalls that lie hidden within product packaging or deep within the product itself. The white paper explains that x-ray inspection is no longer just a technique for catching contaminants; it's become a wide-ranging tool for defending brand values and keeping customers happy.

Tips and Tricks for pH Measuring Techniques

METTLER TOLEDO has launched an email series of tips and tricks to help researchers and scientists to improve pH measurements in laboratories for which you can register under:

DukeNet Introduces MEF-Certified Last Mile Ethernet over Fiber

DukeNet Communications, operators of an all-fiber optic regional network delivering the robust network solutions that businesses and carriers need to successfully and reliably operate, announced last week that it is introducing an MEF-certified last mile Metro Ethernet over fiber for its wholesale customers across the southeast.

New Jersey Tech Firm Partners With National Billing Systems

Committed to providing its client with the best communications technology available today, Link High Technologies has teamed with esteemed telecommunications service provider Network Billing Systems (NBS). Together, this dynamic duo will be able to provide New Jersey businesses with high-quality, affordable telecommunications.

Calgary IT Consulting Firm Offers 90 Seconds Support Guaranteed

When your computer is having issues or your network is not working the way it should, you don’t want to wait for hours for help to arrive. You want immediate attention. In the business world, time, sometimes, is literally money. And the more time you and your employees spend idle, the more money your business loses.

Entensys and Softline Present Joint Solution: DeskWork+UserGateMailServer

Softline and Entensys are now offering their joint solution that combines a corporate portal and a mail server: DeskWork and UserGateMailServer. The solution provides small and medium sized businesses with a set of programs necessary for successful and productive SMB activities.

Machined Metal Parts Manufacturers in California Approved for AMSN's Quality Program

The American Machine Shops Network (AMSN) which was really nominated by ILG as the most resourceful and extensive custom manufacturing marketplace online has launched a campaign to promote its quality management system for California job shops. The company said the campaign is designed to accredit companies machining parts at as well as help businesses find vendors specializing in machining parts, plastic manufacturing, metal fabrication, mold making, structural steel work, MIG & TIG welding, stainless steel and aluminum welding.

Designer Clothing Suppliers Top the Buying Leads Section at Wholesale Pages

Wholesale Pages observes a rising demand for designer clothing. The helps supplier make the most out of this piling demand by staying updated. Lisa Garner offers more details.

AAA Claims Gold Prices Could Rise to Record Levels

For all those who invested in gold in the past few months, their investment is paying off as gold prices have started to rise once more, says Alternative Asset Analysis (AAA).

Success Performance Solutions Announces a FREE Workshop: A Small Business Recruiting and Hiring System to Screen Faster, Hire Smarter

May 22, 2012 provides an amazing opportunity for Small Businesses, HR Consultants, Recruiters, and Small Staffing Agencies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to streamline recruiting, screening and selecting qualified workers.

Slots, Billiards & More is Now an Authorized Olhausen Billiards Dealer

Over the past three decades, Olhausen Billiards has developed a reputation as one of the best manufacturers of high quality pool and billiards tables.

Travelers Heading to Florida Turn to Rocket Car Hire to Find the Best Rental Car Rates

From world-renowned theme parks to top rated beaches, Florida offers some of the most exciting and beautiful attractions in the U.S. And with spring in full swing and weather reaching the optimal temperatures for sightseeing and outdoor activities, many people are in the process of planning their ultimate vacations to the Sunshine State.

Book Luxury Northumberland Holiday Cottages Online at Tidal Homes

Northumberland, a place with some most beautiful scenic views, golden sand beaches, rolling hills and ancient castles. One of the most versatile forms of accommodation for staying in Northumberland is staying in a holiday cottage. Tidal Homes offers you unique luxury holiday cottages in Northumberland for pleasant and comfortable holiday vacations. You can rent one of a holiday cottage in nearly all regions of Northumberland, from Northumberland's coast to the national park or around the Scottish borders.

Online LPN Programs Offers a Wide Array of Information for Those Interested in Becoming an LPN

There are many great LPN Programs Online that an individual can use. Online LPN Programs is a website that is packed full of detailed information. Here, you are going to find the expected LPN salary, LPN requirements, LPN travel jobs, LPN entrance exam, and much more. d4dr002

500 Business Leads Added at Daily Trader Every Day

The popularity enjoyed by Daily Trader among the wholesale suppliers located worldwide can be gauged from the fact that more than 500 business lead become part of Leads section at the website on daily basis. Larine Harper has details.

Dubai’s Hospitality Industry Gets a Boost, Bayut Reports

With the recent wave of boost experienced by the hotels industry in Abu Dhabi real estate, some effects of the betterment can also be evidently seen on hotels in Dubai real estate. Dubai property market may be struggling for the while but several high end areas including the hospitality industry has shown some healthy signs.

eCigarette Solution Introduces Line of Flavored Electronic Cigarette Refill Cartridges by Wanna Vape

Over the past several years, electronic cigarettes have really taken off in popularity. Also known as an e cigs or electric cigarettes, they are designed to give users the sensations and enjoyment of smoking without any of the harmful effects.

Boyd Clark Resource Capital Solutions on the Summit Future of Innovation

The second Hult Venture Capital Summit was organized by the graduate students in Hult’s Finance and Investment Club, which takes place in this month at Boston’s Museum of Science. Some of the attendees will be the world’s most influential venture capitalists and Boyd Clark Resource Capital Solutions knows that VC companies will benefit by working together.

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children Patients to Participate in Learn to Golf Clinic Designed for Children With Physical Challenges

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) patients including Lauren “Saige” Pruitt will participate in a Learn to Golf clinic taught by golf professionals specially trained to teach children with physical challenges. Junior golfers will learn about golf safety, etiquette, driving, chipping and putting. The clinic will take place Saturday, April 21, from 9 - 11:30 a.m. at Grayson County College Golf Course in Denison, Texas.

Tidal Homes Offer Luxury Holiday Cottages Situated in Breathtaking Locations of Northumberland

Plan luxurious and pleasant holiday vacations with Tidal Homes Northumberland. Tidal Homes offers unique luxury holidays cottages in Northumberland, which is the most beautiful and striking place to spend your holidays with luxury and comfort.