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Self Directed IRA Media Reports Are "Out Of Balance" According to The IRA LLC Partner

A self directed IRA is a type of retirement account that provides the owner with a variety of investment options, which might include oil, gas, private business and real estate investments. With a basic IRA account, the account holder does not have this flexibility. According to the IRA LLC Partner, a company who specializes in self-directed IRA structuring, a self directed IRA can “diversify your retirement and add real estate,”

Check Printing Software: EzCheckPrinting Easy-to-Use and Affordable for Any Business

LogoEzCheckPrinting, the check writing software from makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to process checks. The new edition, which comes with so intuitive and user-friendly interface that first time users without an accounting background can start printing checks immediately after installation.

Brett Hearn Wins 5th Big-Block Feature With Champion Racing Oil

LogoChampion draws on the success of its racing roots in producing a line of engine oils designed for high performance racing applications and are available in numerous synthetic blends and full synthetic viscosities.

Champion Racing Oil Seeking Wholesale Distribution Partners in Utah & Colorado

LogoChampion Racing Motor Oils contain Champion’s proprietary TVS® (Thermal Viscosity Stabilizer), special lubricity modifiers, and a premium level of anti-wear additives which includes a high quantity of ZDDP. These additives are proven to meet the lubrication demands of competition engines, create a tough film strength, which controls wear and provides more horsepower and torque in Dynamometer testing. Champion Racing Oils are suitable for use in all competition and race engines especially those using flat tappet and/or roller cams operating at high RPM’s and requiring high-pressure valve springs.

Champion Oils Now Available on Line at

LogoAccessory Center, Inc., a recognized leader in aftermarket on-line sales, launched this week Champion’s very extensive product line which includes products of all types for performance diesel, race vehicles, collector cars, muscle cars, hot rods, sports cars, exotics, engine builders, passenger cars and light trucks. Accessory Center, Inc. is Nationally recognized for their knowledgeable sales staff, outstanding customer service, aggressive pricing, integrated shipping and tracking, and FREE shipping making the true “One Stop Shop for Performance Products”. For more information about Accessory Center, Inc. and the following Champion products, contact them at 2207 E 4th St., Ontario, CA 91764 or 800-924-0647.

Mobile Marketing Max Announces Mobile Marketing Event

Mobile Marketing consultant and founder of Charlotte mobile marketing company Mobile Marketing Max, Françoise Rose Jeanes, will be holding a mobile marketing workshop for Lake Norman area businesses. The workshop will take place at The U Center in Mooresville, NC on May 24, 2012 from 11:30AM - 1PM.

Charlotte Mobile Marketing Company, Mobile Marketing Max Announces Mobile Marketing Presentation

The founder of Charlotte mobile marketing company Mobile Marketing Max, Françoise Rose Jeanes, will be speaking at a Mooresville, NC business networking event about mobile marketing. Lake Norman area businesses are invited to attend the event on May 8, 2012 from 11AM - 1PM at The U Center in Mooresville, NC.

MomPlusKids.Com Is a Unique Website Launched to Inform and Bring Together Mothers from All over the Country

MomPlusKids is an informational website about parenting especially motherhood. It covers topics such as child care and health information to mothers, site readers and visitors. The site was initially developed to provide a single online location where mothers can find a variety of general to specific information including online dating, how to stay healthy, emergency alert systems and many more. The website also has a cool feature where it rewards it loyal members every time they visit the site. The members can accumulate a number of points which can then be converted to gift certificates or discount cards from Grupon, Barnes and Noble and Ebay.

Premier Digital Publishing Makes Five eBooks by Award-Winning Author Robert Masello Available

Premier Digital Publishing announced today the availability of five e-books by award-winning author Robert Masello. Two are non-fiction titles, companion volumes that explore “The Creatures of the Night, and Their Creators.” The books are entitled Fallen Angels… And Spirits of the Dark and Raising Hell: A Concise History of the Black Arts and Those who Dared to Practice Them.

Mothers Day Things Exclusively Available from the Harvard Sweet Boutique

If mothers from all across the world had to choose the best Mothers Day things they had ever received, It's almost guaranteed that scrumptious edible gifts would be at the top of the list. After a certain point in life, Mum's don't need material objects such as crystal (too much work to dust), plants (have to be watered), or candles (have one too many already). So why not give her what she really wants and craves?

Dental Credit Financing Now Available from United Medical Credit for Patients With Poor Credit

United Medical Credit (UMC) is pleased to announce the inclusion of their new oral cosmetic and dental payment plans program specifically tailored for patients with poor or less than perfect credit. In addition to dental procedures, the industry leader also provides financing for general healthcare, cosmetic surgery, bariatric procedures, and fertility as well as Lasik and eye procedures.

Business Owners Can Learn How to Work Smarter With the UZAP™ 2.0 Social Marketplace

Recent white board Friday events with Rand Fishkin, the noted whitehat SEO expert with SEOmoz focused on the war Google has declared on Spammers and what companies need to do about it. As Rand Fishkin is noted for promoting ethical whitehat SEO strategies many in the SEO community pay heed to SEOmoz.

Why Harvey Lawner, CEO of TLGI, Invested in the UZAP 2.0 Social Marketplace

A brief discussion with Harvey Lawner, President of The Lawner Group and CEO and Co-founder of TLGI (TLG Internet, Inc.) the holding corporation for and creators of the UZAP 2.0 Social Marketplace

Customers Go Crazy for Eco-saavy Stickers Offered at

Environmental issues seem to have taken centre stage everywhere people look. Now, thanks to its new green policy, everyone is talking about Mediapoint. This policy has led the company to invest in new HP Latex Printing technology that reduces its environmental impact. Partners With to Benefit Essay Searchers

Great news for students looking for a little extra help with their college essays. The college essay Team of has just announced the partnership with This site provides some great resources containing college essay tips, college essay ideas, and college essay examples.

Saatva Offers Luxury Green Mattress at a Very Affordable Price

Innovative luxury mattress company Saatva provides customers ability to purchase a green mattress at a very affordable price. Just Recently Released Blog Post on the Pros and Cons of Short Sales

Well known and read authority site,, has recently released a blog post on the pros and cons of short sales. Brings Explanations of Services and Quick Access to Everyone's Local Provider

Finally, individuals and families have a single source to find the best cable and Internet services no matter where they are in the country via the new website The Cable Internet website provides detailed information about cable Internet services, the major cable providers in the U.S. and their packages as well as an easy way to find the service provider for every zip code.

The Maids Cleveland Embraces Internet Marketing and Achieves Franchise of the Year

The Maids Cleveland, owned by Mike Manhoff, has just been awarded "Franchise of the Year" for 2011 by The Maids Corporate at their annual conference. They were also the fastest growing franchise for 2011, proving hands down that even local business can see a big boost from internet based lead generation and providing great service. Said They Just Released "What do You Know About Land Investment" Blog Post

Recently released blog post, "what do you know about land investment" was made available by Real estate investing authority site, Makes Parking Price Guarantee

Parking at airports during the holiday can be a source of considerable stress and nasty surprises. Unexpected charges and difficult payment options can often bring holiday makers back down to earth with a bang and take the edge of their post-holiday high. Provides Simple Mind, Body and Nutrition Techniques That Transform Lives

Thousands of people around the country are now part of a common sense healthy living information community at The website is the central knowledge and information base for articles, blog posts and eBooks that provide proven tips and tricks for choosing the right foods and simple exercise routines that lead to permanent weight loss.

eLove Matchmaking Expands Operations Into Canada

Matchmaking Knows No Boundaries: eLove Matchmaking, the largest personal introduction service in the world, is pleased to announce its expansion into Canada with offices opening in Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary beginning May 1. Reviews Best Beat-Making Software for Novice Beat Makers

Basement producers and musicians are consulting the new website to read the latest reviews on today’s hottest beat making software. The website reviews the top beat-making programs for novice producers and musicians that are serious about entering the music production field.

Premier Social Marketing Provider Launches Web's First Pinterest Service

The social media revolution is here to stay. In fact, recent studies have shown that almost half the world’s population of internet users regularly engage with social media. For businesses, this is an amazing market just waiting to be tapped. Due to the unique nature of social media platforms, however, a special expertise is required for those firms looking to make the most of it.