Press Releases From 04/30/2012 Until 07/30/2015

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Rocket Web Design Offers Low Cost and Result Oriented Web Design Services

Rocket Web Design, the leading online website developer, offers low cost and design oriented web design services to its customers. Their web designing experts inherit various skills and disciplines that are used in the production and maintenance of websites. They are recommended as one of the best Los Angeles web design companies by many of their customers.

Make the Most of This Investment Opportunity and Make an Immediate Bonus

Multiplying cash with daily profits may seem too good to be true at first glance. But one only has to pay a little attention to Profitors Investment Corp Limited, to understand that there is truth in the offer.

The Adventures of Boochi Malloochi: New Children's Book Tells Enthralling Tale of One Girl's Lucky Find

In a world where life is full of twists, turns and tribulations, an engaging role model is a lucky find for any child. Thankfully, author Sal Corrente provides parents and children with life’s ultimate hero – one without guns, super powers or magic costumes. Her secret weapon? Politeness!

Go Home OC Announces Orange County Home Buyer Education Workshop

Joining an alliance of mortgage lenders, real estate professionals and non-profit housing counsellors, Go Home OC today announces its sponsorship of a comprehensive home buyer education workshop on Saturday 18th August in Orange County.

Alphachimp Studio Inc. Announces Innovative Online Visual Facilitation Course

Following a hugely successful debut cohort, Alphachimp Studio Inc. is today announcing that registrations are open for their Alphachimp University Fall 2012 “That Creative Space” course.

To the Ramparts New Book Examines How Religion's Ignorance Has Hampered Scientific and Medical Progress

For Marvin Rubinstein, his question is clear; why does religion engage with and slow down scientific and medical progress? All is tackled in his new book, ‘To the Ramparts! Religion vs. Science – The Battle.’

Sunbelievable NJ Author Scores Six National Awards for Debut Children's Book

While some new children’s authors would consider themselves lucky to simply break even with their debut title, New Jersey-based writer, Jo Ann Kairys, proves that venturing into a new genre is no bar to National success.

Now That London 2012 Is Over, Relive Past Glories at All of America's Historic Olympic Parks, Courtesy of

Returning from London with over a hundred medals, every American has just cause to be proud of their Olympic accomplishments. However, while Olympic Park may have fallen silent, is proving that the Stateside celebration can long continue. Announces Free Authority Website for Sales Professionals

Sales and new client development is at the heart of every successful business. Now, for the first time ever, a team of experienced sales professionals who are actively selling every day have joined forces to launch an authority website.

Cruel Women, Stupid Men: New Book Brandishes As Three University Professors' Dramatic Group Blog

Blogs engage billions around the world each and every day. Whether sharing thoughts with the world or diving into the minds of others, the web-log format has spawned a new chapter of the digital age.

Could This Be the Hair Loss Treatment for Alopecia That Millions Have Been Waiting For

With over 5 million of the U.S population suffering from some form of Alopecia, the negative effects it brings them is enough to change their world forever. Having remained untreatable for decades, those suffering the balding condition have had few treatment options. However, HIS Hair Clinic is today officially announcing their MHT® service; a game-changing treatment which is guaranteed to ‘cure’ the scalp baldness caused by Alopecia.

Two Acclaimed Physicians Join Forces to Launch Free Anti-Aging Information Website

Aside from taxes, growing older is one of life’s only certainties. However, following a unique partnership by two of the United States’ most experienced physicians, a new website has been launched to prove that growing old gracefully is within anyone’s grasp.

Corona Capital Offers the Best Quotes on the Sale of Annuity, Lottery or Structured Payments

Corona Capital offers the best quotes to its customers on the sale of annuity, lottery or structured payments. They have a list of investors that are willing to pay customers more than they may receive with other factoring companies. The cost for the private investor who may work with them is zero. Corona capital is an Australian company that buys annuity, lottery and structured settlement payments. The modern and prolific processes of the company ensure facilitating the customers with proper guidelines and offers to sell annuity, lottery and other structured settlement payments without any adversity.

Baby Products Company Adds Personalization Functionality to Website

LogoRaZbaby, a leading provider of personalized pacifiers, recently announced the addition of personalization functionality to their shopping site: This site features all their products including pacifiers, pacifier holders, teethers, clip-on baby vaporizers and more. Two of these items: pacifiers and pacifiers holders come with customization options. RaZbaby’s shopping portal site allows customers to enter custom names on their products and order them for shipping. RaZababy has updated the site to have live representation of what those names will look like displayed on the pacifiers.

The Work from No Home System Review by John Chow and Peng Joon

A Complete Work from No Home review by for John Chow and one of Clickbank Top 100 Vendor Peng Joon

Web Design Malaysia Launches Affordable Web Design Packages

Web Design Malaysia has launched its new affordable web design packages to promote quality-for-money websites to small businesses and medium to large corporations.

CamerasDirect Offers Refreshing Hybrid Digital Cameras With Convenience of Compacts and the Design of DSLR

CamerasDirect offers the all refreshing hybrid digital cameras with the characteristics of both compact cameras and digital SLRs. Hybrid digital cameras appeals to both novice photographers looking for their first interchangeable-lens cameras, or enthusiasts looking for a backup to a more expensive DSLR, or simply as an alternative option to high-end luxury compacts. They're as practical and easy to use as compact digital cameras, but they have interchangeable lenses and the kind of manual controls typically found in SRLs.

Eternity Limousines Announces Edmonton's First 20 Passenger Limo

One of the premiere chauffer and limousine companies in Edmonton, Alberta, Eternity Limousines now has the first 20-passenger F550 Limousine available to its business and individual clients. Providing plenty of space for an entire wedding party, these roomy and luxurious vehicles are particularly well suited for the transportation needs of any special celebration. Eternity Limousines invites customers to call for a custom quote, and to experience a whole new level of luxury.

Always Best Care Senior to Provide Respite Care Services to Forbes Hospice Families

The Forbes Hospice Respite Care Program is a one-of-a-kind service that affords family members a much needed and well deserved break from the daily challenges and responsibilities of caring for their loved one. Always Best Care is uniquely qualified to assist Forbes Hospice in this critically important component of its program. Offers Mirror Less Cameras - the Next Generation of Digital Cameras

CamerasDirect offers a comprehensive range of the new generation mirror less cameras. Ever since they first popped up in, mirror less cameras have a lot of attention, from photo enthusiasts around the world. By stuffing DSLR-size sensors into smaller bodies, mirror less cameras promised to usher in an era of no-compromise cameras. And while the first wave of devices was definitely works in progress, the latest batch proves that the field is finally maturing.

CamerasDirect Offers SLR Lenses to Suit Requisite of Every Kind of Photography Styles

CameraDirect are not only leaders in the supply and sale of Digital Cameras, but they have an extensive range of SLR lenses available as well from some of the world's leading manufacturers. Whether a telephoto lens, a macro lens or a wide angle lens fits the bill then look no more, CamerasDirect have all the options to get started. Understanding what these different groups of SLR lenses can do will help to make more informed decisions on what SLR lenses to purchase and what to put in the camera bag

Answer United Moving Away from Physical Office Locations for Their Operations

Today’s businesses have a new solution to the traditional staffing conundrum thanks to Answer United. As more client/business interactions are able to take place online rather than in person, businesses are discovering that it is far more cost-effective to conduct operations through a virtual office. As a result, many businesses are choosing to use this structure, and only maintaining a physical location where frequent client meetings, or warehouse storage, is required. Administrative staff is hired on an as-needed basis, which increases employee productivity and reduces unnecessary salary costs, two things that are essential for business success with the state of today’s economy.

Prescopodene Proven to Be a Natural Weight Loss Pill Formulated With Standardized Herbal Extracts

Prescopodene, a complete natural weight loss pills, has been proven scientifically to reduce unwanted body fat. Prescopodene has been approved by many doctors as the best diet pill, formulated with standardized herbal extracts. is a website that provides Prescopodene diet pills online along with risk free guarantee.

Prescopodene Offers Risk Free Guaranteed Natural Weight Loss Supplements With Refund Option

Prescopodene offers risk free guaranteed natural weight loss supplements with refund option. This quickest way to lose weight help keeps losing 10, 20, even 40 kilograms as the months go on. It has been scientifically formulated to help an individual feel more energetic, positive and attractive along with a healthy diet and exercise program. With the help of this quickest way to lose weight the body will be able to suppress appetite and boost the overall metabolism. It will provide all the energy one needs for the busy and fast-paced life of today that will last for whole day long. Helps Businesses Build up Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the hottest social media properties online. This nifty little photo sharing app has taken the world by storm, and few iPhone users aren’t enjoying snapping pictures and sharing them around the world through Instagram. However, while many people are aware of Instagram and wondering how to get followers on instagram, few are aware of the marketing potential of this particular social media channel.