Press Releases From 06/27/2012 Until 06/27/2012

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Golf in Phoenix Is Enjoyable and Challenging at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club

For Phoenix-area golf fans, nothing is more enjoyable than spending a day on the links. From hitting a long drive under the watchful gaze of a Saguaro cactus to sinking a putt on a beautifully manicured green, it is easy to see why golf in Phoenix is so popular.

Photo in Canvas Launches New Summer Sale for Olympics

Photo in Canvas is renowned in its industry for premium canvas prints service and unrivalled customer service. Customers looking to decorate their homes for less with alternative artwork will find plenty of choice at Right now, anyone ordering a canvas print can get 15% off thanks to the latest summer sale.

Victor Weintraub Will Be the Radio Guest of Buzz Walker

Featured will be Victor Weintraub, noted economist and author of Occupy We The People Decision Time For America and Phil Cioppa, author of "Wake Up America. They will be on opposite sides of the question of tax policy. There will be a lively discussion. The impact on the economy. Where we are now and where we are headed. The broadcast will air at 11:00 AM (Eastern) Wednesday June 27 on BLOGTALKRADIO

Acne Treatment Clear Skin Max Now Recommended by Top Dermatologist Reports

Clear Skin Max is already one of the most popular acne treatments on the market because it includes 6 different products that help to eliminate acne when used together. However sales of this acne product are now set to rise even further because Dr Sam Smith, a top dermatologist from Arizona, has recently recommended this acne treatment.

ExtraCare Torch Relay Reaches Northampton This Week

Regular ExtraCare Charitable Trust blog readers will know by now that the charity has been hosting a 715 mile torch relay in an attempt to encourage the over 55s to live an active lifestyle. Inspired by the London Games, the torch relay has travelled the length and breadth of the country, visiting the alternative care homes and this week, it reaches Northampton. Creates Thriving Community of Gamers Like No Other Site

The hundreds of gamers that visit daily come back as much for the community as for the hundreds of different free online RPG games. In addition to its vast and constantly updated choice of top games, the website’s thriving community of gamers provides reviews, tips and gaming news that keeps the site vibrant and always changing.

Melrose Jewelers Launches Luxurious Yet Affordable Rolex Watches With 30 Days Exchange Policy

Melrose Jewelers has launched 30 days exchange for all the Rolex Watches including Rolex Datejust, Rolex Oyster, Rolex Daytona and others. These eternal wristwatches are an perfect accessory to enhance wearer's personality and confidence. Melrose Jewelers is the USA's #1 online retailer of luxurious wristwatches, including Men's and Ladies' Rolex Watches. They ship all the watches in showroom mint condition.

Arbtech Offers Developers Help and Advice on Carrying out Tree Surveys in the UK

When homeowners or developers are looking to put planning and development in place on properties, it is often the case that a tree survey must be completed. For most, constructing new buildings is a long and arduous task but Arbtech looks to make putting a planning application in place easier by offering a quick and painless tree survey and tree constraints plan.

Palm Beach Real Estate Agent Comments on Florida's Foreign Investment Market

LogoRecent Reports have come out from economic analysts and major news networks that the real estate market in Florida is seeing a larger than normal presence in foreign real estate investment.

Florida Life Insurance Agent Offering Unique Online Retirement Tools

LogoKim Staples, a leading Florida life insurance agent, recently launched a new tool on her website that features multiple calculators for various financial planning goals.

RaZbaby Launched New Personalized Pacifier - Pink Penguin

LogoRaZbaby, a leading provider of innovative baby products, launched a new personalized pacifier item named Pink Penguin. This product has received instant praise from customers who await the new release of items and the characters that adorn them.

Miami Deep Sea Fishing Charter Extends Championship Offer to Miami Heat Cheerleaders

LogoThe NBA Championship Team – Miami Heat – have received yet another honor this week in the form of a free deep sea fishing trip…extended to their incredible cheerleading team.

Melrose Jewelers Introduces All New Range of Rolex Watches for Him

Melrose Jewelers is the renowned retailer of Rolex wristwatches, luxury timepieces and fine diamond jewelry that are available with comprehensive 2 year warranty. Melrose Jewelers offers models that suit every man’s taste and are most instantly recognized. Each watch is masterfully crafted by master watchmakers who have rich experience in crafting and designing luxury timepieces. In order to provide best service to its esteemed customers Melrose Jewelers has also started 3% cash back customer loyalty program. In addition the large number of watches offered Melrose Jewelers makes a variety of Sporty Rolex Watches for specific activities. These watches include the Rolex Submariner for swimming and surfing, the Rolex Daytona for racing and timed sports and the Rolex Yacht-Master, for sailing. Not just Rolex, Melrose Jewelers deals in other luxurious brands like Omega Watches as well. Announces Lineup of iPhone 5 Accessories

The much talked about iphone 5 could be released any time from now and likely to be within this year. This smart phone is highly anticipated by users and it is expected to take the world by storm with its sales going through the roof, the moment it is released. If one suggests that iphone5 will become the best smart phone in the world, Apple’s loyal fans will not disagree. Announces Showcase of Latest Products

Groupcow is a unique variant of daily deal sites populating the internet. They use their innovative edge to rise above the competition. Unlike other daily deal sites, they come out with the most irresistible deals for the world at large, not just for a localize vicinity. And because their deals cater to the global market, buying volumes are huge. Their philosophy is that daily deal sites that work with local retailers or restaurants to strike deals for consumers do not make logical sense as these retailers are at the end of the supply chain and generating real savings for consumers are mere marketing rhetoric. Therefore, their business model is focused bridging manufacturers to direct consumers. Their huge consumer buying force is the reason manufacturers are willing to come on board to dish out products at amazing wholesaler’s price. Announces Power Leveling Service

The gaming goods and service market is flourishing as of recently. One popular trading platform for gaming goods and services is Veooo which is based on Hong Kong. There are many professional gamers existing in the place where it comes from. The site offers a convenient and safe place for users to make secured and safe virtual exchanges on it. Veooo takes pride in offering the best power leveling service for many internet based role playing games. This includes the World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 which are among the most popular played games at present. Announces Stock of Mists of Pandaria

The next expansion to World of Warcraft is on the way, though no one knows for sure when it will be released. It is widely believed that Mists of Pandaria will be released later this year; there is no solid pattern in the way Blizzard releases each expansion to know for sure but expected to be before September 2012. The expansion entered a close beta test on the 21 March 2012. Whenever it comes, it is surely going to get to Veooo, a renowned platform for the trading of gaming goods. Help will surely be needed in this new expansion because it is new; players are presented with many different things.

Hospitality Renovations Company Launches 'Time-Lapse Video' Channel

LogoIn an effort to promote transparency and promote the quality of their hotel renovations services, Matrix Renovations has launched a YouTube channel focused time lapse renovations videos.

Chaka Khan Relied on Extreme Protein Diet in Order to Lose Weight

Recently, Chaka Khan made the news when she performed at concerts looking noticeably thinner. The well-known singer explained that she achieved her weight loss by following an extreme diet program that involved drinking high protein smoothies for several months.

Tile Rugs Are Quite Eye Catching Reports Champion Tile and Marble of Tampa

“There are a whole lot of things you can do in the kitchen to upgrade the floor. Perhaps go with porcelain tile, a stone tile pattern, cork flooring or even laminate. But the most elegant of all the upgrades is a tile rug. They aren’t that common and are they ever a conversation piece,” suggested indicated Dean Dupre, who owns Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company.

Casino & Poker Software Solution Provider Website Sees Increased Sales Growth

With online gaming industry revenues predicted to increase by more than $177 billion by 2015, Elite Gaming Software has seen growing interest from entrepreneurs in the turnkey casino software packages available through The website provides access to fully turnkey online casino and online poker gaming solutions with advanced casino and poker software and support.

Nashville Music Professional Songwriter Business Owner Joins Musik and Film Cinderella Out Of The Box Records Team As VP Of Label Promotions

Milliea Taylor McKinney, is an accomplished award winning songwriter, and music professional. Her experience in the music industry has allowed her to work with some amazing professionals in the industry.

HGH.Info Guides Consumers to HGH Products That Work

In recent years, many products claiming to increase levels of Human Growth Hormone (or HGH) in the body have become incredibly popular. Combating a lack of HGH in the body can have many benefits, such as reversal of aging, increase in height, an enhanced metabolism and many other positive physical effects. However, finding a product that really fulfills all these promises is incredibly difficult, with dozens of ineffective placebos on the market. Expands Its Collection of Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry

Hip Hop Diamond jewelry has experienced tremendous popularity in the recent years. Also known as bling-bling jewelry or iced-out jewelry it arose from the cultural phenomenon of Hip Hop music. The renowned diamond jewelry retailer offers the lowest wholesale price on its collection of men’s and women’s diamond hip hop jewelry. Jewelry lovers can customize their hip hop diamond jewelry for free with different patterns of fancy colored diamonds at best possible prices or even send a completely custom design and's craftsmen will finish the design and make it come to life.

Terrys Fabrics Customers Get Creative With Eclectic Range of Curtain Fabrics

Terrys Fabrics has built a reputable company where homeowners look for tips and advice on how to decorate the home for less. The online site features a diverse range of fabrics, cushions, curtains, bedding and much more. This season, with the economic downturn showing no signs of slowing down, homeowners are expected to get creative with the fine array of fabrics on offer.