Press Releases From 08/11/2012 Until 08/11/2012

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Baby Food Packaging in Canada - New Market Report Now Available

LogoUnit volumes of baby food packaging declined in 2011 by 1% - from 181 million units in 2010, to 178 million units in 2011. Demand for products in this category is driven by the fact that there are demographic shifts (such as lower birth rates as well as an older population that is being expanded by immigration of adults) in Canada which are resulting in an older population and shrinking younger population. Another major trend which is shaping the way this category looks is the fact that there...

New Market Study: "Birchcliff Energy Ltd. Analysis Across the Oil and Gas Value Chain Report"

Logo"Birchcliff Energy Ltd." Analysis Across the Oil and Gas Value Chain is an essential source for data, analysis and strategic insight into "Birchcliff Energy Ltd.". The report provides key information relating to oil and gas assets of the company along with its operations across the value chain. The report examines the company's business structure, operations and products, and provides an analysis of its key revenue lines.

Recently Released Market Study: Ukraine Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Report Q3 2012

LogoBMI View: Ukraine remains one of Central and Eastern Europe's promising pharmaceutical markets, but its chronic lack of economic and political stability remains a critical impediment to fulfilling this potential. The country's economy remains vulnerable to contagion from the European Union (EU)'s economic crisis as indicated by slowing economic growth in Q112. Continued lack of investment in the healthcare system translates into a pharmaceutical market driven by out-of-pocket purchasing and hence the market remains exposed to the country's volatile economy and currency. Despite these major challenges, the market retains outsize promise due to the country's favourable geographic position between the EU and the Commonwealth of Independent State (CIS), large population and pent-up demand for modern treatments.

Funny Indie Sitcom YOGAPHILES, Features Yoga, Comedy and a Diverse Cast

LogoCeleste Thorson’s new sitcom web series “YOGAPHILES” made it’s worldwide debut August 2012. The first season gets up close and personal with a quirky class of L.A. students that take life, love and yoga a little too seriously. Writer, producer and director, Celeste Thorson created YOGAPHILES to promote yoga and a multi-ethnic ensemble cast, through comedy. YOGAPHILES explores pop culture, health, fitness, LGBT, ethnicity, sex and love.

Restaurants Saving Big With 4OVER4.COM's Special Discount Printing Offer

LogoTop NY business printing firm 4OVER4.COM has introduced a special discount printing offer for fast food establishments. The new offer makes it possible for fast food restaurants to benefit from discounted printing rates and enjoy high quality affordable printing for all their in-house and promotional printing products. 4OVER4.COM also provides fast turnarounds and speedy delivery of printing projects.

Racy Rentals Partners With Beverly Hills Scooter Club

LogoAlong with Racy Rentals partnership with the Beverly Hills Scooter Club, they now have two news tour partners: Local Hollywood/LA and Canyons Tours.

Air Ambulance America and Help Trauma Patients to Escape from Life Threatening Situations

Air Ambulance America and partner once again to promote transportation options for all trauma patients.

Is the Coffee Fresh? - Confession of Drama, Dysfunctions and Daily Life at Downtown Coffeehouse

Logo‘Is the Coffee Fresh? - Confession of Drama, Dysfunctions and Daily Life at Downtown Coffeehouse” is a book about collections of entertaining and hilarious anecdotes