Press Releases From 08/13/2012 Until 05/26/2018

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New Website Design Takes Tessuti Back to Black

Leading UK clothing store Tessuti is pleased to announce the launch of their new website design that improves on the functionality while taking Tessuti Back to Black with the return of their original iconic black backdrop. Tessuti is one of the longest running men's designer clothing outlets in the UK with stores located in Chester, Manchester and Sheffield.

Retail Clothing Store Ventures Into Online World

LogoOur House in Town, a specialty boutique in the centre of Pontyclun South Wales, UK, is now online. Featuring fashionable clothes, gifts and jewelry for the conscientious woman, Our House in Town has something for all women.

Enjoy the Fresh Kick to the Throat With the Love eCig Flavored E-Liquid

Love E Cig is proud to offer the new Love E Liquid range of E Liquids to satisfy the taste buds of every electronic cigarette users. The Love ecig range of eliquid comes in five different flavors like that of tobacco, cherry, cappuccino, menthol. All the ingredients in the eliquid are used in many foods people consume every day. These ingredients are added in proprietary amounts, combined and placed inside the cartridge of an electronic cigarette.

The Shaw Group Inc. (NYSE:SHAW) Investor Files Lawsuit to Stop Takeover

LogoA lawsuit was filed for investors in shares of The Shaw Group Inc. (NYSE:SHAW) in effort to block the proposed buyout of the Shaw Group Inc. and other current NYSE:SHAW stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

Centene Corp (NYSE:CNC) Long-Term Stockholder Lawsuit Against Directors Alleges Wrongdoing

LogoA lawsuit was filed by a current NYSE:CNC stockholders over alleged breaches of fiduciary duties by certain officers of Centene Corp. and other current long-term NYSE:CNC investors should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

DaVita Inc. (NYSE:DVA) Long-Term Investor Alert: Lawsuit Alleges Wrongdoing by Certain Directors

LogoA lawsuit was filed by a current stockholder of shares of DaVita Inc. (NYSE:DVA) over alleged breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors of DaVita Inc. and other current long-term NYSE:DVA investors should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

Robbins & Myers, Inc. (NYSE:RBN) Investor Alert: Investigation of Takeover by National Oilwell Varco, Inc

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investors of Robbins & Myers, Inc. (NYSE:RBN) in connection with the takeover was announced and NYSE:RBN stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

Ubiquiti Networks Inc (NASDAQ:UBNT) Investor Alert: Investigation over Potential Misleading Statements

LogoAn investigation for investors in Ubiquiti Networks Inc (NASDAQ:UBNT) shares over potential securities laws violations by Ubiquiti Networks Inc was announced and NASDAQ:UBNT stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

Monster Beverage Corp (NASDAQ:MNST) Investor Alert: Investigation over Potential Misleading Statements

LogoAn investigation for investors in Monster Beverage Corp (NASDAQ:MNST shares over potential securities laws violations by Monster Beverage Corp was announced and NASDAQ:MNST stockholders should contact the Shareholders Foundation.

Love Ecig Offers a Stylish and Durable Extreme Kit Battery for an Uninterrupted Smoking Experience

Love cig offers a stylish and durable Extreme Electronic cigarette Batteries that is sure to last all day. The electronic cigarette battery comes in many styles and capacities ranging from small stick batteries that resemble actual cigarettes to larger mAh batteries that are closer in size to that of a small cigar. Some even have an LED tip that lights up as the user draws on it, which resembles the lit cherry on the end of an electronic cigarette. Others are more stylish and light up with a blue LED.

Market Report, "Bleach in Macedonia", published

LogoDespite the abundance of more advanced products available in home care, bleach continued to be widely used in Macedonia and witnessed steady but low growth during the latter part of the review period. With increasing price-sensitivity and a shrinking middle-class population, bleach continued to appeal to consumers due to its relatively low price.

Market Report, "Thailand in 2030: The Future Demographic", Published

LogoIn 2030, the population of Thailand will reach 73.3 million, an increase of 6.1% from 2010. There will be huge increases in the population aged 65+, but the number of those aged 0-45 will fall during this period. Birth and fertility rates will be dropping rapidly in 2010-2030 and as a result the population is ageing at a fast pace. The urban population will be growing quickly while the rural population declines, despite this the country will remain predominantly rural in 2030.

Men's Outerwear in the Philippines - New Market Research Report

LogoMen's outerwear experienced 2% growth in retail volume sales in 2011, which was marginally higher than 2010's growth rate. Growth is mainly due to constant change in clothing because of wear and tear. However, for some, it is more related to updating their wardrobe to incorporate the latest fashion trends. Current value sales, on the other hand, remained robust at 7% in 2011. The stronger performance, compared to volume sales, can be attributed to the increasing number of consumers,...

New Market Study Published: Sanitary Protection in Canada

LogoCanada's fast-ageing population remains the principal challenge to this category. According to Statistics Canada's latest census report, the number of seniors aged 65 and older increased 14% between 2006 and 2011 to 5 million, growing at a faster rate than the overall population growth of 6%. Furthermore, in 2011, for the first time since records began, there were more people in the 55-64 age range (typically the ages at which people leave the work force), than those in the 15-24 range. As...

Recently Released Market Study: Homewares in Switzerland

LogoOne of the key features of the Swiss homewares category has been the extent to which it has been affected by current dynamism seen in the real estate market. For example, 2010 saw the construction of over 40,000 new apartments, a 4% increase over 2009, and real estate commentators have already suggested that total construction for 2011 will be significantly higher again. Furthermore, much of the construction activity is also as a result of the growing "blue chip" immigration as more...

Eye Care in Greece - New Market Research Report

LogoThe list of non-reimbursable OTC drugs which was published in May 2010 by the Greek Ministry of Public Health included the majority of standard eye care products, ending the reimbursement of the cost of these products by the Greek State. This naturally led value sales of eye care to decline significantly during 2011. While the declines recorded in value sales of eye care during 2010 reached 30% following the government action in May 2010, the category recovered somewhat during the second half...

"Fragrances in the US" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoFragrances achieved strong growth in 2011. After experiencing a steep 7% decline in 2009 and recovering by 2% in 2010, sales of fragrances increased by 8% in 2011. Sales of fragrances declined in 2009 due to the economic downturn, as consumers of all economic levels restricted gift-giving and self-purchasing. With an improving economy, high-income consumers felt comfortable spending on themselves and on others once more. As a result they returned to purchasing discretionary items such as...

Childrenswear in South Africa - New Market Report Now Available


Childrenswear in South Africa - New Market Report Now Available

LogoThere was a growing focus on fashion trends in childrenswear towards the end of the review period, with many adult fashion trends translating seamlessly into childrenswear. The 80s trend was particularly strong, including colour blocking, while skinny jeans and leggings also proved highly popular. These styles are bright, cheerful and in keeping with older fashion trends, thus proving popular among children and parents alike.

Health and Beauty Specialist Retailers in Switzerland - New Market Research Report

LogoOverall, current retail value sales of health and beauty specialist retailers marginally declined in 2011. Ongoing structural and competitive changes as well as declining sales of premium cosmetics and perfumes drove the slowdown of the category. Furthermore, health retailers and other health retailers were impacted by a series of political measures to fight high healthcare costs. According to Interpharma, the association of Swiss pharmaceutical companies, the proportion of generic drugs...

Major Household Appliance Manufacturing in the US - New Market Report Now Available

LogoThe recovery in the housing market will bode well for appliance manufacturers. Because new homeowners comprise a significant portion of appliance sales, the anticipated rise in housing starts will bring increased demand to the industry. However, appliance manufacturers will continue to face rising input costs, particularly plastic. With financial assistance from federal tax credits expiring, many operators will cope by moving their production to lower labor-cost countries like China or Mexico.

"Pakistan Shipping Report Q3 2012" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoThe outlook for the Pakistani shipping and ports sector is positive, but subdued. In BMI's view, this is the result of the interplay of three main factors. First, after two consecutive years of economic slowdown, we expect GDP growth to recover in the fiscal year that is just beginning (FY 2012/13, starting in June 2012). BMI predicts the new year will see GDP growth of 3.0%, up from 2.2% in 2011/12. This recovery in economic activity would normally be expected to boost activity levels at the country's main ports, and indeed, we see positive growth in tonnage and container handling.

Kuwait Insurance Report Q3 2012 - New Market Report Now Available

LogoThe Kuwait Insurance Report considers the prospects for both life and non-life insurers in the country. In theory, Kuwait should be home to one of the Middle East's leading insurance sectors. Thanks to energy exports, the economy has consistently performed well over the long-term. The local insurance companies are well established. Kuwait is also the base for very substantial and innovative shari'a-compliant financial institutions. The Kuwait Investment Authority is one of the major shareholders in ARIG, the leading regional reinsurance company.

"ryanair Holdings Plc in Travel and Tourism (world)" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoRyanair is Europe's largest low cost airline and one of the most profitable, thanks to its reliance on ancillary revenues. Despite the difficult business environment in which Ryanair operated in both 2011 and 2012, the Irish player succeeded in achieving good financial results. In an effort to boost ancillary revenues and lure more business travellers in January 2012 Ryanair began the sale of reserved seats across all its flights.

"Germany Real Estate Report Q3 2012" Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoThe Germany Real Estate report examines the commercial office, retail, industrial and construction segments throughout the country, in the context of Germany's central role in managing the ongoing eurozone debt crisis.