Press Releases From 01/27/2014 Until 01/27/2014

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UK Candy Launches Online Presence to Deliver New and Retro Sweets Throughout the UK

The sweet shop was once a magical destination which fuelled children’s imagination through their relentless pursuit of sugary treats, creating a wide range of colours, flavours, shapes and sizes from the jelly bean to the gobstopper. With the decline of the high street however, traditional sweet shops were one of the first victims. Now, UK Candy has brought the time honoured sweet shop back in online form, selling over 500 different varieties of new and retro sweets, and all at trade prices. The company even offer free delivery within the UK, and are encouraging shoppers to recapture some of that classic candy magic.

New Private Investigators Business in Glasgow City Centre

A new private investigator in Glasgow has arrived in the booming covert investigations niche. With the recession leading to cutbacks in public spending on traditional policing, more and more people are turning to private detectives in order to resolve disputes and sort out private and personal problems. Veritas Investigations is the new kid on the block, and they aim to raise the bar in an industry where past history has not always read well.

Option Web Luring in More and More Accounts with Visibly Higher Yields

Option Web is the first binary options broker that was approved in the European continent. Created only two years back – 2012, it is quickly emerging as the leading and one of the most influential binary options in the country. Guide Option Binaire is well known for providing some of the nest enterprise platforms.

Tiqqed Explores Investor Role in Global Expansion

Tiqqed, a start-up email provider intent on changing the way the world communicates, has just announced the hiring of marketing consultant Edvin Stokic to lead investor outreach. “I’m excited for the opportunity to work with a start-up with such potential. The technology and intellectual property Tiqqed has developed truly has the ability to shatter our current models of internet communication and tip the business world upside down,” Stokic says. The new hire is a sign Tiqqed is gearing up its marketing operations after extensive beta testing and that the company is ready to take on new investors in order to distribute their technology for mass consumption.

Tiqqed Targets Vermont for American Debut

Tiqqed, a start-up email provider intent on changing the way the world communicates, has just announced the first four American markets in which it plans to launch. “I’m excited for the opportunity to work with such an entrepreneurial culture. Vermonters have always been self-sufficient, and our service dovetails perfectly with such an ideology,” says Chuck Catania, Tiqqed’s Director of Public Relations. From inception, Tiqqed was designed to be different. It wasn’t designed as another email provider, but instead, it was designed to be a replacement for email.

2 Effective Weight Loss Pills That Can Successfully Suppress People's Appetites in 2014 Are Featured at

At this time of the year many people are looking for ways to suppress their appetite, simply because limiting calorie intake to around 1200-1500 calories (or less) per day can go a long way to helping people successfully lose weight.

Personalised Champagnes and Wines from Bottle Bazaar

Wines serve as the perfect gifts for different occasions, be it weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Bottle Bazaar offers customers with personalized wine which can be gifted for special occasions. Apart from wines, customers also get the opportunity to choose personalized champagne from the company that are worth every penny. Nothing feels better than a personalised wine gift from family, friends or someone special and Bottle Bazaar ensures that every expectation of the customer is met. Customers have the freedom to make their own label for a wedding wine thus, adding a special touch to it. For different corporate occasions, a corporate gift wine not only makes clients happy but, also creates a good impression. The personalised champagne bottles from the company are available at reasonable prices and are extremely well-balanced and crisp.

Medical Diagnostic & Therapeutic Ultrasound Devices Market Worth $8.1 Billion by 2017

LogoThe “Medical Diagnostic & Therapeutic Ultrasound Devices Market (2012 - 2017) - Global Trends & Competitive Analysis” report, analyzes and studies the major market drivers, restraints, and opportunities in North America, Europe, APAC, and Rest of the World.

New Rede House Development Opens Up Investment Opportunities in Middlesbrough

Perfectly located just 200 metres from the main campus of Teeside University, the new Rede House development in Middlesbrough is arguably our best located project to date. Just two minutes walk from the campus and three minutes walk from the city centre, the demand for student accommodation in this new high quality development is sure to be high upon launch. Set to be completed in July 2014, Rede House Middlesbrough will comprise of 230 luxury studios, ranging from spacious 16 square metre studios (£33,995.00) up to large one bedroom apartments (£41,995.00).

Substance Abuse Now Easily Identified by a Single Question

LogoDoctors and other healthcare professionals can now easily determine any symptoms on drug abuse, as a new study suggests, using a single question for diagnosis.

New Clyde House Development Provides Much Needed Student Accommodation in Glasgow

Boasting strong ethnic diversity, Glasgow is home to over 600,000 people, over 80,000 of whom are full time students. Glasgow houses three leading universities, and is widely acknowledged for being one of the UK's most popular destinations for students. It's evident that free student tuition in Scotland is a major attraction, increasing demand for student places in the leading Scottish universities. As such, it is likely that there will be considerable interest in the new Clyde House development from investors both in the UK and overseas.

A Wide Range of Personalized Wines by Bottle Bazaar

Wines have always been a part of celebrations irrespective of the scale of party it may be. Wines are also among the options which people have while gifting their loved ones. Be it a wedding, a birthday party, or a normal get together, wine serves as a great ingredient for celebrations. While wine bottles are great in the way they are available, like other things they are now available in varied personalized forms. When one gifts a wine in a personalized form it certainly increases the personal effect on the receiver. Also, with a personalised wine used during a party people tend to dedicate it more personally to the celebrations.

Investor Investigation of Star Scientific, Inc. (NASDAQ:STSI) Announced

LogoAn investigation on behalf of investor who continuously held NASDAQ:STSI shares since 2007 or earlier, was announced concerning whether certain directors and officers of Star Scientific, Inc. breached their fiduciary duties.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Introduce New, Healthy Easy Recipes as Part of Their Low Fat Diet Plans for Fast Weight Loss

LogoChicago dieters finally have a legal and legitimate option for fast weight loss – and are able to follow a low fat diet and healthy easy recipes from the comfort of their own home. Unlike many other low fat diet plans, Diet Doc’s fast weight loss programs employ a network of specially licensed physicians and nurses to assist clients throughout their prescription hCG diet plan. Diet Doc has successfully helped thousands of patients over the past decade because of their consistent monitoring of patient progress and unlimited accessibility. Their exclusive hCG treatment options and healthy easy recipes have even helped some dieters from Chicago lose up to almost a pound of excess and embarrassing fat per day.

Beta Testers Agree, Tiqqed Ready to Launch

For a year, Tiqqed, a new email platform intent on changing the way the world communicates, has been making technical changes based on a long running beta program. Testers agree: Tiqqed is ready to launch. Launching Tiqqed is no simple task, as the company has designed systems to be compatible with ten different languages and operating systems throughout the world.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Offers Menus Comparable to the Mediterranean Diet That Include Personal Support & Service for Weight Loss Success

LogoThose who follow the Mediterranean diet consume a healthy menu that consists of foods low in saturated fat, high in monounsaturated fat and high in dietary fiber. Studies have linked the Mediterranean diet with a reduced risk for heart attack and stroke and new studies suggest that this healthy lifestyle may also reduce the risk of peripheral artery disease, a condition in which fatty deposits build up in the arteries, restricting blood flow to the arms, legs, stomach or kidneys.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Introduce Powerful hCG Diet Treatments for Easy, Fast Weight Loss

LogoFinding a diet program that helps dieters in Texas achieve their fast weight loss results without suffering through the negative side effects of dieting is nearly impossible. But, Diet Doc considered this principle when creating and designing their hCG diet protocol and utilize powerful hCG diet treatments as part of their hCG diet plan to eliminate excessive hunger and constant cravings for unhealthy, fattening foods in order to make fast weight loss as easy and effortless as possible for their clients. Diet Doc is committed to the safety and success of their clients and is one of the few legal and legitimate companies that employ a network of physicians, nurses and fast weight loss professionals to assist dieters throughout their journey to an ideal weight. Thousands of dieters across the United States, many of those dieters from the Texas area, have already discovered a slimmer, sexier figure by completing one of these exclusive and personalized programs, with some clients losing up to almost a pound of excess, embarrassing fat per day.

LifeCell Anti-Aging Reviews and Promotes the Best Anti-Aging Creams in the World

Aging is one of the inevitabilities of life and the signs of aging can cause some people distress as they start to enter middle age. For many years creams have promised to reduce or eliminate the signs of aging and allow people to grow old gracefully and not look ravaged by life. These creams have in reality however had limited effects, until now. LifeCell Anti-Ageing is a website dedicated to promoting LifeCell solutions, which has been clinically proven to reduce signs of aging and are a sensation among age-conscious celebrities from Paris Hilton to Felicity Huffman.

Changes in Texas Law with Wedding Officiants from the Universal Life Church

LogoThe Universal Life Church World Headquarters recently announced to its ministers and to those seeking to get married in Texas recent changes to Texas law regarding officiating weddings within Texas. With respect to ordained ministers, the state of Texas now requires officiants to be Faith Based ordained, in other words ordained Christian ministers, priests or Jewish rabbis. This eliminates many of these online ordinations, including other Universal Life Churches that just ordain anybody and not within the Christian or Jewish faith. Just because a County Clerk may let one of these officiants ordained by a non faith based church slip through this does not necessarily mean the marriage is valid. If the marriage is performed by a non Faith Based Minister, the marriage can be annulled.

Red Cherry Digital Calgary Canada's Leading Digital Solutions Firm Introduces New Services for Easy Recovery of Google-Affected Websites

LogoRed Cherry Digital Solutions a well known SEO company in Calgary Canada , has recently introduced its updated SEO services to help websites recover from the effects of recent Google updates. In this regard, Red Cherry Digital Solutions offers various services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per click management (PPC), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Link Building. Unlike its counterparts, it provides excellent services at reasonable rates to meet the needs of its clients. From various small to big services, the organization strives to work round the clock to help websites recover Google affected websites. They offer their internet services to local, national as well as international clients. Have a look at various services provided by this SEO firm Calgary Canada.

Red Cherry Digital Calgary Canada's Leading Digital Solutions Firm a Reputed SEO Calgary Canada Company, Recently Introduced SEO Friendly Services That Help Achieve Long Lasting Results

LogoCanada based SEO company, now introduces new SEO packages with new services for websites to give them long lasting results. These new SEO services are designed to help website owners to improve the search engine rankings of their websites in an effective and fast manner. This is a full service company that offers an extensive variety of search engine optimization solutions to website owners and companies of all kinds. These new SEO packages introduced by this SEO firm are affordable also to help budget conscious website owners to have the maximum benefit. While releasing their newly launched service plans, a senior executive of Red Cherry Digital Solutions reveals that their new SEO packages are very flexible to suit requirements of all kinds of companies. Although the company offers pre designed packages, online businesses can purchase customized packages also according to the SEO goal they want to achieve. According to the executive, “A business can now choose an SEO plan that suits best to its business objectives. Our services are now designed to give the long lasting results that help in increasing their return on online investments. We are confident of our SEO services as they give strong SEO foundation to the business to help them achieve long term business success. “ The SEO services offered by Red Cherry Digital Solutions are a combination of a several latest optimization strategies. These strategies help businesses improve their online reputation by using link building exercises, content creation, posting, social media activities and other on-page and off-page techniques to increase the targeted traffic in a sustainable manner. The company’s all efforts are towards creating a genuine interest among the visitors for their client’s website, their services and products and their brand. Using their SMO strategies, Red Cherry Digital Solutions makes sure that their client website gets desired attention from the interested users and gets loyal followers. This SEO Company, Red Cherry Digital Solutions, offers wide range of services including SEO services, SMO services, PPC services, link building, web marketing, conversion analysis, local listing etc. Search engine optimization is very important part of developing and maintains websites to achieve their online goals and objectives. But, several website owners try to work it out on their own without any professional help. However, this goes wrong in the end and even can give negative results. According to the Red Cherry Digital Solutions executive, taking professional help is as important as going to a doctor for the treatment of an ailment. It becomes even more important ever after Google has released new strict polices for content and for search engine rankings. With affordable SEO services plans and packages offered by Red Cherry Digital Solutions, anyone can now get professional help. Red Cherry Digital Solutions offers a wide range of online marketing services. Some of its services are SEO, SERM, PPC, web development and web designing. In order to ensure the quality of its services, company has made a research cell and hired highly experienced online marketing professionals.

Red Cherry Digital Calgary Canada's Leading Digital Solutions Firm Introduces SEO Packages for Dealing with Penguin and Panda Update

LogoRed Cherry Digital Solutions is a well-known SEO company Calgary Canada. The company offers SEO packages for handling Penguin and Google Panda. It has introduced an elegant SEO India package for reducing the Panda effects. The design of the package is done as per the current requirements and conditions of Google. It will help in giving importance to the unique, well-researched and informative contents on the reputed platforms. The design and development of the plans are done by a professional team that concentrates on page navigation, quality of content, analysis and proper keyword research.

Red Cherry Digital Calgary Canada's Leading Digital Solutions Firm Employs New Age SEO Techniques for Better and Fruitful Results

LogoRed Cherry Digital Solutions a professional and effective SEO services provider which is always acclaimed for its constant endeavors to better assist its existing and potential customers worldwide, has now come up with a slew of new age SEO techniques which are primarily focused to boost search engine rankings of clients’ websites.

New Market Report: SAIC, Inc. - Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Partnerships & Alliances and Investment Report

LogoMarketLine's Company Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Partnerships & Alliances and Investments reports offer a comprehensive breakdown of the organic and inorganic growth activity undertaken by an organization to sustain its competitive advantage.

New Market Report: Taiwan Consumer Electronics Report Q1 2014

LogoWe maintain a bullish growth outlook for Taiwan's consumer electronics market, forecast growth of around 8% in 2013. We identify large-screen, ultra-HD and OLED TV sets, phablets and 4G smartphones as the key growth areas. In particular, smartphones look set to report another year of strong growth after sales surged, even though the penetration rate is already high by regional standards. A key factor was the short replacement rate for smartphones, a trend we expect to continue in 2014. There is however downside risk to this outlook from a China-led slowdown which could affect the Taiwan dollar and constrain domestic discretionary spending. The key concern facing private consumption growth stems from the slowdown in the tech sector, which accounts for over 30% of the labour force.