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Plasma Fraction Market Segmentation, Industry Trends and Developments 2015 to 2021

LogoLeukocyte concentration, red cell concentration, plasma for transfusion, and platelet concentration, are some of the blood products, which are obtained from the processing of single donations of blood or plasma. In whole blood, red blood cells, leukocytes, and platelets are suspended within the plasma. Blood plasma is the liquid component of the whole blood, and makes up approximately 55% of the total blood volume. It is a complex biological material mainly composed of water with small amount of minerals, ions, nutrients, salts, and proteins in the solution. Human plasma is composed of protease inhibitors, protease, fibrinolytic proteins, coagulation factors, and anti-coagulant proteins. Human plasma is obtained through large scale processing steps known as fractionation, i.e. a sequence of process in which plasma is separated for medicinal use. Human blood plasma is obtained by separating the plasma from the whole blood or by apheresis.

Growth Prospects of Global Population Health Management Market During 2017 - 2025

LogoPopulation health management is characterized as collecting and analyzing the data on segments of patient population and management of that data for specific diseases within that population. It is a model which helps the health care providers and payers to assess the populations they serve across the continuum of care. Population health management is thus a comprehensive approach which requires both analysis and action, and utilized to uncover the gaps in health care for the benefits of patients and physicians. It improves health management outcomes by aligning physicians, coordinating the medical care, and optimizing efficiency as well as revenue. Major factors driving the population health management market are continued pressures to minimize health care costs, rising demand to improve the healthcare services quality, and implementation of value-based payment system. However, lack of trained and efficient professionals, safety of data and its management concerns, and lack of proper systems requiring investment to run the population health management program smoothly are the major restraints of the population health management market.

Fiber Cement Market Is Likely to Register Single Digit CAGR During 2015 - 2025

Fiber cement, formerly known as a composite building and construction material, is used in the manufacture of façade and roofing products owing to its properties such as high durability and strength. Cement is a substance which reacts chemically with water therefore, forming a hard stone. The presence of fiber reinforcement in cement contributes in making strong and long lasting building and construction material. At present, fiber cement has great scope for construction products such as roofing and cladding due to its primary function, i.e., enhancing performance and decreasing commercial value. Fiber cement siding market is expected to be the fastest growing market because of its product features and high demand from construction professionals.

Cardiac Pacemakers Market Will Be Credit US$12.8 Bn by 2023

LogoThe global cardiac pacemaker market is characterized by the presence of leading companies: Medtronic, St. Jude Medical, and Boston Scientific. These three companies accounted for a whopping 76.4% of the market in 2014, states a report by Transparency Market Research (TMR). The competition is high between these top players in the market. The shares accounted for, by regional players in the global cardiac pacemaker market is small. Leading player Medtronic has gained highest market shares on account of its diverse product range in cardiac pacemakers. The company is well established and enjoys a very prominence in the market. St. Jude Medical on the other hand, has gained market shares on account of its consistent efforts to market and distribute products in developing nations. The company is investing in marketing its products in developing nations where the medical needs are unmet and is benefitting from this strategy.

Amylases Biofuel Enzymes Market Estimated to Experience a Hike in Growth by 2016 - 2024

LogoAmylase is an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of starch into sugars. Majority of the biofuels are created by sugars. The sugars are then fermented into alcohol such as butanol or ethanol after extraction and subsequently used as fuels. The dependency on non-renewable carbon-based fuels such as gasoline is reduced with amylases biofuel enzymes. Biodiesel is another form of biofuel that has the ability to fuel more than half the world's transportation.

Carbohydrase Market Forecast, Analysis and Supply Demand 2016 - 2024

LogoEnzymes make up an essential part of the human digestive system as they help in the breakdown of large and insoluble food components into small soluble molecules. These little soluble molecules can be easily and effectively absorbed by the human digestive system. These digestive enzymes can be classified as carbohydrase, lipase, and protease. Protease enables the breakdown of protein molecules and thus improves protein digestion. In a similar way, lipase quickens the digestion of bulky molecules by breaking them down into smaller lipids. Additionally, carbphydrase breaks down carbohydrates into simple sugar in order to fasten digestion. Basically, carbohydrases are found in the pancreas but in general their process occurs in the stomach. Carbohydrases help in producing several types of syrups such as inverted sugar syrups, glucose syrup, and fructose syrup. Moreover, isomaltulose and prebiotics are also formed with the aid of carbohydrates. Carbohydrase has applications in animal feeds, pharmaceutical, and food and beverages among others. In 2012, the leading application segment was the food and beverages segment owing to the rising demand for high quality food products.

Cancer/Tumor Profiling Market Size in Terms of Volume and Value 2013 - 2019

LogoWith more than 14 million new cases and over 8.2 million deaths (U.S. National Cancer Institute) directly related to complications led by the disease, cancer has become one of the leading socioeconomic burdens and most prevalent cause of deaths across the globe. The WHO states that the disease will lead to the death of over 11.5 million people by 2030 across the globe. The alarmingly rising prevalence of the disease has driven vast research and development activities in the field of cancer diagnosis and treatment in the past few years.

Heavy Trucks Market to Witness Steady Expansion During 2015 to 2021

Trucks market can be classified as light, medium and heavy based on their dimensions and load capacity. Heavy trucks market is solely dependent on the industrial progress in a country as it is used in carrying the raw materials for the industries as well as the finished goods from manufacturing location to its intended market. The logistics industry includes transportation modes in land, air and waterways. Land transport is further segmented into rail transport and road transport. The finished goods, especially the consumer goods are mostly transported by heavy trucks.

Wind Turbine Pitch System Market to Register Steady Growth During 2017 - 2025

LogoPersistence Market Research has announced the addition of the “Wind Turbine Pitch System Market to Register Steady Growth During 2017 - 2025" report to their offering.

TMR Steady Flame Resistant Fabrics Market Is Projected to Bring in US $6.56 Bn Revenues by 2024-End

LogoTransparency Market Research has published a new report titled "Flame Resistant Fabrics Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 - 2024." According to the report, the global flame resistant fabrics market was valued at US$ 3.63 Bn in 2015 and is anticipated to reach US$ 6.56 Bn by 2024, expanding at a CAGR of 6.8% between 2016 and 2024.

Global Roofing Market CAGR Projected to Value at 6.4% Through 2016-2024

LogoThe global roofing market features a largely fragmented vendor landscape and a high level of competition owing to the presence of a large number of large and small international and domestic companies, observes Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a recent report. Large international companies dominate the market, holding a significant share of the market's overall revenue. Nevertheless, small regional and domestic companies command strong hold in regional markets with emerging economies that feature a lucrative construction sector. To supersede competitors, companies are resorting to the production of novel and advanced roofing types, including solar roofing.

Health Supplements Market in China: Dietary Supplements Expected to Be the Top Segment

LogoHealth supplements intend to provide additional nutrients with a view to increase immunity, strength and stamina. These are designed in a way to augment daily intake of various nutrients, typically minerals and vitamins. A report "Health Supplements – China – November 2017", is a latest research study that has been added in the vast research repository of Market Research Hub (MRH) that covers various market acumen pertaining to the consumption of health supplements in China region for the month of November 2017. There has been a significant growth in the consumption of health supplements owing to rising awareness regarding the benefits associated with them.

Kinase Inhibitors for Cancer Treatment Market : Quantitative Market Analysis 2016-2026

LogoKinase Inhibitors are specific enzymes which oppose the process of cell division and growth in cancerous cells. It comes handy in treatment of cancer by blocking the signals that notify a cell to divide and grow. In last few decades, there has been significant progress made in the development of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy. However, these drugs used cancer treatment have a restricted therapeutic index, also the result are only unpredictable, partial, brief, palliative as well as uncertain. In contrast, kinase inhibitor therapy which has recently been introduced is specifically targeted towards cancer molecules and signaling pathways. Such targets are normally found in tumor cells, resulting wider therapeutic index and minimum adverse effect.

Breast Cancer Therapeutics Market Surging at a CAGR of 8.4% Between 2015 and 2023

LogoTransparency Market Research states in a new report that the leading players in the global breast cancer therapeutics market will focus on developing companion diagnostics models to fortify their presence. As of 2014, the leading players in the global breast cancer therapeutics market were F.Hoffmann-LaRocheLtd., Astra Zeneca, and Novartis AG, who held a whopping share of 93.6%. Mergers and acquisitions will also shape the trajectory of progress for the players in the overall market. For instance, Novartis took over the oncology drug segment of GlaxoSmithKline in 2015, which will help the company add another 22 drugs including Tykerb to its pipeline.

Road Maintenance Machinery Market to Record an Exponential CAGR by 2021

Road maintenance is very important in order to keep the road in its originally constructed condition, protect its close resources and user safety and provide smooth and convenient travel along the route. A proper maintenance of the road is required as it is impossible to build maintenance free roads. With the help of road maintenance machinery, roads can be maintained for a longer period of time. Additionally, drainage system should be maintained so that drainage should be free of trash and obstruction. On newly constructed roads cleaning may have to be more frequent. Proper road maintenance could result in reliable transport at reduced cost, as there is a direct connection between road condition and vehicle operating cost. An improperly maintained road can results in more accidents.

Europe Molecular Diagnostic Market Slated to Reach US $22.3 Mn by 2023

LogoRapid and accurate diagnosis is a key factor for effective disease treatment. Increasing incidence of Streptococcus pyogenes infection in Europe, advancement of technology, and rising demand for point-of-care testing act as a high impact drivers of the market. Advancements in techniques such as isothermal nucleic acid amplification tests is likely to propel the market during the forecast period. The molecular diagnostic market for group A streptococcus (GAS) nucleic acid (NA) test in Europe has been segmented based on type of test technique, end-user, and region.

Australia Lime Market Is Anticipated to Expand at a Healthy CAGR of 1.7% by 2024

Persistence Market Research (PMR) delivers key insights on the Australia lime market in its latest report titled, "Lime Market: Australia Industry Analysis and Forecast, 2016–2024".

Australia Nitric Acid Market to Raise at a CAGR of 7.8% over 2024

The Australia nitric acid market is expected to be valued at US$ 725.3 Mn in 2016 and is expected to grow 1.8X by the end of 2024 to be valued at US$ 1.3 Bn. The market is estimated to be pegged at 1,856.0 kilotons by the end of 2016 and is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 7.8% in terms of volume over the forecast period (2016–2024). In a new report titled "Australia Nitric Acid Market: Industry Analysis and Forecast, 2016–2024", Persistence Market Research provides in-depth insights into the performance of the nitric acid market in Australia and highlights important factors and trends influencing the market.

Explosive Detection Technologies Market Growing at a CAGR of 5.2% over 2024

The global demand for explosive detection technologies is expected to increase at a Y-o-Y growth rate of 5.4% in 2016. Global consumption of explosive detection technologies is estimated to be pegged at 41,960 units by the end of 2016 and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 5.2% over the forecast period (2016–2024). In a new report titled "Explosive Detection Technologies Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast, 2016–2024", Persistence Market Research analyzes the global explosive detection technologies market and provides a forecast for the next eight years.

Global Tuberculosis Testing Market to Grow at over 3.9% CAGR During 2017-2025

LogoTuberculosis testing is one of the most common diagnostic tools for testing tuberculosis which is an infectious disease developed of tubercles in the body tissues especially in lungs. According to a latest report titled "Tuberculosis Testing Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025" added into the database of Market Research Hub (MRH), the global market of tuberculosis testing is expected to deliver a 3.9% CAGR during the assessment period from 2017 to 2025. Additionally, the report predicts that the global tuberculosis testing market is estimated to generate a revenue of US$3.18 bn by the end of 2025.

In-Depth Study on Luxury Travel Market in U.K. Covering Growth Drivers and Developing Trends in 2017

LogoWith the advancements of different sectors taking place around the globe, there is an exponential rise in the expectations of people from different services. People are seen getting attracted more towards unusual experiences in life. The change in trends, is not just related to this. New generation of luxury consumers value more informal and less traditional luxury aesthetic. In such a scenario, the market for luxury travel is also expected to provide a lot of opportunities to the major businesses in the market. A new research by Market Research Hub, titled 'Luxury Travel - UK - November 2017', gives a crystal clear insight to U.K.'s luxury travel market during the month of November in 2017. News: Adama Technologies Rallies on Strategic Partnership to Launch New Digital Currency Media, Inc. ( announces its latest article titled "Adama Technologies Rallies On Strategic Partnership to Launch New Digital Currency." News: Shares of CONE Pop 79% on Cryptocurrency Hopes & Dreams Media, Inc. ( announces its latest article titled "Shares Of CONE Pop 79% On Cryptocurrency Hopes & Dreams."

Pyridine & Pyridine Derivatives Market Worth 656.3 Million USD by 2021

LogoThe pyridine & pyridine derivatives market is driven by the increasing demand for pyridine & pyridine derivatives in applications such as agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. Agrochemicals such as Symtet, Chlorpyrifos, and Diquat among others are driving the pyridine & pyridine derivatives market in the agrochemicals application. The demand for pyridine & pyridine derivatives in the pharmaceutical application is increasing as the demand for beta picoline is growing, which is majorly used in the manufacture of vitamin B3, which is further used in cosmetics and medicines.

A New Research Predicts the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Market to Witness Healthy Growth During 2017-2022

LogoRising at a CAGR of 6.6% during 2017 - 2022, the global magnetic resonance imaging market is expected to generate a revenue of US$9,120.8 Mn by the end of the 2022.