Press Releases From 12/27/2017 Until 01/17/2019

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Glaucoma Pharmaceuticals Market to Remain Lucrative During 2019

LogoGlaucoma is caused due to rise in the intraocular pressure, if persists may lead to permanent eye damage.This increased pressure damages the optic nerve which transmits message to the brain High pressure is built due to the blockage of the trabecular meshwork which results in the accumulation of aqueous humor. Depending on the size of trabecular meshwork blockage, glaucoma can be categorized as open angle and narrow closure glaucoma. In open angle glaucoma trabecular meshwork blockage is wider than narrow angle glaucoma. This disease results in various symptoms such as redness in eye, nausea, vomiting, narrowing in vision and pain. This disease can be diagnosed by measuring eye pressure through tonometry.

IV Therapy and Vein Access Devices Market Intelligence and Analysis for Period 2013 - 2019

LogoThe global market for intravenous and vein access devices encompasses a variety of devices such as peripheral venous access, central venous access, ambulatory infusion, enteral feeding, syringe infusion, implantable pumps and diabetes insulin infusion devices. These devices are used for intravenous administration of drugs, fluid infusion, blood sampling, venous pressure monitoring, blood and transfusion. Implantable ports, catheters, syringes, needles and needless connectors are examples of various intravenous therapy and vein access devices. Some of the commercially available products are Patrol Enteral Feeding Pump and Pump sets by Abbott Nutrition and OmniPod Insulin Pump by Insulet Corporation.

Forecast and Analysis on Nanomaterials in Theranostics Market for Period 2016 - 2024

LogoThe application of theranostics in nanomedicine is a fast emerging paradigm, which involves the use of nanoparticles or nanoscale materials for a variety of diagnostic, imaging, and therapeutic applications. Recent research efforts have been increasingly focused on designing functional nanomaterials for non-invasive imaging of diseases, including bioimaging and biosensing, advanced biomarkers, and targeted delivery of therapeutic drugs. Efforts are also underway for developing highly biocompatible nanoplatforms for various theranostic nanomedicine applications.

High Acuity Information Systems Market : Sales Forecast, Pricing Forecast 2024

LogoThe need for accurate information systems arises primarily from the increasing number of critical patients, since they can deliver information about the various medical parameters of patients accurately. High acuity information system is engaged in maintaining electronic patient records (EPR) coupled with computerized physician order entry (CPOE). In addition, it also guides surgeons while operating the patients. EPR and CPOE, if done manually, require huge efforts along incurring additional time and prone to errors hampering the data authenticity about the patient. This problem may be overcome by installing high acuity information systems in medical institutes.

Bilt-Well Roofing Provides Professional Roofing Services and Solar Installations

LogoBilt-Well Roofing has established a trusted reputation in roofing and solar installation in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities thanks to their expert skill and excellent service fostered over 80 plus years in the region. Backed by a knowledgeable team of in-house labor and professional contractors, the company has constantly met and exceeded market demands through customized solutions and outstanding customer service. Bilt-Well Roofing today boasts the successful completion of over 130,623 roofing projects and nearly 8,000 solar installations in the greater Los Angeles region.

Health and Body Store Offers Heat Therapy Products to Beat Winter Aches and Pains

Anyone who frequently finds themselves suffering from sore muscles, neck or shoulder pain is encouraged to pay a visit to Health and Body Store online to view their collection of heat therapy products and buy a herbal heat pack that will provide soothing relief this winter. Health and Body Store has a number of aromatherapy packs that can be heated to provide soothing relief along with the comfort of herbal scents.

The Herculan ConstaBoost from Well Manager Improves Poor Water Pressure

Residents who feel that their low water pressure is causing issues for themselves and their families are encouraged to contact Well Manager this season to learn about the benefits of installing the Herculan ConstaBoost™ in their home. Well Manager, well-known for their complete home water storage system of the same name, is proud to offer the Herculan ConstaBoost™, which provides more regulated water pressure in a small and convenient package for homeowners with city water. The product ensures that water in the home is always at the proper pressure and does not run out at inopportune times.

Let It Flow, Let It Flow, Let It Flow

When most homeowners make New Year's resolutions, they're probably not thinking about the potential for clogged toilets, sinks or other drain problems. But it's important to start a new year with clear minds and clear drains, especially since American Vintage Home has a deal that can't be beat.

Cathay Express Transportation Services Offers Wheelchair Accessible Taxis in New York

Anyone who's ever tried to hail a cab in New York knows that it's no easy feat. For those who need to get a cab with a wheelchair in tow, finding reliable options can be a challenge. Cathay Express Transportation Services offers wheelchair accessible taxis in New York. Thanks to Cathay Express Transportation, finding wheelchair accessible transportation is now much easier. Instead of worrying about how to get to important appointments or outings, let Cathay Express Transportation step in to help. Their drivers know how to treat each passenger with courtesy and care.

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC Offers Affordable House Cleaning Services Throughout Bucks and Montgomery County, PA

LogoKeeping a clean house can be challenging. Most people lead hectic lives that offer little time for professional cleaning. Luckily, there is a service that can handle it, instead. Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC offers affordable house cleaning services throughout Bucks and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. When the cleaning just can't wait, call the professionals at Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC. They offer convenient scheduling options, and they always strive to offer affordable rates.

Regional Gastrointestinal Consultants Helps Its Patients Save Money

Healthcare deductibles have been steadily rising for patients throughout the United States as a result of healthcare legislation that has been instituted over the past decade. Actually, over the past four years throughout the United States patient spending on healthcare insurance deductible have risen on average 200%. Unfortunately, this has caused a vast array of patient to try to minimize or postpone important medical care from cancer screenings to impending problems requiring treatment.

Regional Gastrointestinal Consultants Provides Colonoscopy Services

Residents who have been putting off getting a colonoscopy are encouraged to finally take the plunge and take this important step towards cancer screening with Regional Gastrointestinal Consultants. Colonoscopies are proven lifesavers when it comes to detecting cancer of the large intestine early, especially in those over the age of 40.

Eagles Peak Provides Guaranteed Safe Distilled and Spring Water

Office managers and homeowners who are concerned about the quality of the water that they use to drink or cook with are encouraged to give a call to Eagles Peak to learn about the benefits of installing a convenient water cooler in their house or workspace. Water delivery in Philadelphia from Eagles Peak is quick and easy to schedule, and employees and residents won't have to worry about the quality of the water that they are drinking, as Eagles Peak always provides distilled water in their coolers that's safe to drink and cook with.

Anglers Can Book Fishing Charters Through Flyer Sportfishing

People who are searching for a unique deep-sea fishing adventure are encouraged to learn more about spending their day fishing in Oahu aboard Flyer, Flyer Sportfishing's 31-foot Eastern sportfisher. This vessel is specially designed to accommodate the needs of anglers.of all skill levels.

Surgical Equipment Market to Reap Excessive Revenues by 2021

LogoA Surgical Equipment is a specially designed tool or device for performing specific actions of carrying out desired effects during a surgery or operation, such as modifying biological tissue, or to provide access for viewing it. Over time, many different kinds of Surgical Equipment s and tools have been invented. Some Surgical Equipment s are designed for general use in surgery, while others are designed for a specific procedure or surgery. Accordingly, the nomenclature of Surgical Equipment s follows certain patterns, such as a description of the action it performs (for example, scalpel, and hemostat), the name of its inventor(s) (for example, the Kocher forceps) or a compound scientific name related to the kind of surgery. The Surgical Equipment Market segments and sub-segments with respect to four main geographies and their countries- Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East & Africa.

Diphtheria Treatment Market to Reach Value of USD 5 Billion by 2023

LogoDiphtheria treatment Market segments and sub-segments with respect to four main geographies and their countries- Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East & Africa.

Grand Mal Seizure Market Set to Grow Exponentially at USD 2.8 Billion by 2023

LogoThe Global Grand Mal Seizures Market is expected to reach US$ 2.8 billion by 2023, and the market is projected to grow at a CAGR of ~ 4.2 % during the forecast period 2017-2023. The Global Grand Mal Seizures Market segments and sub-segments with respect to four main geographies and their countries- Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. The grand mal seizures consist of two phases, the tonic phase and the clonic phase. The tonic phase involves loss of consciousness and muscle twitching and the phase usually last only for a few seconds. The clonic phase consists of rapid muscle contraction and relaxation resulting in convulsions.

Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Market Sees Promising Growth at 6.7% of CAGR by 202

LogoPrimary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD), additionally kown as immotile ciliary disorder or Kartagener disorder. Primary ciliary dyskinesia is an uncommon issue and is a kind of endless respiratory tract diseases, typically happens in inside organs of human body. The significant side effects of this condition are caused by irregular cilia and flagella. Typically cilia are infinitesimal, finger-like projections that stand out from the surface of cells. They are found in the linings of the aviation route, the regenerative framework, and different organs and tissues. Flagella are tail-like structures, like cilia that move sperm cells forward. Globally Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Market is growing rapidly. The Global Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~6.7% during the forecast period 2017-2023.

Global Mobile Medical Imaging Services Market 2017: Key Players Alliance HealthCare Services, Digirad Corporation, InHealth, Shared Medical Services

LogoThe survey report by Market Research Store is an overview of the global Mobile Medical Imaging Services market. It covers all the recent trends including key developments in the global market in present and in future. Analyses of the global Mobile Medical Imaging Services market trends along with the projections of CAGRs (compound annual growth rates) are provided in the research report.

Get Affordable Kitchen Cabinets Online at Best Online Cabinets

LogoHeadquartered in San Gabriel, California, Best Online Cabinets is an enterprise that majors in the design, manufacture, and distribution of premium kitchen cabinets. Their kitchen cabinets are beautiful, exceptional, modern ready-to-assemble cabinets that provide functionality. Best Online Cabinets offers these RTA cabinets in different colors, styles, designs, patterns, and price ranges. Their ready-to-assemble cabinets are simple and easy to assemble, and they all are available with clear stage by stage directives, to guide buyers, so there's no necessity of hiring skilled installation services.

Get Shrink Film and PVC Box at Durapak Supplies

LogoDurapak Supplies is an enterprise offering packaging and shipping products either for household or industrial use. Some of these products include containers, plastic bags and paper bags, custom poly bags, cable ties and twist ties, sealer and equipment, organza fabric bags, gloves to mention a few. Durapak sells all their products are sold online, and they ship them to clients straight from their warehouse in California within 24 hours. Since the company has set high industry standards and had years in the industry clients are guaranteed top-notch services and excellent products at the best prices.

Retinal Implants 2017 – Global Market Size, Trends, Opportunities and Growth

LogoWiseguyreports.Com Publish New Market Research Report On-“Retinal Implants 2017 – Global Market Size, Trends, Opportunities and Growth”.

2024 Vision for the Levulinic Acid Market

LogoLevulinic acid is an organic compound which is deemed to replace petroleum based products, in sectors such as chemical industry and bio-fuel among others, in the near future. It has been classified as a keto acid and is generally produced from brewery waste, biomass and manure among others. Levulinic acid can also be produced by acidic hydrolysis of furfuryl alcohol, by hydrolyzing acetyl succinate esters and by ozone based oxidation of ketones. It is a white crystalline solid and is also known as 4-oxopentanoic acid. In principle, it is formed by heating sucrose along with concentrated acid. Formic acid is also formed during the process.

2023 Vision for the Phosphorus & Derivatives Market

LogoPhosphorous is a combustible non metal which is found in two allotropic forms namely, white phosphorous and red phosphorous. The derivatives of phosphorous include phosphoric acid, phosphorous acid, phosphorus oxychloride, phosphorus pentachloride, phosphorus tribromide, sodium hypophosphite, tributyl phosphate, and triethyl phosphate among others.

2024 Vision for the Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) Market

LogoLiquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) is a reflective active matrix liquid crystal display. It is generally termed as micro-display because of its miniature size that is built using liquid crystal layer on top of a silicon backplane. LCoS was initially developed for the purpose of projection in televisions but it has wider applications. It is used for structured illumination, near eye displays, wavelength selective switching and optical pulse shaping. The two major categories of LCoS displays are single-panel and three-panel. In a single-panel design, one display chip shows the green, blue and red components, one after another based on the eyes of the observer to combine the three components. When each colour is presented, a colour wheel or a RGB LED array brightens the display by red, blue or green light. An effect called colour breakup is seen when the frequency of colour fields get lower than 540 Hz.