Press Releases From 01/19/2021 Until 01/19/2021

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Tula Digital Is the Leading Weighbridge Manufacturer in India

LogoTula Digital Pvt. Ltd has pushed the boundaries of weighing technology with an inventive and problem-solving mindset. The company has been around since the year 1997, manufacturing electronic weighing scales, weighbridges and weight-based systems for all industries requiring accurate measurements. Sold under the 'Swift' brand, the products are efficient, reliable, accurate, cost-effective and readily available in India, Nigeria, Malawi, Ethiopia and other African markets. Tailored weighing solutions are also provided to meet every application and budget. Proactive technical support is delivered throughout the product's life-cycle to help clients breathe easy.

The Denvax Clinic Offering Dendritic Cell Therapy for the Effective Treatment of Cancer

LogoCancer is no more the end today with the advanced medical technology of The Denvax Clinic. The cancer patients can now receive result-oriented treatment at this clinic. Dr. Jamal A. Khan and Dr. Sharmin Yaqin are the founders of The Denvax Clinic and the leading cancer immunotherapists in India, who have introduced the concept of customised treatment of cancer through cell-based cancer immunotherapy. They have developed Denvax medicine that involves cancer-fighting dendritic cells. Denvax is a patient's additional and adjuvant treatment plan that targets only the cancer cells.