Press Releases From 08/27/2022 Until 03/28/2023

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Nonwoven Fabrics Market - Global Trends, Share Analysis, Leading Players, Business Opportunities

LogoAhlstrom-Munksjo (Finland), Berry Global Inc. (US), Kimberly-Clark Corporation (US), Asahi Kasei Corporation (Japan), Toray Industries Inc. (Japan), Freudenberg Group (Germany), and Lydall, Inc. (US) are the key players operating in the nonwoven fabrics market.

3D Printing Materials Market : Present Scenario, Growth Prospects & Forecast 2025

LogoMajor 3D printing material manufacturers are 3D Systems Corporation (US), Stratasys (US), Arkema SA (France), Materialise NV (Belgium), Evonik Industries AG(Germany), and General Electric (US).

What Exactly Is Interim Leadership and How Can Leathwaite Help Your Organisation?

Logo[Trend topics]. The pandemic has changed more than just working models - it has also caused a seismic shift in attitudes too. For most executives, a full time contract with a sole employer used to be the accepted framework but today a much more flexible approach leans towards more agility in the workforce and tapping into the benefits of interim leadership roles. The most forward-focused businesses are increasingly hiring leaders on a short-term basis, usually to deal with a specific purpose (e.g. improving marketing or scaling up hiring). There are many benefits for enterprises that choose to capitalise on short-term access to the best talent in this way - you're, essentially, hiring an expert leader for a temporary period to provide an - often much-needed - boost to a very specific area of the business. That can not only have a positive impact in terms of your desired outcomes but when it comes to streamlining recruitment costs too.

What Will People Look for in Tech Recruitment 2022?

Logo[Trend topics]. Technology recruitment has been an intensely active field, even before the pandemic triggered higher demand for tech talent. Skills shortages and talent gaps are everywhere today, as businesses across the board look to recover from the pandemic and learn its most important lessons. Adapting to this ultra-competitive candidate market is something that every organisation needs to be able to do. The secret in terms of what candidates will look for in tech recruitment in 2022 is companies that are able to offer more than a competitive financial package. Technology recruitment candidates are also looking for ongoing technical challenges and a high degree of work-life balance. These are going to be key factors for enterprises that want to fill their talent gaps.

Leadership Trends in 2022 You Should Know About

Logo[Trend topics]. Given the unsettled nature of the past couple of years it's even more vital for businesses to be agile and flexible, from leadership, down. Although recovery has been a theme for many in 2022, the reality is that we still don't really know what the coming year is going to hold and being able to be more responsive, resourceful and creative is a huge asset. All of this starts with the quality of leadership - people and attitudes - which is why this year's leadership trends are so important to understand.

What Are HR Leaders Facing Now in 2022

Logo[Trend topics]. After the unprecedented disruption in working conditions that took place in 2020 and 2021, for any HR director today there are major challenges to adapt. An increased focus on talent management is becoming a trend in 2022, looking not just at tech resources and how this will facilitate the changing workplace but also listening, and responding to, what employees want and need. For an HR director in 2022 these are some of the shifts, priorities and transitions that they made need to face:

The Transitions in Human Resources in 2022

Logo[Trend topics]. For HR leadership, the past couple of years have been intensely challenging and focused primarily on adapting to the changing conditions presented by the pandemic. It has been a time of upheaval, as working models transitioned at speed to hybrid and remote but with many positive, light moments - especially where that change was positive for staff. This year it's all about stepping out of that survival mode and setting the dial to 'thrive.' In order for that to happen there are a number of transitions that HR leadership in any organisation is going to need to stay ahead of.

Wound Care Market by 2027 - Global Trends, Share Analysis, Leading Players, Business Opportunities

Logo- In March 2020, Cardinal Health launched surgical drape that features Avery Dennison's patented BeneHold CHG adhesive technology, which helps reduce the risk of surgical site contamination.

Ultrasound Market by 2026 - Global Trends, Share Analysis, Leading Players, Business Opportunities

LogoThe global ultrasound market is projected to reach USD 9.0 billion by 2026 from USD 6.7 billion in 2021, at a CAGR of 6.3% during the forecast period.

Oscar Health, Inc. (NYSE:OSCR) Long Term Investor Notice: Investigation of Potential Wrongdoing

LogoAn investigation was announced for long-term investors in shares of Oscar Health, Inc. (NYSE:OSCR) concerning potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain directors of Oscar Health, Inc.

NYSE:WFC Investor Alert: Deadline on August 29, 2022 in Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo & Company

LogoThe Shareholders Foundation announced that a deadline is coming up on August 29, 2022 in the lawsuit filed for certain investors of Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC).

NASDAQ:CODX Shareholder Notice: Lawsuit Alleges Securities Laws Violations by Co-Diagnostics, Inc.

LogoAn investor, who purchased NASDAQ:CODX shares filed a lawsuit against Co-Diagnostics, Inc. over alleged violations of Federal Securities Laws..

NASDAQ:SMFR Investor Notice: Investigation over Possible Securities Laws Violations by Sema4 Holdings Corp.

LogoSema4 Holdings Corp. is under investigation over potential securities laws violations in connection with certain financial statements.

Security and Vulnerability Management Market Size Global Predictions : USD 18.7 Billion by 2026

LogoSecurity and Vulnerability Management Market by Component, Target, Deployment Mode, Organization Size, Vertical, and Regions.

IPTV Market Size Gaining : USD 115.2 Billion by 2026

LogoIPTV Market by Component (Hardware, Software, Services), Streaming Type, Subscription Type, Transmission Type (Wired, Wireless), Device Type, Application, End User, Vertical, and Region (2022 - 2026)

UHT Processing Market Opportunities & Challenges by 2025

LogoUHT Processing Market by Mode of Operation, End-Product Form (Liquid, Semi-Liquid), Application (Milk, Dairy Desserts, Juices, Soups, Dairy Alternatives), Region (North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America) - Global Forecast to 2025

Thermoplastic Composites Market Worth $31.8 Billion by 2025 - Segments, Opportunities, Growth, Size and Key Players Analysis

LogoThe key players in the thermoplastic composites market include BASF SE (Germany), Celanese Corporation (US), SABIC (Saudi Arabia), DowDuPont Inc. (US), Koninklijke DSM N.V. (Netherlands), Toray Industries, Inc. (Japan), and Lanxess AG (Germany).

Larson Maddox Offers Recruitment Services for Regulatory Jobs in Various Sectors

LogoLarson Maddox, a leading talent acquisition agency, offers recruitment services for regulatory jobs in various sectors. The company specializes in finding professionals with the specific experience and skill sets that match clients' regulatory requirements. Their team has a powerful network of high-quality candidates across the regulatory market, allowing them to recruit both active and passive candidates. Offering a bespoke solution, they listen to clients' requirements and adapt their recruitment techniques to deliver candidates fulfilling needs and fitting the company culture.

Selby Jennings Offers Recruitment Services for Fintech Sector

LogoFintech is a growing sector that has risen in popularity in recent years. Fintech firms raised $12.4bn in funding in 2018, a 43% increase over the previous year. Traditional banks, insurers and other financial institutions are also increasing their investments in fintech, with a number integrating fintech into their existing product and service offerings. This has led to an increase in demand for qualified professionals in this sector. Selby Jennings, a leading name in talent acquisition, offers specialized recruitment services to fill roles in the fintech sector.

EPM Scientific Offers Specialized Recruitment Services for Quality Operations Jobs

LogoQuality operations are a critical part of life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. Quality is essential in ensuring the final products are consistent, safe, effective and predictable. This is because 90% of the medicines tested on people don't reach the market because they are unsafe or ineffective. Companies are also aware of the risk; according to research, 67% of executives consider cost of quality essential to competitive success. This is why quality operations personnel are in high demand in the industry.

DSJ Global Offers Recruitment Solutions for Supply Chain Jobs

LogoThe supply chain sector is constantly evolving with the introduction of technology and AI. The sector now processes more data than ever before, as the expectations of how quickly products can be delivered are quite high. As the requirement for staff increases, the industry is in need of qualified professionals for a variety of positions. DSJ Global is a prominent recruitment agency in the USA that offers recruitment solutions for the supply chain sector.

LVI Associates Offers Specialized Recruitment Services for Forensic Engineer Roles

LogoBuilding incidents can be tough to deal with as they can cause significant damage. Forensic engineers are involved in careful analysis of buildings or structures that have failed and resulted in property damage, personal injury, or both. The engineers are crucial in determining the primary and contributory causes and preventing future structural failures. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for forensic engineers in the industry. LVI Associates, a well-renowned recruitment firm, offers specialized recruitment services for forensic engineer roles.

Glocomms Offers Recruitment Services for IT Development & Engineering Jobs

LogoIT development & engineering is a critical part of today's world with more and more people logging onto the internet each day. The industry has seen a boom in employment over the years and is expected to increase to 27 million people in 2023. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 22.8% employment growth for the software industry until 2022. Glocomms is a leading recruiter in the market that offers recruitment services for IT development & engineering jobs.

The Gap, Inc. (NYSE:GPS) Investor Alert: Investigation over Potential Wrongdoing

LogoAn investigation was announced for long-term investors in shares of The Gap, Inc. (NYSE:GPS) over potential breaches of fiduciary duties by certain officers and directors at The Gap, Inc.

Winifred Adams Sits Down with Award-Winning Author, Brad Olsen in a Special 3-Part Series to Discuss Antarctica and Anunnaki

LogoThursday August 25th, 2022 10am PST, 1pm EST kicks off Part II in this series exploring Anunnaki, Nephilim, ancient energy techniques, the hidden bases under Antarctica, ancient civilizations and Brad Olsen's daring and comprehensive books series Beyond Esoteric, on Making Life Brighter, on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel, with Winifred Adams.