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David Meador, CEO of GWC Valve International, Offers Tips on Selecting a Ball Valve for Shut-off Applications

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Bakersfield, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- David Meador, CEO of GWC Valve International (, understands that when buying a ball valve for shut off applications, several important issues must be considered. GWC Valve’s team of experts has provided valves for hundreds of projects nationally and internationally. One of the recent projects awarded included a fast-track 80-day project for six pieces of 36-inch class 600 Forged Trunnion Ball Valves for the SC Guacara Gas pipeline in Venezuela. GWC Valve successfully completed the project and shipped all of the valves within 75 days, a full five days ahead of schedule.

To help industries in need of ball valves, David Meador (, CEO for GWC Valve International, shares tips on how to select a ball valve for shut off applications.

1. Understand the working pressure of ball valves.

The shut off is designed to handle a lot of pressure from liquid. Because of this, determining the range pressure that will travel through the value is important. With this information, selecting the proper valve size will not be an issue because it will efficiently handle the pressure. Ball valve manufacturers can help in choosing the right valve to fit the pressure needed in the application.

2. Understand the temperature range that travels through the valve.

The shut off device can handle cold and hot fluids. Understanding the temperature of the fluid that travels in the value is important when buying a valve. Various materials are used during the manufacturing process, such as stainless steel, PVC, and ceramic. Each material is used for unique temperature ranges.

3. Know what fluid is expected to travel through the pipes.

Certain flow control systems and applications are used for various kinds of fluids. There are systems used for handling water that travels from reservoirs to various hydroelectric power plants. Also, there are flow control systems that handle how chemicals travel in industries. Unique valves are designed to prevent radioactive waste from leaking. Corrosive elements may be involved in some applications. Choosing the right materials that will withstand these elements is important for a valve that will meet the needs of the application.

4. Decide upon the volume of fluid.

Various flow control elements are used to control the different amounts of fluid. Because of this, knowledge about the fluid volume can help in choosing a standard valve application or provide information for a custom design. Users must understand the fluid volume used to properly pick the valve size.

5. Ask about the cost of a valve.

Different elements must be considered when buying a valve. Users must consider temperature, working pressure, the type of fluid, and the volume of fluid. Users must also consider the price of the valve. The price is determined by the size and material. The cost is also determined by the valve’s brand. Many high-pressure ball valves manufacturers offer consultation services to determine what the client needs and provide accurate cost estimates.

6. Factor in whether ball valve manufacturers will install the valve.

Selecting the proper valve for flow control systems involves the installation cost. The installation cost involves the workforce and other elements. GWC Valve International works with national and international clients. With expertise in providing valves with superior service, GWC Valve ( exceeds client satisfaction. Visit the GWC Valve International website at

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