Delta Woman Disappointed at the Decision of Immigration Canada

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Mohali, Chandigarh, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2013 -- Christmas is a time when everyone wants to be with their loved ones and family members. Anamercedes Berkshire too wanted to bring her sister home for Christmas but was disappointed at the decision of the department of Citizenship and Canada immigration application.

Anamercedes Berkshire longed to bring her sister in Costa Rica to B.C for the Christmas. But the federal government closed doors on her and refused granting her a visa. The government said that Anamercedes Berkshire’s three week visit posed too much of an immigration risk even though she has a good job. Her sister is a teacher and owns her own home.

Anamercedes Berkshire and her sister also appealed to Jinny Sims for help. Jinny Sims said that there is hardly anything that she can do for the Berkshires.

Jinny Sims says – “It is really very disappointing, but it is not only the first case. There have been various cases every week where family members were not granted visas for attending weddings, graduations, funerals and many other important occasions.” There is a fundamental flaw in the entire immigration system.

Though the e Berkshires had to cancel their plane tickets, but Anamercedes Berkshire still hope that her sister can come to Canada.

In its statement related to the case of Berkshires, Citizenship and Immigration Canada made it clear that they are unable to provide details of any individual case due to privacy laws. Visa applicants are entirely based on the facts that are presented by the applicants. It is imperative for them to furnish all documents that will help them meet the requirements for getting temporary resident visa in Canada.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada also said that they understand that people get disappointed when their visa applications get rejected. However, it is their responsibility to make sure all the visitors who apply for temporary visa in Canada must meet all the requirements as set by the Canada’s Immigration law. Visa officers who look into all these cases look at many factors while assessing an application. For example, an applicant’s ties to his home country, including the family and economic situation.

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