Delta Scan Discusses About News on E Cig Smoking in Florida shares about a new policy by South Florida which is considering to save money on insurance policies by not be hiring any kind of smokers.

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2012 -- Smoking electric cigarettes never has been in so much demand before this day say experts. Electric cigarettes are looked upon as a safer and better alternative to other smoking devices says Being one of the principal cities of South Florida, Delray Beach has taken up a new policy which says that employees who smoke any kind of smoking devices will not be hired. This drive is done to save cash on insurance policies say an insider.

There are smokers who get addicted to smoking and then into serious problems involving themselves say experts. Whereas e cigs work on a formula that no smoke will be produced from the e cigarette as the device does not contain any harmful elements like tar, tobacco, and other carcinogens. E cigs contain only nicotine and propylene glycol which cause no human to get into danger. Also the people who are beside the smoker don’t get involved in any kind of problem as e cigs don’t emit any second hand smoke which makes the device to be used publically easier say e cigs So to avoid hiring people who smoke other smoking devices, the city of Delray Beach is considering hiring only non smokers. This would make sure that the companies save huge on insurance premiums says e cig reviews.

The budget depression could be one of the causes for companies to take up such a move say reviews. An expert said, “The ban is meant to help save the cash-strapped city on health insurance premium fees as each smoker costs an extra $12,000 in health and disability-related costs. The idea came from our budget woes and this alone would help solve our issues”. electric cigarette could be a much preferred choice by the smokers as it has been reported by various review website like that e cigs can be smoked in almost all public places. Smoking electric cigarette shouldn’t hamper anyone says experts.

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