Delta Scan Explains How Electric Cigarette Brands Function to Improve the Industry talks about the change that e cigarette industries have brought in the world of smokers.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- Electronic cigarettes are in lime light these days. A lot of people are getting attracted to this new invention. Reviews say that electronic cigarettes are a better substitute to normal tobacco cigarettes. A lot of electric cigarette industries have launched their own electronic cigarette brand. Some of the popular e cigarette brands are V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, Green Smoke and more. ranks these brands in top three in its ranking table.

Experts of the website say that the new and innovative developments by the e cig companies have made e cigs very famous all over the world. The website also exclaims that the invention of electric cigarettes was a big step. It has brought a ray of light in the dark in the world of smokers. All electronic cigarette brands keeps on launching new offers schemes and products to attract more and more smokers. As per the electronic cigarette review of the website the e cig brand V2 Cigs have the most advanced electronic cigarettes in the market. The brand keeps on launching new products with time. Reviews explain that V2 Cigs have introduced a new 2 piece design for electronic cigarette. Earlier an e cig used to have a three piece design which consists of a battery, an atomizer and a plastic nicotine cap. The new design has only a battery and disposable atomized flavored cartridges. The brand offers 10 different varieties of flavors.

South Beach Smoke is another electronic cigarette brand. It is at the second position in the ranking table of the website. South Beach Smoke’s e cigarette has a glowing crystal tip, SUPERMAX rechargeable battery and built in atomizer. In order to attract more customers the brand has launched a low price starter kit. The kit starts from only $29.99.Green Smoke is also a popular e cigarette brand. It is ranked third in the table. The brand has offered a special leap year sale for the customers. The people interested have to just like the facebook page of Green Smoke to avail the offer.

About is a well known review website for the electronic cigarettes niche. It has a panel of expert reviewers, who compile reviews on various e cig brands after conducting extensive research and analysis procedures. The reviews thus written are unbiased and highly informative. This in turn helps consumers to make the right choice while they are busy shopping for their favorite electronic cigarette brand.

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