Delta Scan Explains the Advantages of Using Green Smoke

Green Smoke revolutionizes the smoking experience and put tremendous efforts on improving e cigarettes say experts.

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- The electronic cigarette brand Green Smoke has changed the entire smoking world. They are one of the leading e cigarette brands that offer sophisticated technology. The electronic cigs work the same way like that of traditional cigarette as the smoker just has to take a drag, inhale and feel the pleasure of smoking. Smokers who smoke Green Smoke electric cigarette enjoy a flavorful, full-bodied vapor instead of smoke. They come in a two piece design that is easy to install and use. Design ensures fresh smoke every time and even charging the e cigarette, smokers can enjoy smoking.

The brand offers long lasting cartomizers and with time, they have only worked on their quality to make the smoking experience better say experts. Electric cigarettes of the brand Green Smoke are also light on pocket. Green Smoke cartomisers are comparable to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes and only cost £1.8, which means that smoker pay only £1.2 to enjoy the flavor and vapor of 1 pack of cigarettes. E cigs offer more vapor than traditional cigarette and smoker can easily carry electric cigarette in the pocket as they are light in weight and small in size.

An e cig user says “Green Smoke’s vapor is thick, do not smell bad and I really like the flavors offered in the e cigs. Green Smoke saves the end users’ money along with preserving the health.” As it gives complete nicotine satisfaction without giving any harm to the smoker’s body say medical experts. Along with this it also adds in maintaining waste. Now a person can smoke without any ashes, foul smell and left out filters. Green Smoke electric cigs are flavorful and doesn’t smell like traditional cigarettes. Green Smoke e cigs can be smoked almost everywhere so a smoker can stay with a non smoker while smoking. The intense rich flavors of e cigarettes give authentic feel of smoking.

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