Delta Scan Explores About Green Smoke Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Green Smoke disposable electronic cigarette helps people to experience different brands of cigarette for short duration.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- The size of Green smoke disposable cigarette is comparatively bigger than normal e cigs. There is no need of charging the battery and no issue related to the changing of cartridge. Also there is no need to assemble the parts and hence it is also a user friendly device.

In this ever changing world, nothing is steady. Continuous changes are shown in all sectors like lifestyle of people, technology etc. Similarly, great changes are also shown in the smoking habit of smokers. Traditionally, smokers used to inhale tobacco but nowadays use of electronic cigarettes is in trend. There are many people who do not feel comfortable with smokeless cigarette as they do not have satisfactory information regarding quality of the product etc. Therefore, to attract the potential customers toward their product, many e cig brand has introduces disposable e cigarettes.

Green smoke disposable e cigarette is designed especially for those people who want to switch over the e devices but only after making proper investigation about the taste and quality of this device. People who just started e cig on trial basis, green smoke disposable cigarettes prove to be a cost effective option for them. This disposable electronic cigarette helps people to experience different brands of cigarette for short duration. If smokers like the taste, flavor and nicotine strength of any brand, then they upgrade to reusable cigarette of that brand.

Green smoke disposable cigarette is also beneficial for those smokers who have no intention of changing their habit of inhaling tobacco, but want e cigarettes only to fix their craving in those areas where tobacco is prohibited. There is no need to charge the battery and people can smoke just after purchasing. The cost of these disposable cigs is near around $10 to $12. One of the most important things is that they have an ability to convince the potential customers toward electronic cigarettes.

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