Delta Scan Prepares The Smokers for Upcoming Football Season With Electronic Cigarettes

According to electronic cigarette companies are upgrading the electronic cigarettes with social components in order to prepare the smokers for upcoming football season.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2012 -- Social networking is the prime factor now days. Electronic cigarette users also want to get socialized with other e cigarette smokers. explains that the electronic cigarette companies have upgraded the electronic cigarette with a tracking device or sensor. The sensor is fit in the electronic cigarette. The sensor senses another electronic cigarette within a desired range.

The electronic cigarette reviews of the website explain that socializing the product is one of the good ways to attract more users and promote the product. A lot of people are using electronic cigarettes. Some of the best electronic cigarette manufacturers have attached a sensor to the e cigarette. Reviews explain that whenever an e cigarette smoker comes in 50 FEETS area of another e cig smoker the light in the electronic cigarette starts blinking. The experts give a brief description about using the e cigarettes on time. The first thing to be done is bring a Starter Kit. One can go for a basic model or a fancy one according to the desire. The next step is of making sure that there are enough cartridges in the store. One can go for festive flavors like Pina Colada, Peppermint, or Peach, or stick to the time tested favorites like Golden Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, Blue Tobacco, or Menthol. The smoker should even accessorize the kit for future needs.

Smokers should make sure that the batteries are properly charged up also the PCC is charged up and ready to go, and have back up, like a car adapter in case of emergency. Reviews explain that that the smokers can even go for the new disposable electronic cigarettes. The disposables are great for times like hitting a game when one wants to carry as little with possible, or when one won’t have access to a charger. With the use of e cigs one does not has to miss a minute of the game while stepping outside to puff. Nor has to wait for commercials, half time, or if the team is losing to have a few stress relieving drags.

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