Delta Scan Reports About the Two New Flavors by White Cloud

White Cloud comes out with two new flavors for all e smokers. The new flavors give a refreshing twist to e smoking experience says

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Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2012 -- If an e smoker is bored of those flavors which every brand has to offer then White Cloud is the answer to all that boredom. White Cloud has tossed out two new flavors for an e smoker to get more out of smoking an e cigarette says The two new flavors are Bora Bora and Apache have a refreshing twist to otherwise mundane e cig smoking say reviews. The flavors provide an extra kick to the existing range of flavors. The flavors are one of the new flavors any brand has launched. Both the flavors are different in taste. White Cloud being one of the high rated brands came up with the flavors seeing the demands of the regulars of the brand say electronic cigarettes experts.

One of the flavors, Bora Bora is an intriguing flavor but with a subtle taste. The flavor contains finely cured tobacco imported from ports of call. The taste gives a mild taste to an e smoker. The flavor is suitable for those electric cigarette smokers who want to relieve the stress with a sweet mellow flavor. The flavor is best suited for people who desire a very gentle sensation while smoking an e cig. The flavor is absolutely fit for a person who wants the lightest sensation while smoking an e cig.

Whereas the other flavor Apache, is for those who like to have an added kick to otherwise monotonous e smoking affair. Apache reflects a virtuous character. The flavor has a bold taste of tobacco. The flavor is best suited for those who want to get an extra high while smoking e cigs. Apache is for those who think mild e cigarettes are a waste. A White Cloud fan commented, “Finally, there is flavor which has a robust and distinctly American blend of rich, full bodied tobacco aromas and flavors. I was bored of the various flavors they used to offer earlier. The two new flavors add a zing to life”. White Cloud gives a person a choice to choose from different nicotine strengths in the brand which range from XX (extra strength) to NF (no nicotine).

Both the flavors are priced at $19.95 each. The cartridges by White Cloud have been completely redesigned which doesn’t require the constant messy refilling of the cartridges. A single cartridge gives around 400 puffs of rich and think nicotine vapor which is equal to a pack of conventional cigarettes. As per the reviews, the SmoothDraw cartridges are one of the best cartridges amongst the other electric cigarettes brands.

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