Delta Scan Suggests E Cigarettes for Smokers Who Want to Reduce the Risk of Smoking

Electric cigarettes are a great help for smokers who want a better lifestyle. With the use of the e cig devices, smoking have become safe for smokers and their counterparts.

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2012 -- In the past recent years, electric cigs have become very popular and various celebrities are adopting e cigs. The e cigarette brands offer quality e cigs and various benefits to smokers. In tobacco cigarettes, tobacco and other 4000+ chemicals poses health risks whereas electric cigarettes are free of tobacco and other harmful chemicals. Electric cigarettes even in the absence of tobacco offer same smoking sensation as that of traditional cigarettes. An e cigarette reviews said “Medical experts have always been worried about the dangers of smoking but with new e cig brands in the market and people using e cigs, they feel a little relieved.”

The electronic cigarettes produce only vapors that do not affect the environment and second hand smokers. While e cigs were invented for alternative to safe smoking, many people have also used them to quit smoking altogether say experts. Nicotine levels in e cigarettes can also be adjusted as e cigs offer various strengths of nicotine as ultra high, high, medium, low or zero level. Zero nicotine levels of an e cigarette provide great flavors to smokers.

E cigs are even used by the smokers as there is no tar, ash and smoke. Lack of tar prevents smoker’s teeth from turning yellow and lungs from developing cancer. There is no flame and burning associated with smoking so electric cigarette is much safe to use. A long time smoker in Virginia said: “I used a pack of traditional cigs every day but after my best e cigarette kit arrived, I was down to half a pack on my first day. I just took out my e cig whenever I felt an urge to smoke and puffed it. I have no more cravings for the real cigarette and no longer have to worry about getting sick because of smoking.”

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