Delta Scan Suggests Electric Cigarettes to Raise Productivity at Workplace

Electronic cigarettes are used these days as smoking cessation device. E cigarettes use in offices can increase the productivity of employees says experts

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Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- Electric cigarettes are free of hundreds of chemicals that are found in tobacco cigarettes. Their effect on environment and smokers counterparts is almost negligible as e cigarettes emit only vapors and no smoke is produced. The water vapors from the e cigs vanish completely in air at a fast speed. This allows smokers to use e cigarettes almost everywhere. Since e cigarettes are free of tobacco and do not produce any bad smell, even second hand smoke doesn’t affect others.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 19.3 percent of American adults in 2010 were habitual cigarette smokers. These days everybody likes to smoke and in offices, people take small breaks to go outside or to the smoking rooms to smoke. This decreases the efficiency of employees as people who are addicted to smoke has a strong craving for smoke and they have to take frequent breaks for the same. E cigarette proved advantageous to increase the efficiency of employees as e cigs can be smoked at the office desk completing important work. Electronic cigarette makers say “it is nearly impossible to tell when someone is using one of the best e cigarette products”. An employee even compared it to someone eating something next to you.

There are various e cigarette brands in the market like Green Smoke, V2 Cigs, and South Beach Smoke that have become popular in a short span of time. E cigarettes contain nicotine and flavors and they have the ability to replace tobacco cigarettes. E cigarettes are the devices that have the potential to help smokers. In e cigarette reviews, e cig user said “I didn't leave my area, get distracted, and loose my groove. Until it becomes an issue. So now I interrupt myself only when I have my legal breaks.”E Cigarettes fixes the smoker’s needs and desires to smoke.

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